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Facilities and Safety

SAFETY at RMR gymnasiums and playing Sites

Participant safety is critical to the success of RMR competitions. In addition to the important aspects addressed by our Safesport Program, we seek to meet or exceed all USA Volleyball regulations with regard to facility and equipment safety. All gyms are inspected for facility and equipment standards (lighting, emergency egress, fire-suppression, playing dimensions, playing surface, ceiling clearances, trip hazards, equipment and padding, spectator access, restroom compliance, locker-room privacy, insurance coverages, medical availability etc) in order to make sure that your athlete is provided with a comfortable and safe competition environment. 

The attached documents on this page provide detailed specifics regarding the standards to which we hold our gymnasium partners.

Provided Services

The RMR utilizes over 75 different facilities each year. Details about each are provided in the Facilities Directory, below.

Please note that all athletes participate "at their own risk." This is legally documented in the USAV waivers that all members sign during the membership registration process.

We frequently host competition at more than 25 sites on a given Sunday, and we see as many as 3500 athletes in play on any given weekend. Although we would love to provide certified athletic trainers at all sites, there simply aren't enough trainers (ACTs) in the entire area to serve a group as large as the RMR.  

We've discussed this at length with veteran trainers, and with local hospitals and universities. All agree that there aren't enough trainers available...  and they have politely declined to attempt to offer services.

They point out that as convenient as having trainers on site is, most injuries actually require medical attention beyond the services provided by ACTs. To this end, we ask that all facilities keep handy  a printed "ready to go" list of nearby Urgent Care, ambulance and hospital services.


We encourage athletes, coaches and parents to "come prepared" to RMR competitions. Athletic tape, pre-wrap, band-aids or medical-kit (perhaps with over-the-counter pain meds like aspirin) and a small cooler of ice and reusable ice bags are all items that teams should carry with them to local events!

It's also a great idea to keep a small "information packet" prepared, just in case. A card including contact information for  parent/guardian and family doctor along with  simple data regarding medications or allergies, should always be available.

Be prepared!


Click on the alphabet bar below to find directions to the various gyms that the RMR plays in.

Note that most underlined addresses are clickable links that offer GoogleMaps directions.

Site Locator

To find site location and rules, click on the first letter of the site name here:


Inclement Weather Policy

The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel during inclement weather or under any other unsafe condition. Club/Team/Personal travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense. Safety first!


That said, we rarely cancel events. In the event that interstate highways are closed, or if gyms are closed by their school districts or owners, we publish these closures both at the RMR Home Page, and directly to all involved TEAM COACHES, via the TM2 email system.


In the event that a team is running late or cannot attend, it is the responsibility of the Team Coach or Representative to notify the RMR as early as possible. We can be reached by text at our office cell phone 303-584-0376. 


Weather-related cancellations may be eligible for refund if highway closure is corroborated by State Highway Patrol. Cancellations for any other reason substantially affect all attending teams, and are therefore not eligible for refund, and may be subject to fines or other club sanction.