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Facilities and Safety

SAFETY at RMR gymnasiums and playing Sites

Participant safety is critical to the success of RMR competitions. In addition to cultural and psychological aspects addressed by our Safesport Program, we seek to meet or exceed all USA Volleyball regulations with regard to facility and equipment safety. All gyms are inspected for facility and equipment minimum standards (lighting, emergency egress, fire-suppression, playing dimensions, playing surface, ceiling clearances, trip hazards, equipment and padding, spectator access, restroom compliance, locker-room privacy, insurance coverages, medical availability etc). The attached documents on this page provide detailed specifics regarding the standards to which we hold our gymnasium partners.

USA Volleyball Indoor Rules 23-25

Chapter 1 of the USAV Rules stipulates playing dimensions and conditions. Additionally the rules mandate safety requirements such as pole and referee-stand padding, minimum clearances, as well as lighting and temperature standards.

USAV Beach Rules Book 23-25

Outdoor Rules of play address the issues discussed above, but additionally, elements of outdoor safety such as weather management and heat-stress awareness