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Johnstown YMCA

165 Settler Way, Johnstown, CO 80534


Facility rules: 

            No crockpots, electrical appliances, or outside tables and chairs. 

            No teams, parents, spectators are allowed upstairs, in the aquatics centers or down in the multipurpose rooms. 

            Teams, parents, spectators can be in the main lobby, locker rooms, restrooms and gymnasium. 

            Only water and Gatorade in the gym (No food, soda, gum)

            Siblings/children must be supervised at all times. 

            Coolers must be left in the lobby

            No profanity 

            Warm up balls are NOT PROVIDED. Please bring your own.

            No practicing outside the gym except for outside. 

            Parents and spectators are responsible for throwing their own trash away. 


Location: 4895 Ward Road, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Tournament Director: Stacey McGhee

Rear Building behind Mobil Station. Tournament entrance will be on the south side of the building through the side door.

Handicap Access-Around back of building through gate to first sliding door. This brings you right on to the court floor.

PARKING:  See Map.  Parking is available in the Juggernaut parking lot directly south of the facility, with the exception of the reserved spaces against the building. There is parking along on the street on the South side of the parking lot. Our neighbors also have been kind enough to allow for some parking at their businesses over the weekends, to help out our parents! Please be kind to their properties, along with ours, by not leaving behind any trash or belongings. -THANK YOU!

DOORS OPEN: The doors will open 1 hour prior to 1st match start time. Ex. 7am for an 8am start or 1:30pm for a 2:30pm start.

VOLLEYZONE/CONCESSIONS: Our concessions are up in the mezzanine area. Hours are from doors open to just after the last game begins. We have breakfast burritos, hot drinks, cold drinks, protein bars, muffins, beef jerky, and so many more snacks available for purchase. We also have knee pads, socks, sleeves, and spandex for sale.

COACHES MEETING: The coaches meeting will be 30 minutes prior to 1st match start time. For example: 7:30am for an 8am start. We will meet by the check-in desk.

BALLS: We will NOT provide warm-up balls, or carts. We will only provide game balls.


1. No gum, food, or drinks, other than water in the playing & seating area. 

2. No crockpots, coolers, or outside tables are allowed. Each team will have a designated tarp area and can also access the mezzanine tables.

3. No tri-pods placed to obstruct others site of games, or within 6 ft of the playing court.

4. Bleacher seating available, personal tailgate chairs are allowed, but limited to space.

5. We have plenty of shelves for teams to place backpacks and personal belongings.

6. We have a Lost & Found in the weight room.

7. Unruly or disrespectable spectators will be asked to leave the site.

INJURIES: We do not have a trainer here if an athlete was to get injured. We do have ice available. If an athlete is injured, we will need a parent to fill out an Incident Report.