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303 Volleyball Facility

We look forward to hosting your teams!

We are located at: 82 Inverness Drive East, Suite A2 Englewood, Co

Facility Rules: We have limited parking at our building, but there is plenty of overflow parking next door at 82 Inverness CIRCLE East (Comcast Business).  You can walk through the opening in the fence to get to our parking lot and facility.  Please do not park in any other building’s lot or you may be towed.

Sacked lunches only!

Warm Up Balls are Provided.

No one is allowed in the performance training area behind the wall.  Offenders may be asked to leave the premises.


Tournament Director: Kevin Marquis/Tammy Shotkoski

Address:  16815 Mitchell Avenue Monument, CO  (ACES)

Address: 16825 Mitchell Ave, Monument, CO 80132 (EAST GYM)

Site Rules for both The "Aces" and "AcesEast" Gyms: 

Site does not allow any of the following to be brought inside: Tables, chairs, crock pots, unruly children. Please keep all coolers outside the main doors.

Spectators are responsible for any damage or spills!  Please clean up after yourself!

Parking spaces are limited -- carpooling is encouraged!  DO NOT park on the street on the west side of the building; YOU WILL BE TOWED!

We DO provide warm up balls, carts and game balls.  LEAVE YOURS AT HOME!

We do NOT have BallerTV at Aces. No WiFi at our buildings. 

Achieve Sports

22675 E Aurora Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80016
(Beside E-470 at the Gartrell Road exit, just NE of Parker)
Site Director: Sydney Ottosen
Facility Phone: (720) 330-2200

No coolers or chairs allowed in the facility. Bleacher chairs are allowed. Sack lunches and or outside food is allowed. 

No team tables.

There is bleacher seating in the mezzanine and on the court for spectators. There is a team area behind the bleachers in the mezzanine.


  • Coaches will be allowed in with a ball cart, ball bag and their personal bag. 
  • Players are allowed to bring their personal backpack. There will be an area for each team to put their stuff. 
  • Sack lunches and or outside food is allowed. 
  • Bleacher chairs are allowed.

Achieve Sports Center Rules: 

  • Please make sure the only liquid on the court is water in a secured bottle.  
  • No food allowed on the court, just in your team area. 
  • No crockpots. 
  • No gum allowed on the court. 
  • Please do not throw balls at undesignated walls. 
  • No ball handling except on court floor while your team is playing.
  • No playing in the gymnastics, turf, fitness, or ninja area!! 
  • Friendly competition is welcome. 
  • Foul Language, taunting and verbal intimidation is not tolerated. Gross misconduct, fighting, reckless play or destruction of property may result in immediate and/or extended loss of facility privileges and, if appropriate, further disciplinary, or legal action. 
  • Any player dunking or hanging on the rim will be asked to leave the facility. 
  • No animals allowed unless it is a service animal.  
  • Please do not hang or mess with the dividing nets.  
  • Please make sure you clean up after yourselves. 

The doors will open at 7:00AM. 

The coaches' meeting will be at 7:30am on Court 1.   

We will provide a game ball. Bring your own warm-up balls please, if possible! We do provide balls if not.


Location: Arvada West High School

Address: 11595 Allendale Dr, Arvada, CO 80004

Tournament Director: Debbie Erickson

Phone Number:  303-548-8089

Facility Rules

Parents: Please  BYOC! (Bring your own lawn chair. ) There is only bleacher seating in the small gym. Big gym seating/watching area is tight but lawn chairs are permitted.

Arvada West will provide carts and volleyballs for warm ups. If you bring your own, we are not responsible for lost, broken or volleyballs stuck in ceilings.

Please park in the North Lot only by the Large AW and enter through the EAST doors by the Temp and softball field. Doors will not open until 7:00 am. I will be the site director and in charge of the coaches meeting at 7:30 to answer questions, please have rosters available to turn in. Play starts at 8:00am.

All players and parents and coaching staff needs to remain in the gymnasium area. No exiting the gym into school hallways etc. There is a wrestling room within the gymnasium where teams can store bags and meet & eat when time permits. There will not be chairs or table for use either, so no Crockpots! A team representative is responsible to make sure that your area is clean, swept, all trash off the floor. All areas that the teams gathered in and or played on needs to be school ready before your teams check out at the end of the day. 

****WATER ONLY**** in the gyms.  There are 2 rows of bleachers in the small gym only. There will be limited seating for coaches bench only by the courts and players will need to stand. Seating is limited for spectators on courts 2, 3 & 4 in the large gym. Spectators can bring folding chairs. It will be very crowded so please let parents know
that seating is limited and that we would like to provide seating areas to those in need first. We also ask that when your match is over that you take your chair to make room for the next group. We understand that this is inconvenient but it is important for us to respect the facility for future use.


Aztlan Community Center (Northside)

We are located at:  112 E Willow St, Fort Collins, CO 80524 (GoogleMaps)
 Site phone:  +19702216256     
Facility Rules:  We have ample parking spaces at the North and East sides of the facility.  The main entrance is on the South Side and there is more parking available at East Willow Street.
The facility is a public recreation center managed by the City of Fort Collins.  
There is a mezzanine and fitness area reserved for regular users of the Recreational Center.
A check in table will be located behind the main lobby front desk.  

 The facility is ADA compliant.  Please bring your volleyballs for warm up. We have three volleyball courts with bleachers and chairs at the ground level.   Please clean after yourselves.  No ball handling in the lobby, only at the gym, please.  There is a playground and a nice park nearby.  The North Aztlan Community Center is located near Fort Collins Old Town (downtown) and it has lots of snack bars and great restaurants within walking distance.  

The front desk and Rec Center personnel will be available to assist with directions and other local info.
Please respect people using the facility for leisure and fitness.
Food at the table lounge is allowed and sacked snacks are recommended.
  • No pets
  • No crock pots
  • No smoking
  • No food or drinks on courts
  • No standing at the mezzanine/ second floor track.

Bishop Machebeuf High School

Address: 458 Uinta Way Denver, CO  80230 United States

Tournament director 


 Facility rules 

-All personal belongings (player bags, clothing, etc.) are to be kept in the team area in the cafeteria

-Smoking is not allowed anywhere on our property.

-Only water will be allowed in the gym (no food, coffee, sodas, or sports drinks) No gum! Including the scorers table. 

-Videography is allowed but equipment cannot be placed anywhere on the courts. If you place your equipment on the courts, you will be asked to move it.

-Sack lunches ONLY. 

-Individual small sack lunches only that fit in players’ backpacks will be allowed at the facility. 


-Food Tables


-Electrical Appliances

-fold up chairs (bleachers will be pulled out) 

Seating:  We provide bleachers for each court. 

Warm-up: We will not provide all necessary volleyballs and volleyball carts.

Boomtown Fieldhouse-USA

Address: 14200 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012


Hosts: Vincent Visuth, Kula Tanuvasa and BoomTown Staff

Located at the north east end of the  Aurora Town Center (facing Chick-Fil-A and Hobby-Lobby)

Please no personal chairs: spectator areas include bleacher and other seating.

Site Directors Vincent Visuth : Kula Tanuvasa:

All attendees and players are invited guests to Boomtown’s private facility. We have security cameras as well as staff around the facility monitoring. All teams will sign the RMR facility agreement and be responsible for their families and players to follow the rules. 

Food & Drink

Outside food and drink are permitted, but in turn, every participant needs to ensure no foods or drinks are on the courts to enjoy this benefit. No eating (including snacks and granola bars) on the courts. Tables and chairs will be provided in the team areas for use. We only allow sealed, clear water onto the court area. Anything else will be asked to be removed immediately. Foods in backpacks are not permitted as balls will hit them. Anything spilled, the team responsible will stop play and clean up the mess. 

If you are bringing outside food or homemade food in large quantities, please bring your own garbage bags as this overwhelms the public garbage cans very quickly. Those full trash bags may be left near the public garbage cans for pick up.

The Aurora Mall Food Court as well as concessions will be available when the mall opens at 10:30 AM. Numerous food options are available from In-N-Out to Halal Guys within walking distance. Discount codes may be provided in the future for our food partners on the Boomtown Website. 

Court Etiquette

Team belongings need to stay in the team area to provide maximum court space for serving and defense. Ideally, bags need to remain out of the play space. 

We ask all teams to clean up their area after they play. Even if the trash is not yours, please help and throw it away for the next team. 


Parking is free and plentiful, but due to the sheer volume of cars and traffic, please follow standard safety practices of your vehicle. Please ensure you have no valuables visible or remove them from your car. Please ensure your car is locked. 

Boomtown Facility Policies

  1.  NO GUM is allowed in the facility.  
  2.  NO sports drinks, coffee, or tea in playing areas. Water only in playing areas.
  3. NO standing on tables or bar tops. 
  4. NO personal chairs, camping chairs or coolers on the courts that may ruin the court floors. COURT CHAIRS ARE NOT TO BE MOVED. Floor mats and seats are acceptable provided they do not scratch the floors. 
  5. There is NO lost and found. Due to pandemic sanitation requirements and sheer number of events, any items left will be thrown away in the evening. 
  6. Facility Logistics
  7. Doors Open: The doors will open at 7:00 AM. Team areas are first come first serve.
  8. COACHES MEETING: The coaches meeting will be at 7:30 AM at the administrative desk.
  9. BALLS: Warm-up balls or carts will not be provided. RMR will only provide a game ball per court.
  11. Wifi is through FieldhouseUSA guest wifi.

We will be monitoring the cameras. Failure to respect facility policies will result in the following:

1st Offense - $25 Charge to Offending Club/Team 

2nd Offense - $50 Charge to Offending Club/Team  

3rd Offense - Offending team will be asked to leave and forfeit the remainder of their matches. They will not be invited or welcomed back to the facility. 

New Rules

We are allowing people to bring outside food and bring their own table if there is room, but we ask that they help us enforce the following:

1. No food on the courts, and stop other people from eating or drinking on the courts. Even small snacks and coffees are not permitted. 

2. Pick up any trash (yours or not) from the play area after playing. 

3. Bring your own garbage bags to dispose of all the waste if you are bringing outside food

4. No appliances are allowed to be plugged in.

A limited number of court approved folding chairs will be provided, but they must be returned to the rack at the end of the event. So, please our staff and help return any chairs left on the courts that have been taken. We offer these complimentary, but if these chairs are not returned at the end of events, we will rescind this privilege and begin charging for rentals. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, or concerns. Thank you!



City of Evans Recreation Center

1100 37th St, Evans, CO 80620

Parking: Parking lot is east and south of the building.

Gym Entrance: Located near the south end of the building.

Food and drinks: Team tables will be set up in a couple of areas of the building. Please see Tournament staff or Evans Recreation staff with questions. Contained beverages may be brought into gym spectator areas. Only water and sports bottles on court please.

Facility will provide: Team tables, spectator seating, light concessions (candy, chips, soda, Gatorade, and water).

Not provided: Warm up balls are not provided. Please bring your own.

Allowed-You MAY bring: camp chairs, outside food, coolers

NOT allowed – You MAY NOT bring: electric appliances/crock pots

Facility Rules: food and drink are allowed in team areas only, no ball handling in team areas or hallways, please be mindful of other events going on in facility (Evans Recreation or Tournament staff will ask you to move if deemed necessary), please clean up your team area and check out with the tournament director prior to leaving the facility at the end of the tournament.

CCU (Colorado Christian University)

Location: Colorado Christian University, Event Center, 8787 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226


Parking is available in the lots by the event center. If these are full, additional parking is available in the Mile Hi Parking Lot.

Facility Rules:
•    Doors open at 7:00AM
•    Coaches meeting is at 7:30AM – coaches need to have checked-in before the meeting. 
•    Siblings/children must be supervised at all times.
•    Some seating is available around perimeter of courts - chairs are allowed off the wood floor, no sitting on top level of bleachers.  
•    Outside food is allowed, but no team tables. Food must be prepared and staged outside.
•    Picnic benches are available right outside the gym. 
•    Stairs must stay clear.

Balls are not provided

Colorado College- El Pomar Sports Center

Colorado College – El Pomar Sports Center, 44. W. Cache La Poudre St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

(parking: street parking – please do not park in Bemis Fine Arts Lot or in front of tennis courts)
*there is a swim meet going on – street parking may become limited*

-Doors open at 7:00am
-Coaches meeting at 7:30am (check-in is BEFORE coaches meeting)
-Enter through glass doors atop the staircase
-To access courts, take an immediate left through grey doors and downstairs
-To access mezzanine, go through a second set of glass doors and take a left
-There will be bleacher chair seating accessed from gym floor as well as mezzanine bleachers
(standing, sitting, or placing tripods/cameras on bleacher platform is prohibited)
-Restrooms are on entrance floor in The Great Hall (no restrooms on court level)
-Elevator access upon request

-Food/drink is permitted in team table areas only (no crockpots or anything that plugs in)
-Pack-in/pack-out policy is appreciated
-Water only (on court / score table)

-Balls are NOT provided
-Conduct policies WILL be enforced
-Staying on schedule is a priority and something we can all help with :)

-Site Director: Chad Koenegstein – 618-615-5993 –


Colorado Mesa University

Brownson Arena

(Brownson Arena is located on the corner of 12th Street and Orchard Ave.)

Tournament Information:

  • The tournament will be housed in the main gym (Brownson Arena), the Hamilton Recreation Center and the Maverick Pavillion all on the campus of Colorado Mesa University. 
  • Regardless of where your team's pool is assigned, the check in point will be right near the main gym where the tournament desk will be located. 
  • That part of campus is on the corner of 12th and Orchard. 
  • There is a parking garage located just south of the soccer field on the corner of 12th and Orchard and the main gym is the large building south of the tennis courts which border Orchard.  

Colorado School of Mines VOLK Gym

Location for VOLK Gym1312 Illinois St. Golden CO 80401

Contact Information: Heather Roberts

  • Cell Phone: (314) 709-1812
  • Office Phone: (303) 273-3395

Facility Information

  • Building will open at 7 AM 
  • Coaches meeting: 7:30 AM 
  • Parking is available on the street and in parking lots around the facility 
  • Outside food IS allowed in this facility, but not in the gym 
  • Due to space constraints no tables are allowed to be set up inside the facility 
  • NO plugged in CROCKPOTS are allowed in the facility 
  • NO FOOD is allowed inside the gym, only in the foyer
  • Closed container beverages are allowed in the gym 
  • No ball handling in the hallways or foyer 
  • No access to other floors in the building 
  • Spectators may bring folding chairs inside the gym for extra seating 
  • If your team is not playing, be courteous and pack up your seating to make space for spectators of the current match 
  • No coolers with loose ice inside the facility
  • If you have any cold symptoms please be courteous and watch games via RMR Supported BallerTV

Colorado School of Mines-Lockridge Arena, MINES Student Recreation Center

Location for LOCKRIDGE ARENA: 1651 Elm Street, Golden CO 80401

Contact Information: Heather Roberts

  • Cell Phone: (314) 709-1812
  • Office Phone: (303) 273-3395

Facility Information

  • Building will open at 7 AM 
  • Coaches meeting: 7:30 AM 
  • Parking is available on the street and in parking lots around the facility 
  • Outside food IS allowed in this facility, but not in the gym 
  • Due to space constraints no tables are allowed to be set up inside the facility 
  • NO plugged in CROCKPOTS are allowed in the facility 
  • NO FOOD is allowed inside the gym, only in the foyer
  • Closed container beverages are allowed in the gym 
  • No ball handling in the hallways or foyer 
  • No access to other floors in the building 
  • Spectators may bring folding chairs inside the gym for extra seating 
  • If your team is not playing, be courteous and pack up your seating to make space for spectators of the current match 
  • No coolers with loose ice inside the facility

Colorado Elite Sports Complex (COplex)

Tournament Director: Kyle Rhatigan 

Location:  1776 Boxelder St. Louisville, CO

Site Directions/Address: From 287 and Dillion (144th) head west on Dillion to 104th. North on 104th and west on Boxelder. Building is on the North side of the street. 

Facility Rules:  

Our facility is divided into two spaces, the court area and the front area. 

-Only water is allowed in our court area. Absolutely no other drinks in the court area. Other drinks can be consumed in the front area.
-We do have a team room however TEAM TABLES OR CHAIRS ARE NOT PROVIDED. 


-Please pick up after yourself. Please bring unfinished food items and teams spreads home with you.

-Please keep an eye on siblings making sure they are following our guidelines.

-Personal chairs are allowed in the front area but not in the court area. 

-We do have a concession stand with snacks and drinks that will be open all day. 

-No ball handling in the front area or team room by players or family members. 



Location: 11295 Washington St, Northglenn, CO 80233

Phone number: 303-426-8787

The Court Rules:

  • The Courts provides one-table per team.
  • First come first serve for tables.  
  • No plug-in appliances
  • Small "personal lunch bags" are ok
  • No food or drinks  in/on court areas. (athlete water in sealed containers only)
  • Personal chairs ok  in cement area behind courts 1&4 (only)
  • Doors open at 7:00am


CSCS (Colorado Springs Christian Schools)

Location: 4825 Mallow Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907


  • The main lot will fill up quickly. Overflow parking is in the church parking lot just west of the gyms off Mallow Rd. 


  • Siblings/children must be supervised at all times. 
  • Some chairs provided around the perimeter of the courts, but bring your own chair. 
  • Outside food is allowed, but no team tables. Food must be prepared and staged outside. 
  • Picnic benches are available right outside the gym. 
  • Please bring own balls

CSU Pueblo

Site Director: Austin Albers

Location: Massari Arena

***Important Information about directions***

When searching for the facility in your GPS, make sure you search for Massari Arena and park in the lot on the northwest side of the building. You will enter through the main doors on the front of the building and the playing arena is located inside the lobby to the left. 

Inside Facility:

  •  There will be plenty of seating for the main court. 
  •  Spectators can see court 2 from the bleachers but can bring their own seating if they want to sit directly behind court 2
  • Teams can find their own space outside the gym on the main or lower level
  •  Sack Lunches ONLY
  •  No food on court 
  •  Water and sports drinks will only be allowed on court
  • Game balls will only be provided - please provide your own warmup balls
  •  Siblings/children must be supervised at all times
  •  We ask that all teams keep their “camp area” clean and tidy and that they take time to clean up their area as a team as soon as they have concluded with the event


Tournament Director: Shannon Hendon and Bobby Purify

Location: 13310 James E Casey Ave #600 Englewood, CO

Phone Number: 303-437-6401

Facility Rules:

  • Facility opens at 7 am
  • Coaches meeting starts at 7:30 am
  • No unruly siblings or tables
  • Only water will be allowed on the courts (no food, coffee, sodas or sport drinks). No gum!
  • Seating: Please bring your own chairs, they must be kept in designated areas or you will be asked to move them
  • Warm-up: We will provide all necessary volleyballs and volleyball carts

Team Tables: Each team will be assigned a table for their use during the tournament. You are welcome to bring in coolers, food, and non-alcoholic beverages. We do allow crockpots. We ask that you be responsible and completely clean-up your table and the surrounding area before you leave. All personal belongings (player bags, clothing, etc.) are to be kept under the team tables.