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For Parents

2023 RMR Classic a big success!

Two hundred and sixty six teams enjoyed two days of fierce competition here in the Front Range, in the RMR Classic. Champions were crowned in seven different age divisions after playing at more than a dozen sites, on more than 70 courts!

Results from the 2023 RMR  Classic  can be viewed HERE.

Congratulations to our age-division winners, and to everyone who participated!  And please join me in offering Special Thanks to the 100+ Site Directors and event staff who make our event series possible! We couldn't do it without you!

The hectic pace continues for RMR clubs, as we return to the court this Saturday January 28th for Power-1-Odd. 

There, some 244 teams will compete in the 13s, 15s and 17s divisions.  Sites and pools will be announced Tuesday evening. 

Good luck everyone!



Congratulations to all of our Division Winners... and to everyone, really... for their efforts and successes at the RMR Power-1-Even Tournament Sunday! With 320 teams and 106 courts in play at more than 25 facilities, Power-1-E was a game changer!

Special thanks to all the teams who were kind enough to play in the PM session. We know that this was a hardship for everyone (including us!). Please allow us to offer our thanks for your all your efforts and understanding. We will certainly work to avoid this scenario in the future!

SOS RANKINGS will not be published this week. This is because until Power-1-Odd plays, these "results" are misleading and cause confusion. The SOS computer IS hard at work, though, tracking everyone's results and standings. 

NEXT UP: The two-day RMR Classic!

The new "6-on-two" Pool Format

This Sunday almost all of our courts will play under our new format, with six teams playing on two courts. This "modified" pool plays each team against only four of their five potential opponents, so that everyone gets four matches under a fixed schedule.  That's the "sweet spot" for length of day, I'm told.. and there's no waiting around for "the other pool to finish" before you can play your crossover. In fact, no teams are "off" at any time. With only three teams per court, you're either reffing or playing all the time. There are fewer teams (fewer people overall)  in the gym too! We do schedule a 30 minute lunch break in after the first three rounds, so that everyone gets a chance to have a bite to eat.


When will we learn where we play this weekend?

This year we have some of the largest registration numbers ever! The recent Girls Power-1-Even saw more than 320 teams play on more than 100 courts! 

Most RMR events play at 20 or more different sites, and those sites change every week. Depending on site availability, we utilize gyms from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs. Different age divisions and pools will play in different areas each week, depending on the numbers of teams registered and how those best fit into the available gyms. It's a big puzzle, every week!

Since registration closes "Mondays at noon" only 6 days before any given Power, we are not able to publish playing sites until Tuesday evening.  We understand that it is of the utmost importance to get out the schedule in a timely fashion, and we do appreciate your patience throughout the season!

New to RMR and USAV?

Most athletes are returning to the RMR, and can use their 21-22 SportsEngine profile for the new 22-23 season. But if you're new to USA-Volleyball and the RMR, you'll be setting up a brand new family account at SportsEngine.

We've published some articles to help you get off to a great start, but here are two "pro tips" to point you in the right direction:

1) Your family only needs one account. 

     --> As the legal guardian, you the parent sets up the family account! THEN you add your student athletes to the family.  

     --> Athletes are not allowed to set up accounts in their own names. (because they are minors)

2) Be careful to only use "passport quality" names. The SportsEngine computer is a real stickler for correct spelling. Nicknames, or anything else other than "passport names" leads to confusion when your coach is trying to assign her players  to the team roster!

We have lots more information about going USAV and the RMR at our "Membership" page. And don't forget that we have our own "membership expert" available to help you! Send any questions that you may have to Kirsten will get right back to you with helpful notes and online articles... all the stuff that "new members" and their families need to hear!

See you soon!


Still looking for a team?

Many clubs still have available positions to fill. This spreadsheet displays the most current information, as submitted by the club directors.

Membership Types

Athletes who have signed with a club for the 22-23 season are reminded to wait for an invitation link, that will help them affiliate with that club as a regular member. 

The RMR does offer some specific "special use" membership types:

The upgradable 22-23 Tryout Membership is still available and does includes the option to upgrade to a full 22-23 membership after you affiliate with a club. Get the "tryout membership" and you'll be good-to go for any club tryout... and eligible to upgrade to a full membership when you've chosen your club! 

Young athletes who are joining low-cost beginner leagues do so through their league administrator, or may contact the RMR at 

Athletes who will join beach clubs either separately, or in addition to their regular indoor full-season membership may contact the office as well. (Yes, you can join one club as an indoor member, but play beach for another club!)


Parents: Here's More Information about RMR Clubs


Posted here are the current lists of RMR Boys and Girls Clubs.  Feel free to review those lists, as you help your student-athlete find a club to play for.

We've added a new link that should prove helpful to both the teams that still need players, and to the families who have not yet signed with a club. Note that this "Player Opportunities" spreadsheet is dynamic. The Club Directors have direct access to this sheet to update the presentation there, as vacancies are filled.  So come back often!


Shinkara Hardship Fund


The Shinkara Fund was established to assist junior athletes who might need a little help with the expenses related to Club Volleyball. Open the file (at right) for more information regarding the application process.  


The RMR thanks "legendary local volley-philanthropist" Tom Shinkara for all of his support over the years. So many adults and juniors have come to love the sport, and have enjoyed expanded opportunities to play, thanks to Tom and his good works! 


The Shinkara Hardship Fund Application can be found here.


RMR The Right Choice

The Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) is a member organization of USA Volleyball (USAV).  USAV is the only volleyball organization within the United States recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

RMR-USAV members have the opportunity to play in high-quality, competitive and safe RMR sanctioned events.  Every adult over the age of 18 working with RMR-USAV junior players must be cleared through a comprehensive background check.  The RMR advocates the Safe Sport Programming that is mandated by the United States Olympic Committee and USA Volleyball. 

Currently, over 90% of the Collegiate Division I and II volleyball athletes in the state of Colorado and Wyoming have participated with a member organization of USAV, like the RMR. Indoor volleyball isn't all we do, either; Beach Volleyball has become one of the fastest-growing NCAA sports! The RMR offers Clinics and Tournaments on both hard-court and sand, indoors and out, all year long!

Volleyball never ends.  The RMR has events for the grassroots/development level as well as the elite level.  The RMR caters to all age groups from youth (11 – 18 years) to senior/masters (19 – 80 years) adults.  Coaching or officiating offer ways to stay involved in the  sport, and make a few dollars as well! USA-Volleyball and the RMR are acknowledged leaders in Coach and Referee development!

For more details on your interest, click on the division pages (Junior, Adults, Officials, Beach, etc.) in the menu-bar above.

Inclement Weather Policy

The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel in any inclement weather or other conditions. Club/Team travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense . In the event of road closures (verifiable by State Patrol) due to inclement weather on the date of the tournament, it is the responsibility of the Club/Team Representative to notify the Tournament Director that the team will not be participating in the tournament. Only notify the RMR Office if the Tournament Director can not be reached. The team will forfeit all matches which will result in receiving last place in that division. If deemed appropriate, the Junior Committee of the RMR Board of Directors may reimburse tournament entry fee (s) based on the above noted criteria.


USA Volleyball Safe Sport 


The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball has ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.

This includes not only on-court safety, but also off-court safety in any part of USA Volleyball’s programs. USA Volleyball is committed to creating safe and fun environments for youth. This includes, but not limited to, providing training, educational materials and resources for our regions, clubs, coaches, parents and athletes.



SafeSport Helpline Access

Have questions about Safesport and the types of concerns that are addressed by the Safesport program?  The HelpLine link above, or the phone number below, give you access to safeSport resources. These tools can guide you if you have a concern that may merit being reported.

 Phone: 866-200-0796 (open 24 hours)



This page offes guidance regarding SafeSport issues and how to report. It also offers a "REPORT A CONCERN" link, as well as a REPORT phone number.