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For Parents

Parents: Here's More Information about JOINING RMR Clubs


Posted (above) are the current lists of RMR Boys and Girls Clubs.  Feel free to review those lists, as you help your student-athlete find a club to play for.

We've added a new link ("player opportunities" below) that should prove helpful to both the teams that still need players, and to the families who have not yet signed with a club. Note that this "Player Needed" spreadsheet is dynamic. The Club Directors have direct access to this sheet to update the presentation there, as vacancies are filled.  So come back often!


Looking for a team?

Many clubs still have available positions to fill. This spreadsheet displays the most current information, as submitted by the club directors.

New to RMR and USAV?

RMR Membership for athletes falls into two broad categories:

Most athletes are returning to the RMR from last season. They can use their 22-23 Membership ( and their SportsEngine profile) for the new 23-24 season. Since their 22-23 membership is still "live" through August 31st, there's no need to buy a "tryout" membership, even if they are considering changing clubs.

If you were not a member of USAV/RMR last year, then you DO need to purchase a Tryout membership for the Tryout season. This low-cost membership covers your tryouts and any club practices or activities that you're involved in until Sept 1. The Tryout membership IS upgradable, into your "full season" membership once you find a club and settle in.

23-24 Season Memberships will open in two phases:

NEW: Phase 1: Referees, Coaches and Directors will be allowed to begin the process in mid-August, so that they can get their background screening and Safesport courses started.

Phase 2:  For athletes, the membership process opens on September 1st. Please don't accidentally buy a 22-23 membership before Sept 1... We want you to be ready for the 23-24 season!

Your Club will send you and your family a specific "Invitation Link" on or after Sept 1st. The link will take parents directly to the correct type of membership for their athlete. That membership will already be affiliated with your Club.. you get the right membership type, linked to the right club... all through the Invitation Link.

I mentioned above that if you are returning to USAV/RMR then you will use your existing profile at SportsEngine, to manage your membership. But If you're new to USA-Volleyball and the RMR, you'll be setting up a brand new family account at SportsEngine.

SPORTSENGINE is the fancy program that manages all of our memberships. PARENTS build "households," into which they add their daughters and sons, as RMR member-athletes. Club Directors build "Clubs," Coaches build "Teams"... and the RMR and other events use ROSTERS from these teams.... all within this one program.  SE is a  powerful tool, but it's not always easy to understand.

We've published some articles to help you get off to a great start, but here are two "pro tips" to point you in the right direction:

1) Your family only needs one account. 

     --> As the legal guardian, you as the parent, will set up the family account! THEN you add your student athletes to the family.  

     --> Athletes are not allowed to set up accounts in their own names. (because they are minors)

2) Be careful to only use "passport quality" names. The SportsEngine computer is a real stickler for correct spelling. Nicknames, or anything else other than "passport names" leads to confusion when your coach is trying to assign their players  to the team roster!

3) Choose one very solid email address for your family account. This address will be the whole key to your household. Your athletes will be able to enter their own private email addresses later in the setup.

4) We can help! We have lots more information about going USAV and the RMR at our "Membership" page. And don't forget that we have our own "membership expert" available to help you! Send any questions that you may have to Kirsten will get right back to you with helpful notes and online articles... all the stuff that "new members" and their families need to hear!

See you soon!


Membership Types

Athletes who have signed with a club for the 23-24 season are reminded to wait for an invitation link from their club, that will help them affiliate with that club as a regular member. Beyond the regular club membership the RMR does offer several specific special use"membership types:



The upgradable 23-24 Tryout Membership is still available and does includes the option to upgrade to a full 23-24 membership after you affiliate with a club. Get the "tryout membership" and you'll be good-to go for any club tryout... and eligible to upgrade to a full membership when you've chosen your club! 

Young athletes who are joining low-cost beginner leagues do so through their league administrator, or may contact the RMR at 

Athletes who will join beach clubs either separately, or in addition to their regular indoor full-season membership may contact the office as well. (Yes, you can join one club as an indoor member, but play beach for another club!)



Club Parents are not required to be USAV members. Many often do join however, in order to serve as team chaperones, as site directors, or as scorekeepers or referees.

Adults intending to become professional Officials; please see our "For Officials" page. 

Adult players please go to our ADULTS page.


For use during the season
Note: This automatically converts to the new season on July 1st of each year.

 Select the Month, Day & Year, then click on the button to see the youngest age group of that birth date.

SOS Girls Rankings

SOS rankings for the RMR Girls division for the 22-23 season are now public. To find your team, please click on this rankings link and see where your team stands!

Best of luck to all teams as we continue our season!

RMR Schedules and Results

Click HERE to see all RMR events, schedules and results, at our Event Management application TM2



Track your team and your opponents, as each tries to climb the rankings!




RMR and USA-Volleyball: The Right Choice





USA Volleyball  is the only volleyball organization within the United States recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) is a member organization of USAV, and along with the other Regions across the country, supports their mission to 'grow the game." Our national umbrella supports not only youth and adult amateur sport, but also the Indoor, Beach and Para-Olympic International Teams. Additionally, education of athletes, coaches and officials is core to the USAV mission. 



Our goal as a non-profit organization is to foster growth and participation in all modalities of the sport of volleyball here and across the nation. The RMR is dedicated to providing a "best you can find" sort of volleyball experience to all age players, on hardwood, grass and sand courts across Colorado and Wyoming. We directly offer thirty or more high-quality, competitive and safe  competitions each year. We are proud to be a part of the explosive growth of our sport!



USAV and the RMR are committed to offering a safe competition environment, and to protecting the mental and physical health of our participants. We are active engaged in the US SafeSport program, and are strict adherents to its principles. Every adult over the age of 18 working with RMR-USAV junior players must be cleared through a comprehensive background check and must be SafeSport Certified annually. The RMR registers and certifies participants solely under the auspices of USA-Volleyball, and offers all of its competitions in full compliance with all USAV doctrines and regulations.   The RMR recognizes and adopts (for purposes of RVA activities and privileges) any penalties imposed by the USA Volleyball Ethics & Eligibility Committee.


The RMR commitment to participant safety includes embracing a tolerant and inclusive philosophy, free of bias or prejudice. See our equity/diversity/inclusion statement (scroll further down this page)



The RMR is proud to claim a number of Olympians as our own. We have a rich history of providing athletes and coaches to the US national teams, as well as to NCAA institutions and to professional volleyball leagues both indoors and out. The USA Volleyball National Office is located in Colorado Springs, which allows RMR members an excellent opportunity for collaboration with our National Teams and its coaches. For more about the USOlympic Sports Movement  in general, and USAVolleyball in particular, Click HERE.




Volleyball never ends.! Truly a life-long sport, volleyball offers "something for everyone!"

The RMR offers juniors programming for the grassroots and development levels as well as for elite programs. We host age groups 8 to 18 years in our support of youth sport!


Our athletes have a great chance to "move to the next level." Over 90% of the Collegiate Division I and II volleyball athletes in Colorado and Wyoming have participated with USAV, in regions like the RMR. And we offer Beach opportunities as well as indoor, to complement the explosive growth of "collegiate beach!"


We serve the adult playing community as well, with programming for young-adult, adult, and senior/masters level athletes. We're proud that RMR teams have posted so many "podium finishes" at the US Open National Championship over the years!



The RMR supports and develops coaches. The USAV IMPACT program was one of the country's first fundamental training grounds. Today, Coaches continue to advance, through CAP and BCAP and with the support to fate USAV Learning Academy. Coach-development will be one our new points of emphasis this year, and for years to come!



USAV is THE place to learn all about officiating! From "team scorer" all the way to "Olympic Referee" the RMR has a proud tradition of providing officials to every volleyball scene in the nation, and around the globe!



The RMR believes in USA-Volleyball and in its mission. We register coaches and athletes only into USA-Volleyball membership, and proudly offer programming solely within USAV jurisdiction. 



Anti-Discrimination Policy

The RMR shall not, nor shall anyone acting on behalf of the RMR, discriminate against any person, or group of persons, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, age, national origin, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, genetic information, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state, or local law.





We know that racial and other forms of discrimination are not new, however recent events have made it painfully clear that progress cannot be made unless each individual and organization within our community makes a decision to step out of their comfort zone, learn something new about someone different than themselves, and take action to make inclusion a priority.

The racial, socioeconomic status and gender identity demographics in our region and in volleyball are significantly different than our state and especially of our country. At the RMR we are committed to an internal examination to address the shortfall of diversity and inclusion within our organization, in our clubs and in volleyball as a sport and community.

Our Board of Directors and staff commit to:

  • Listening and learning with open minds, and assisting others in doing the same, so that volleyball can be a sport where everyone feels safe and welcome.
  • Exploring our organizational structure, policies and procedures to examine ways to be more inclusive
  • Creating a Diversity & Inclusion Committee and seeking input from our membership
  • Reaching more areas of need through our Shinkara Hardship Program
  • Reducing current barriers to entry into volleyball, and collaborating with other entities to increase access to our sport
  • Creating opportunities for outreach to under-served communities and populations
  • Increasing access to employment opportunities for families and individuals in need
  • Looking at ways to develop a minority coach and official scholarship and mentoring program
  • Developing a resource and outreach page on the RMR website for diversity and inclusion initiatives and information
  • Diversifying our social media following and shared content

Read on (below) for more information on these initiatives as we examine how to best implement and expand access to our sport. If you would like to volunteer or have ideas for implementation, please contact Executive Director Keith Murlless

DEI Resources

It's important to increase awareness!

Watch this video to see how DEI influences everyone, through the eyes and voices of our own volleyball community.

--> Thank you to “Match Point” for speaking so eloquently to this topic!

  • See the “Match Point” documentary: Click here
  • USA Volleyball partners with RISE: Click here
  • Become a Sister Club for the Starlings Volleyball Program: Click here
  • Check out the hashtag #VolleyTheChange on social media
  • For Mental Health Resources, please scroll to the bottom of this page. 


  • Podcast: Dual Pandemics – Coronavirus & Racism (Hilinski’s Hope): Click Here
  • Art of Coaching: Critical conversation about diversity, wellness and inclusion in sports. Click here.
  • Athlete Ally Training Module: Click Here
  • Transgender College Student Resource Guide: Click Here
  • Video diaries on experiencing and dealing with prejudice from Awareness Harmony Acceptance Advocates (AHAA): Click Here
  • Panel discussion from RISE – “Athlete Activism & The Fight For Equality” – Highlight Video – Full Panel Discussion
  • “How To Challenge Discriminatory Comments” from Basic Diversity: Click Here
  • “Beyond The Golden Rule” – A Parent’s Guide To Preventing & Responding To Prejudice: Click Here
  • “What Inclusion Is & Is Not” – from Diversity Central: Click Here
  • Understanding Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity – from the American Psychological Assocation (APA): Click Here
  • Talking To Kids About Discrimination – from the APA: Click Here
  • The Role of Recreation Leaders in Preventing Bullying – from Click Here
  • Preventing Bullying Toward LBGTQ Youth – from Click Here
  • Successful Teams & Respectful Team Members: Click Here
  • Preventing Bullying: What Great Coaches Need To Know: Click Here
  • Positive Coaching Alliance Development Zone: Click Here
  • Could You Be Racist And Not Know It?: Click Here
  • Trainings For Youth-Serving Professionals – From The Trevor Project: Click Here
  • Resources For LGBT Youth – From the CDC: Click Here
  • Online Guide & Resources For LBGTQ Students – From Marysville University: Click Here
  • Cyber Bullying Information: Click Here
  • Port of Seattle Anti-Racism Resources: Click Here

Websites & Other Resources

Racial Justice Online Resource List


  • Printable educational exercises from RISE: Click Here
  • Educational exercises from Awareness Harmony Acceptance Advocates (AHAA): Click Here
  • Online Implicit Association Test – from Understanding Prejudice: Click Here (Read articles about this test here)
  • Implicit Bias Tests – from Harvard University (multiple options): Click Here
  • Bullying Prevention Online Training Center from Click Here
  • Quizzes on Bullying & Cyberbullying from Click Here
  • USOC SafeSport Online Training: Click Here
  • TrueSport Bullying Prevention Lessons: Click Here
  • TrueSport “Respect” Lessons: Click Here


  • Hilinski’s Hope Foundation: Click Here
  • Statistics about mental health in youth/teens: Click Here
  • NCAA’s mental health page & resources: Click Here
  • NCAA’s Proposal For Mental Health Resources at Power 5 Schools: Click Here
  • Pac-12 Putting More Money Toward Mental Health: Click Here
  • “Your Life Matters” Video: Click Here
  • Black Mental Health Alliance: Click Here
  • Latinx  Therapy: Click Here
  • South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network: Click Here
Talk to someone. If that seems too daunting, contact us.    Remember, depression lies


U.S. Center for SafeSport


 The U.S. Olympic Committee  announced the  members of the Board of Directors. I have included a link to the press release below. I hope to have more updates for you soon. Thank you for your continued support of the USA Volleyball SafeSport Program.


23-24 Statement and information from Safesport

USA Volleyball is required on an annual basis to communicate with all adult members the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) and How to Report misconduct mechanisms.   The Center created a shortened version of the MAAPP called MAAPP at a Glance which captures the key components of the MAAPP.  If you wish to read the full MAAPP, please click on the second link below.

MAAPP at a Glance


All adult participants of USA Volleyball are mandatory reporters of abuse.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport has exclusive jurisdiction over allegations of Sexual Misconduct.  To report sexual misconduct, please click the following link to report directly to the U.S. Center for SafeSport

Report a Concern | U.S. Center for SafeSport (

To report any other form of Misconduct including Physical and Emotional misconduct (such as bullying, hazing harassment), retaliation, violations of the MAAPP, or any other violations of the SafeSport Code, you may file a concern with USA Volleyball at the following link:

USAV Incident Reporting Form (

In addition, the U.S. center for SafeSport offers SafeSport training for parents and minor athletes free of charge.  These courses can be taken at the link below:

U.S. Center for SafeSport (



This page offes guidance regarding SafeSport issues and how to report. It also offers a "REPORT A CONCERN" link, as well as a REPORT phone number.



SafeSport Helpline Access

Have questions about Safesport and the types of concerns that are addressed by the Safesport program?  The HelpLine link above, or the phone number below, give you access to safeSport resources. These tools can guide you if you have a concern that may merit being reported.

 Phone: 866-200-0796 (open 24 hours


USA Volleyball Safe Sport 


The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball has ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.

This includes not only on-court safety, but also off-court safety in any part of USA Volleyball’s programs. USA Volleyball is committed to creating safe and fun environments for youth. This includes, but not limited to, providing training, educational materials and resources for our regions, clubs, coaches, parents and athletes.


Questions about Safesport?

For questions about the Safesport program and its implementation in the Rocky Mountain Region, please contact Executive Director Keith Murlless. (

This "safesportquestions" email address is for program inquiries; it is not the emergency reporting line To make a report, contact local authorities and Safesport directly, at the contact points posted above.