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Welcome to the RMR

The Rocky Mountain Region of USA Volleyball is here to “Advance Your Game".  We offer a variety of programs for all ages.  Our programs are designed to grow the game through: well-organized events, safe venues, competition from grassroots to elite with all age levels from 12 – 18 years of age. Players have the opportunity to play within their single age group. Our Friday Night Spikes league is designed to introduce the game of volleyball to both boys and girls 12 and under. The RMR promotes volleyball events that are indoor hard court/sand surface and outdoor sand surface during the summer months. 

Adults can also participate in Adult Sanction Events; or if they have hung up their volleyball shoes they can still grow the game as a club coach or as a volleyball official. 

It is still not too late to find a club team to participate with in the 2016 Season.  We have several clubs in different areas that are still looking for players. Please follow the link for more information ( 

If you are interested in starting your own club we can help!  Please let us know what we can do for you!

Thank you for taking this opportunity to see what the Rocky Mountain Region of USA Volleyball has to offer.

See you on the court,

RMR Board of Directors

August 6, 2015

A Message to USA Volleyball Regional Volleyball Association Members:

USA Volleyball and our Regional Volleyball Associations have always believed the safety and well-being of its members is a top priority. We will continue to explore every measure under our control to protect all members on and off the court and implement a zero tolerance policy for any conduct or behavior violations. On July 27, ESPN’s Outside the Lines revisited the important issue of safety in youth sports – and volleyball in particular. Their coverage was a bold reminder that the time is now for ALL sport organizations to institute, strengthen, enforce and diligently monitor policies concerning reporting misconduct, inappropriate behavior and cases of abuse. Protecting the youth and the athletes must be a priority to us all. USA Volleyball will continue to find ways to ensure that those who violate the principles of fair play and USOC SafeSport will have no place within our organization.

USA Volleyball is one of the first sport governing bodies to implement the USOC SafeSport program. USOC SafeSport combines training and education; screening; monitoring; reporting and responding to ensure that everyone involved in our sport – from athletes to coaches to club administrators to parents to officials and even bystanders – can identify inappropriate behavior and report it to the proper authorities. The USA Volleyball staff and Board of Directors are 100% certified in the USOC SafeSport program. Our Olympic and Paralympic athletes on the Athletes Advisory Commission have spent countless hours contributing their feedback and ideas to help shape the direction of this important program. The work is ongoing. We believe everyone connected to the sport has a role to play to create a safe, healthy environment for all participants. We must seek to impose harsher penalties on those who violate the trust of our athletes and remind everyone that participating in any level in our sport is a privilege.

The USA Volleyball staff and Board of Directors continue to work closely with our 40 Regional Volleyball Associations to implement a series of organizational policies to protect all of our athletes, coaches, officials and participants. Our risk management policies are regularly reviewed and updated by experts with professional service providers familiar with sport organizations and the laws in each State. USA Volleyball requires background screenings for all adult members who have contact with junior athletes and – through our database management program – can flag those who do not pass or who have disciplinary action against them. Our partnership with the USOC SafeSport program provides every member of USA Volleyball with new resources that were not available in the past to identify, prevent and report abuse.

We must continue to work diligently to set the highest standard for the protection of all within USA Volleyball. We will continue to have open and transparent communication about this important subject. We are committed to continually reviewing our policies and procedures, to putting measures in place to prevent abuses in our sport, and to removing those who abuse the trust of our athletes.


Lori Okimura
USA Volleyball, Board Chair 

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