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AVP Pro Beach Volleyball in Denver a big hit!

AVP Pro Beach Volleyball  finals playing now, at The island, in Aurora!

RMR Beach National Qualifier a Fun Success!

RMR Summer '24 Beach Series Announced!

Saturday May 18

 RMR Beach Series #1/AVPA Junior Nationals    at The Oasis   (All other events at The Island)     RESULTS

Google Maps to Oasis

Monday May 27

 RMR Beach Regional Qualifier (BRQ #1)   at The Island  in conjunction with VOTR AVP-Juniors Beach Bash   RESULTS

Google Maps to The Island

Fri-Sat May 31 and June 1

 Two-Day RMR BRQ #2/AVPA Junior Nationals and USAV Championships Qualifier  at The Island


Athletes play one-day only, with 12&16s playing  Friday then 14& 18s playing  Saturday (14s, 15s or 16s can play both events!)

Sat June 8

  RMR Beach Series #2/AVPA Junior Nationals  at The Island      RESULTS

(Match Play Format from modified pools and then into single elimination bracket)

Fri-Sat June 21-22

  Two-Day RMR BNQ/AVPA Nationals and Beach Week Qualifier  at The Island  


Athletes play one-day only, with 12&16s playing  Friday then 14& 18s playing  Saturday (14s, 15s or 16s can play both events!)

Saturday June 29

  RMR Beach Series #3/AVPA West Coast and East Coast Championships Qualifier  at The Island   Register Here 

Saturday Aug 3rd:

   RMR "For the 12-14s  only"  (also a  AVPA Qualifier for both East and West Coast Championships)  at The Island   Register Here



USAV Beach Rules Book 23-25

Outdoor Rules of play address the issues discussed above, but additionally, elements of outdoor safety such as weather management and heat-stress awareness

Watch Beach Volleyball!!!

Click the link here to watch the Beach Volleyball World YouTube Page. 


Inclement Weather Policy (Outdoor)

The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel during inclement weather or under any other unsafe condition. Club/Team/Personal travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense. Safety first!


That said, we rarely cancel events. In the event that interstate highways are closed, or in the event of dangerous lightning-storms, we publish these closures both at the RMR Home Page, and directly to all involved TEAM COACHES, via the TM2 email system.


In the event that a team is running late or cannot attend, it is the responsibility of the Team Coach or Representative to notify the RMR as early as possible. We can be reached by text at our office cell phone 303-584-0376. 


Weather-related cancellations may be eligible for refund if highway closure is corroborated by State Highway Patrol. Cancellations for any other reason substantially affect all attending teams, and are therefore not eligible for refund, and may be subject to fines or other club sanction.