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Site Directions

2021 Site information (10 Feb, 2021)

For the 2021 "COVID" season, facility availability has completely changed, and  allowed occupancy and entry protocols are all different. We're spending more money, and more effort, all in an effort to get our athletes back in play just as quickly as we legally can.

Due to COVID occupancy limits, we are not allowing spectators at this time. We're prioritizing the athletes! Teams are currently limited to a 14-person roster. This must include at least one coach, and may include one adult videographer... but 14 is the maximum headcount. We do have Baller-TV at most sites. (see info on homepage). 

DOORS OPEN AT 645am. Morning Waves start at 730, afternoon waves start at all sites.

 Arrive early (and dress warmly) for the temperature check! It frequently makes sense  for a Coach or adult  to approach the door, wait for the team's turn, then signal all the players to come to the door for temperature checks and admission.

All teams including players, coaches and team videographer should enter together.  Please show respect for our busy hosts, especially at the COVID-temperature-checks. If you do, I'll bet they'll be nice to you too!

There will be no team food tables.  Players are allowed to bring in sack lunches with them, but be advised that occupancy limits may dictate where your team is asked to "set up camp." Again, thanks for helping us all get through this difficult COVID time!



Click on the alphabet bar below to find directions to the various gyms that the RMR plays in.

Note that many of the "icons and notes" about team tables, concessions, etc associated with each site are from "regular" years. Hopefully, life gets back to normal soon!

RMR Tag-Line

Rocky Mountain Region USAV
4155 E Jewell Ave Suite 909
Denver, CO 80222