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Power Series Information

RMR Power Series Placed On Temporary Hold


effective Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020

RMR Members:

We are all aware of the increased incidence of COVID-19 in our communities, and of the increasing regulatory controls being brought to bear by state and county offices in an attempt to mitigate the reach of the disease. I'm afraid that these factors have now combined to an extent that we are forced to temporarily suspend the Power Series for both male and female athletes.

Personally, I'm proud of how well our volleyball community has come together to re-open sport and to do so SAFELY. But it does look like we'll have to weather a storm of increasing COVID cases (and regulations) for a while.

Thus far in the season, we have prioritized “return to play.” Our gold standard thus far has been to meet or slightly exceed all state and county regulations. To that end, we have limited occupancy at each facility to ensure compliance with first “Level-1” and then “Level-2” regulations. And we took the extra step, voluntarily, to require full mask-wearing compliance across all venues at all times. I think that all of us can be very proud of the commitment that we've shown with regard to “resuming play SAFELY.”

Still, last week we saw a drastic increase in the number of drop-outs, exposures, positive cases and quarantines among our athletes and coaches. It’s clear that COVID is very present in our community. We take seriously the increased exposure risk that volleyball competitions represent at this time. 

Facility access is also a crucial variable in our equation. Tomorrow, as Arapahoe County moves to Level-3,  there will no longer be enough courts available to us to host the Series. Until this wave of COVID-19 passes and courts again become available to us, we are forced to put the Power Series on hold. (effective Nov 11, 2020)

        —> Think of this as a “Time-Out (although we’re not entirely sure exactly when we’ll be allowed to resume play)        

    * Return-To-Play planning is already underway. 

     * We’re looking at any or all “available” weekends as make-up dates for whatever Power events we lose during this COVID outbreak period. (especially those recently-vacated CrossRoads weekends)

   * It is our intent to RESUME THE POWER-SERIES from where it left off just as soon as we have permission and facility-space to do so.

    * The RMR-Classic and Challenge events are still  “Go”

    * We DO intend to host the RMR-Showdown, with the usual 3-day format over President’s Day weekend. Host gyms are still TBA.

--> CLUB VOLLEYBALL CONTINUES!  We would like to emphasize that all Clubs and teams ARE still allowed to offer in-house fitness and sport-specific training  in their "home facility" in groups of up to 25, under Level-3 Guidelines 

Exact details and requirements will be provided to all Clubs


We deeply regret that we are forced by COVID-realities to put our season onto a temporary hold. We’ll do everything we can to get back underway just as soon as possible!


    —> Stay safe, by practicing social distancing and all the other public safety measures

    —> Wear your mask! Evidence is mounting that breathing in the virus is the most frequent cause of infection. Cover Up!

    —> Stay in shape, and ready to go! Practice with your team. Get lots of exercise, good food and good rest. STAY SAFE!


And we'll see you on court soon!


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