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Many of you have written or called to ask about the RMR “COVID” spectator rules. Put simply, we’ve been "putting our athletes first” so that as many teams as possible could compete. It was difficult to ask our parents to stay outside, to “make room” so to speak, but we thank them for their sacrifice! With improved COVID metrics, reduced regulation, and 5-Star certifications, we are ready to start getting spectators back into the gyms!


We will have to take this process in stages. 

    We’ve gotten permission for Stage 1. 

    We’re still working to get our Stage 2 plan approved.


Stage 1: ZBT 18s Championship Sat/Sun March 13-14

This weekend each ZBT-18 player may invite TWO spectators into CVA.

    Why “them” first? 

Small size: With only 20 teams, we can afford the space to let parents watch their athletes, in person,  in this, their last RMR event.

Unique Format: Teams play in small groups of only 3 or 4 teams per bracket… for single elimination!

Short Duration: Spectators can only enter when their team is “up.” When the team loses, the spectators leave to make room for the next group


How Will It Work?

Spectators will be logged in directly onto the team roster, temperature checked, and wrist-banded. Sorry, no in/out or “trade” privileges!

All persons must wear correctly positioned fabric masks at all times while on premises. Violators will simply be asked to leave.


Stage 2: We hope to have “1 spectator/parent per player” approved for next week! Fingers crossed!

Watch RMR Power Series!

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Baller TV has extended its promotional offer for us indefinitely!. That means that our members enjoy consistent pricing points of $20/month, $40/quarter, or $95/year. This weekend BallerTV  is covering 31 of the 39 courts that we have in play.  The table posted  below demonstrates our current coverage. We're working to build relationships and implement technical mechanisms that improve the coverage umbrella!

Please understand that some of our host sites had prior contracts with other vendors prior to B-TV coming on board. We ARE WORKING to build a more comprehensive coverage package.. it just takes time to work out the technical details!  

Use promotional code "RMR2020" to enjoy the discount!

Officiating Information Now Available

Information regarding how to get certified as a team or paid official has been posted on the "Officiating" page of this website.

We include a pictorial guide about how to navigate through SportsEngine,  to the USAV Learning Academy.

Take a look!



Baller TV Coupon now Active

For any customers coming to Baller TV this spring season, please note that RMR has again been extended an open 20% discount. To access the discount enter the code "RMR2021" as you register at

Parents: We understand that this has been a difficult season for you, and especially since the State COVID occupancy limits are preventing us from allowing spectators into the gyms. Hopefully our partnership with BallerTV will help. 

Yes, this does represent an additional expense for you. But on the other hand, live streaming can allow family members to enjoy watching your athlete play from the comfort and safety of home. The "review on demand" feature is another "plus" since it allows you increased flexibility through your busy weekends.

 --> Our goal with Baller-TV is to provide you with access to the games that you can't attend in person. The RMR is not engaging in this effort for financial gain. Any funds earned through the B-TV partnership will be used to support the local (currently volunteer) staff that are manning the cameras!

Please be patient with us through our technical difficulties, as this is a "first time effort" for the RMR and the hard-working site directors who are doing so much to help all of this come together. 

Some good news: BallerTV has extended their "promotional" pricing structure to us for the entire RMR Power-Series. The coupon on this page is valid for both new and existing customers. Final cost to you can be as low as $75/year ( based on your selected add-ons) $36/quarter (1 viewer/3 downloads). Entering the code can be tricky: Type promoCode "RMR2021" into the promo code box on the login page first, THEN log in. Now, when you subscribe, you'll receive the discounted pricing! (Or see the instruction sheet by clicking on the "BallerTV Offer" link above)

One last note: Three of our sites are not able to offer Baller-TV due to previous contractual obligations. We ask your understanding in these cases. Note that you may be allowed to purchase their proprietary streams at low one-time costs.

Eye on the prize: Our athletes are back in play!

See you on court!