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Officials Information & Clinics

Professional Officials refer to the "Paid Ref" website page for instructions, registration info and requirements.

Player and Coach "Team Officiating" Information

Many of you have kindly asked about the RMR requirements for certifying as a team-referee ( typically coaches) or as a team -scorer (typically athletes).  The program has changed a lot this year! This is due both to COVID, and in order to make use of the new "Academy" online tools recently launched by USAV. So here we go...

Finding the USAV "Learning Academy" can be pretty tricky.  These online materials are accessed exclusively through your personal member page at SportsEngine. We've created a PDF that can help you find your way there! ( attached above)

What will you find there? Your Academy "course catalog" should display a few files that are specific to your team role. Players should see  a "Junior Scorer" module. Coaches should see three files (NewCoach, PaidRef, PaidScorer).  Anyone (regardless of age) who is applying to work as an official for pay should see "PaidRef" and "PaidScorer." And everyone sees the two-part series called "TheWholeShebang." If you don't see the files you expect, first make sure that you're in YOUR academy catalog (not your daughter's or your Mom's or your Coaches'.) After that, call us at the office and we'll help!

Now on to the "requirements" part:

1) New Coaches: You are required to take the three online courses mentioned above. They should be loaded into your Academy Catalog. There will eventually be a test or two, but those are still in development at USAV. For now, just get acquainted with the material so that you're good to go on court!

2) New players: You are required to study the "JuniorScoring" module. Again, there should eventually be a test.

3) ALL TESTS ARE SELF_CORRECTING TO 100%! You simply can't fail...

4) Returning Coaches and Players who certified last year are not required to take any of the courses or tests. You're pre-qualified! Still, it's a pretty good idea to take the courses just as a refresher. 

And if anyone wants to learn everything there is to learn about officiating, you can always work your way through "TheWholeShebang!"

That's it. Thanks for studying. Have fun, and we'll see you on court soon!