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Officials Information & Clinics

My Coach says I need to take an officiating course.....

Each team needs a referee (usually a coach) and a few scorekeepers (players)

ALL 14 & Under players, and anyone NEW to scoring, takes the in-person scorekeeping class. Then they take an online Course (that includes a test) and they're done! See the article below for specific NEW SCORER instructions.

MAINTAINING scorers (15 years or older, and have certified as scorers previously) may simply take an online course. See the article below for specific MAINTAINING SCORER instructions.

All referee candidates (usually coaches, but athletes are encouraged to come too) are asked to take an in-person course this year. There will be an in-class quiz, but there are no online requirements for these "team referees."

Anyone who wants to officiate for pay in the RMR takes the course(s) above, and then another in-person class all about the requirements and expectations of professional officiating.  We ARE hosting our JR-REF and Junior-Scorer-Monitor programs this year!

How to navigate your Sportsengine profile, to the Academy


TIP: SportsEngine pages are different for every user!

         They are designed “for you (only)!”

         The “tabs” and “tiles” that are available to a Director aren’t visible to a coach, parent or player

         This is cool, in that you get a personalized experience

         But it can be difficult, because (you) can’t always  “see” what your athlete “sees” on their page

To find and access all the information at SportsEngine, you’ll need to learn to navigate your profile. 

First, Log-in   at

         Notice that your initials appear top-left on this “home” page

To get to your profile, click on the “Household” term in the left column

         On your household page you’ll see “tiles” on the right side. 

         Click on yours, the one with the gold stripe. That takes you to your “Profile Page.”

At the Profile Page, there’s an editable “profile tile” for you to use (basic name, birthdate stuff)

         On the right though, there are more tiles, one for each organization that you belong to

         You might want to open each of them, to see what they offer

         Don’t forget to look for “tabs” at the top of each tile that let you dig a bit deeper

         Example: near the top of the Profile Page, there’s a tab for the “organizations” you belong to

Your “RMR Profile” tile is very useful

         It displays your member number (good to have)

         It offers in top-right a tiny grey “wallet” with your membership card (digitally, or in your real pocket)

         But most importantly, it offers “VIEW DETAILS” at the bottom. Click that one, for sure!

Now you’re on your “Profile Details” page. 

         This page offers two important tabs up top as well as the blue Academy Button (top right)

         “Membership” will display each membership type that you have (maybe coach, adult player and referee)

         “Credentials” will display:

                  your safety credentials (background screen, Safesport course, and access to taking those Courses)

                  and your training credentials (example: indoor scorer, beach referee)

The Academy can be accessed by clicking the dark-blue button at the top-right of your “Details” tile

         Click into the Academy and you’ll find a dark column on the left that allows you to navigate to COURSES

         By default, the Academy opens with you on your “Enrollments” page. 

         The tiles displayed on the right are “Courses” that you should take, for credit.

         After you pass the LinesJudge Course, for example, your Team Roster will show “LJ” next to your name!

 “Content Library” is also useful. The tiles there are Courses that you can take all on your own, just to learn.

         (Coaches can “see” some courses that athletes take, for example)

         Note however, that “reading” modules there probably doesn’t earn you COURSE CREDIT. 

         For that, go back to your Enrollment page!


Navigate to the Academy, from inside your SportsEngine profile. (see above)


         Go to your Academy Enrollments

         Click on the “RMR22_101 NEW JUNIOR SCORER POST CLINIC COURSE”

         Click “START”… take the exam.

         Click “Next Module” to watch the “Tips and Tricks” module

         And you’re done!


Navigate to the Academy, from inside your SportsEngine profile. (see above)

MAINTAINING SCORERS (15 and older, and previously scorer-certified)

         Go to your Academy Enrollments

         Click on the “RMR22_102 MAINTAINING JUNIOR SCORER COURSE”

         Click “START”… there are four or five modules to watch

       Take your online exam...

         And you’re done!

Congrats to RMR Members Who Worked the CHSAA State Tournament!

First Name Last Name
Kristy Cox
Kathy Cox
Rick Dubbois
Chuck Ellis
Jim Henthorn
Corry Higbee3
Phil Hildenbrand
Nancy Holm
Daryl Lambert
Mike Luttmann
Jim Marcelo
Bob Mimmack
Sheila Stanley
Jim Viitro
Dave Whitney

Professional Officials refer to the "Paid Ref" website page for instructions, registration info and requirements.

Details Under Construction Coming Soon!

RMR Player/Coach Officiating Clinics for the '21-'22 Season now open!

For the 2021-22 Season, each team is asked to provide at least one certified adult referee (usually a coach) and several certified junior scorers (usually athletes).  These team-officials are trained under a hybrid program that includes both classroom and online training.

The RMR and its member Clubs offer In-Person-Scoring and Refereeing Clinics. These Officiating Clinics are conducted across the RMR footprint November through January. Registration is managed through Club Directors only.

          (specific information for each type of class appears on our "Officiating" page)


14 or younger athletes, or anyone new to USAV scoring, should attend one of the in-person Scoring Clinics, and then take the on-line "New Junior Scorer Post-Clinic Course (and test)"  at the USAV Academy. Registration is through Club Directors only. The fee is $10. 

Previously certified team scorers (15&older Players, also Coaches) may skip the in-person class. Instead, they will take the online "Maintaining Scorers" course and test at the Academy. That course is free.

All Coaches are encouraged to take the in-person Referee Clinic this season. (We're all  bit rusty, after COVID) The fee is $10. There is no online requirement after the classroom session for Referees.

Online study materials are available now, at the USAV Learning Academy INSIDE YOUR PERSONAL SPORTSENGINE PROFILE. Instructions on how to reach your personal Academy page are  presented HERE

As you finish your courses, your new certifications will appear on your team roster! (SK, LJ, Jr Ref, etc)

Academy pages are very user-specific. That is, a parent or coach will see very different content from what their athlete might see. So, as a parent or coach, if your athlete "needs help" you'll have to make sure that you look over their shoulder to see the materials presented at their page!

The RMR will resume its Junior Referee and Junior Scorer Monitor programs this season. For more information, see our "RMR Officiating" page, and also contact Junior-Ref-Programming Director Alex Houghton, here.

Adults who would like to officiate professionally in the RMR should visit both the RMR Officiating page above and our RMR Officials  website. They should also contact Referee Chair Jim Henthorn directly, here.