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Junior Girls

RMR Player/Coach Officiating Clinics for the '21-'22 Season now open!

For the 2021-22 Season, each team is asked to provide at least one certified adult referee (usually a coach) and several certified junior scorers (usually athletes).  These team-officials are trained under a hybrid program that includes both classroom and online training.

The RMR and its member Clubs offer In-Person-Scoring and Refereeing Clinics. These Officiating Clinics are conducted across the RMR footprint November through January. Registration is managed through Club Directors only.

          (specific information for each type of class appears on our "Officiating" page)


14 or younger athletes, or anyone new to USAV scoring, should attend one of the in-person Scoring Clinics, and then take the on-line "New Junior Scorer Post-Clinic Course (and test)"  at the USAV Academy. Registration is through Club Directors only. The fee is $10. 

Previously certified team scorers (15&older Players, also Coaches) may skip the in-person class. Instead, they will take the online "Maintaining Scorers" course and test at the Academy. That course is free.

All Coaches are encouraged to take the in-person Referee Clinic this season. (We're all  bit rusty, after COVID) The fee is $10. There is no online requirement after the classroom session for Referees.

Online study materials are available now, at the USAV Learning Academy INSIDE YOUR PERSONAL SPORTSENGINE PROFILE. Instructions on how to reach your personal Academy page are  presented HERE

As you finish your courses, your new certifications will appear on your team roster! (SK, LJ, Jr Ref, etc)

Academy pages are very user-specific. That is, a parent or coach will see very different content from what their athlete might see. So, as a parent or coach, if your athlete "needs help" you'll have to make sure that you look over their shoulder to see the materials presented at their page!

The RMR will resume its Junior Referee and Junior Scorer Monitor programs this season. For more information, see our "RMR Officiating" page, and also contact Junior-Ref-Programming Director Alex Houghton, here.

Adults who would like to officiate professionally in the RMR should visit both the RMR Officiating page above and our RMR Officials  website. They should also contact Referee Chair Jim Henthorn directly, here.


Congratulations to the over 230 RMR members who participated at States!

RMR Members Participating at State!

Last Name First Name Name of HS Club Affiliation
Alrashed Aesha University NORCO
Anderson Corrie Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Baessler Isabella Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Baker Megan Arapahoe Momentum VBC
Bartholomew McKenzie Cheraw SEC Elite
Bartle Tyanne Eaton NORCO
Bates Siri Lutheran Colorado Juniors
Beasley Chloe Chaparral FRVBC
Belcher Peyton Grandview Colorado Juniors
Benz Elise Liberty Common NORCO
Blake Resse Mead NORCO
Blamires Anna Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Blamires Ruby Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Bohlinger Julia Windsor NORCO
Bond Delaney Cheraw SEC Elite
Booth Carter Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Borger Bri Mead High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Bowman Taylor Valor Colorado Juniors
Brandon Makenzie Chaparral Colorado Juniors
Brgoch Audry Lutheran Momentum VBC
Briar Rachel Grandview Momentum VBC
Brickle Paige Ralston Valley FRVBC
Brown Arianna RCS NORCO
Brown Johanna Wiley SEC Elite
Brown Peyton Valor Momentum VBC
Buso Macy Chaparral CVA
Cabot Riley Frederick Flatirons
Campbell Zoe Berthoud High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Carr Gloyra Hugo SEC Elite
Cary Taylor Rock Canyon Momentum VBC
Collins Sarah Broomfield High School Five Star VBC
Connors Ciara Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Coursey Dree Mead HS Ballistic VBC
Covak Kendal Chapparel Momentum VBC
Cox Alivia Belleview Christian HS Five Star VBC
Coyle Quincey Mead FRVBC
Cranford Dani Highlands Ranch Colorado Juniors
Cranford Jolie Highlands Ranch Colorado Juniors
Creager Alexis Berthoud High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Daake Gabby Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Dadey Julia Niwot NORCO
Dalton Katie Chaparral FRVBC
Davidson Sophia RCS NORCO
Davis Avery Faith Christian Juggernaut
DeJager Annabelle Eaton NORCO
Domenico Ellie Faith Christian Juggernaut
Dominguez Ava University High School EVA 15 Black
Donaldson Hannah Frederick High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Dondero Kayla Mt. Vista Momentum VBC
Douglas Madison University NORCO
Dunning Sydney Lamar Colorado Juniors
Duytschaever Jessie Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Juniors
Duzenack Jordan Thompson Valley High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Eike Farrah Valor FRVBC
Elarton Chloe Valor Colorado Juniors
Engle Addison Niwot NORCO
Erdossy Ryan Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Erickson Riley Wiggins HS Colorado Thunder
Essenpreis Ella Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Ettel Katie Cherry Creek CVA
Faulkner Elle Windsor NORCO
Fetzer Karsyn Platte Valley NORCO
Field Alyssa Broomfield NORCO
Fingerlin Rya Lutheran Momentum VBC
Forss Madison Holy Family High School Five Star VBC
Foster Makayla Broomfield Juggernaut
Fox Mackenzie Erie High School Five Star VBC
Francis Mackenzie RCS NORCO
Frewerd Catherine Holy Family Ballistic VBC
Gamero Izzy Palmer Ridge Momentum VBC
Gibbs Avery Thompson Valley Colorado Juniors
Gibbs Zoe Niwot NORCO
Gilkey Alex Liberty Common NORCO
Glunz Haley Grandview Colorado Juniors
Gomez Fatima Wiley SEC Elite
Gonzales Megan Holy Family Ballistic VBC
Gracie Fleming Cherry Creek 303 VBA
Greenlee Mackenzie Erie HS Ballistic VBC
Grier Giselle Niwot HS Ballistic VBC
Grogan Alexa Legend Momentum VBC
Hadleigh Richards Rampart 303 VBA
Hajewski Alina Rock Canyon Colorado Juniors
Hall Hailey Mead NORCO
Hanes Hayden Platte Valley High School EVA 15 Black
Hansen Mia Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Hardy Caitlin Windsor NORCO
Harris Kieran Cheraw SEC Elite
Harvey Chloe Chaparral FRVBC
Haskell Carlie Mountain Vista FRVBC
Hebert Gabriella Holy Family NORCO
Heimlicher Chloe Lutheran Colorado Juniors
Hellinger Ashley Legend CVA
Henry Sydney Sterling NORCO
Hewitt Hailee Liberty Common NORCO
Hill Josie Valor Colorado Juniors
Hines Melissa Lamar SEC Elite
Hodges Kendal Discovery Canyon Team Velocity
Holdcroft BreeAna Wiggins High School Five Star VBC
Hollenbaugh Sandy Legend Momentum VBC
Hollis Audrey Rampart FRVBC
Holmes Lilly Legend FRVBC
Holmgren Grace Mountain Vista FRVBC
Hwang Erin Mead High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Isabel Bennett Grandview 303 VBA
Jensen Gentry Thompson Valley NORCO
Johnson Claire Palmer Ridge Momentum VBC
Johnson Jaida Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Jones Jeorgia RCS NORCO
Kadel Regan Legend Colorado Juniors
Kahns Leah Mountain Vista FRVBC
Kaiser Hadlee Liberty Common NORCO
Kanouff Addie Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Katie De La Pena Legend 303 VBA
Kelly Brenna Grandview Momentum VBC
Kemp Kailey RCS NORCO
Kendall Castledine Cherry Creek 303 VBA
Kisting Kyra Palmer Ridge Momentum VBC
Klahn Emily Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Kreider Campbell Cherry Creek Momentum VBC
Kruger Brian Liberty Common NORCO
Kruger Karli Liberty Common NORCO
Kruger Lynette Liberty Common NORCO
Kruger Reina Liberty Common NORCO
Kuffman Kayla Thompson Valley NORCO
Lacy Avery Windsor NORCO
Langer Grace Valor Momentum VBC
LaRochelle Eva Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Livingston Ashley Frederick High School Five Star VBC
Lynch Lillie Highlands Ranch Momentum VBC
Lyric Watermans Grandview 303 VBA
Mahoney Macy Broomfield FRVBC
Malone Bridget Mountain Vista Colorado Juniors
Marsh Kadence Windsor NORCO
Martin Nicole Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Juniors
Martin Rylee Eaton NORCO
Marx Trista Limon Colorado Juniors
Maske Emily Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Mason Kingsley Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Mason Sophia Chaparral FRVBC
Matthews Kelsey Frederick HS Ballistic VBC
McChesney Morgan Ralston Valley Juggernaut
McNair Erin Valor FRVBC
McWhinney Reagan RCS NORCO
Michael Zoe Grandview CVA
Miell Crislyn Cheraw SEC Elite
Mikesh Bethany Thompson Valley High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Mills Sydney Eaton High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Moeding Audrey Erie High School Five Star VBC
Morgan Skyla Valor Momentum VBC
Morland Sydney Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Juniors
Muhle London Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Neill Lillia Broomfield Colorado Juniors
Niles Natalie Mountain Vista FRVBC
Norton Carys Lutheran Momentum VBC
Olson Maggie Erie High School Five Star VBC
Osborn Rylee Flatirons Academy Ballistic VBC
Osbourne Olivia Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Osmann Hannah Erie Flatirons
Palazzo Ellie Mountain Vista FRVBC
Parthen Makena Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Pascal Josie Flatirons Academy Five Star VBC
Paxton Brooke University NORCO
Peck Kyra Rock Canyon CVA
Petera Abbey Legend Momentum VBC
Phelps Paige Thompson Valley High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Pinell Karlee Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Juniors
Placide Gabi Grandview Colorado Juniors
Plentl Livi Discovery Canyon Colorado Juniors
Pollard Rylan Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Pulling Breklyn Mountain Vista Colorado Juniors
Rarden Cadence Erie NORCO
Reeser Aly Resurrection Christian Academy Loveland Volleyball Club
Reeser Lexi resurrection Christian Academy Loveland Volleyball Club
Reider Graci Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Reinke Emerson Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Rekar Raina Discovery Canyon Colorado Juniors
Robidoux Emma Thompson Valley NORCO
Robidoux Gracelyn Thompson Valley NORCO
Robidoux Summer Thompson Valley NORCO
Roettjer Abigail Denver Christian Juggernaut
Roettjer Tailor Denver Christian Juggernaut
Roller Kaley Holy Family High School Five Star VBC
Rollins Emily Thompson Valley High School Loveland Volleyball Club
romero Olivia Fowlerr HS High Desert Elite
Romerro Olivia Fowlerr HS High Desert Elite
Ross Ainslie Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Rudiger Jared University NORCO
Ruhl Caybree University NORCO
Russell Delaney Valor Colorado Juniors
Ryley Anderson Frederick HS Ballistic VBC
Salazar Madelyn RCS NORCO
Sales Sutton Erie HS Ballistic VBC
Salter Briannah Chaparral CVA
Salter Savannah Chaparral CVA
Sayer Erika Discovery Canyon Colorado Juniors
Schumacher Kylie Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Schwartz Jordan Legend FRVBC
Sindelar Katelin Frederick High School Five Star VBC
Smith Kaitlin University NORCO
Snider Aliah Chaparral Colorado Juniors
Sparks Ava Valor Colorado Juniors
Speiser Sarah Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Starck Izzy Rampart Colorado Juniors
Starr Naomi Discovery Canyon Team Velocity
Steinbar Mackenzie Wiggins HS Colorado Thunder
Swartzendruber Ania Legend FRVBC
Tacha Augden Ralston Valley Ballistic VBC
Tomlinson Gracyn Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Topliss Taylor Frederick High School Lobos Volleyball
Tullus Lillian Liberty Common NORCO
Uyemura Lauryn Platte Valley High School EVA 15 Black
VanWyk Anna Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Vigil Stevie Valor Colorado Juniors
Vogel Ella Chaparral Colorado Juniors
Waddington Camden Thompson Valley HS Premier
Waller Allie Berthoud NORCO
Ward Allie Holy Family Ballistic VBC
Warner Riley Cherry Creek Juggernaut
Watson Delaney Holy Family Ballistic VBC
Webber Samantha Cherry Creek Momentum VBC
Wehrman Sloane Cherry Creek FRVBC
West Kiley Discovery Canyon Team Velocity
Wherry Kaegan Cherry Creek CVA
White Emma Faith Christian Ballistic VBC
White Grace Wiley SEC Elite
Wilke Danielle Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Wilson Maddie Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Winter Emma Broomfield NORCO
Wisner Jordan Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Wollart Demi Wiley SEC Elite
Wollart Wayttyn Wiley SEC Elite
Woodring Grace Legend Colorado Juniors
Wright Amanda Mountain Vista FRVBC
Zuniga Isabelle Mead HS Ballistic VBC

2021 Junior National Recaps!

Colorado Jrs 13Mal

Colorado Jrs 13Mal

Colorado Juniors 13Mal qualified for the 2021 Junior National Tournament by finishing 3 rd place at the Zelinkoff Bid Tournament on May 23, 2021. 13Mal finished 2nd in pool play and was defeated by Elevation 13Peak in the crossover match. 13Mal then defeated Juggernaut 13Regional in a hard-fought, three set thriller to secure the American bid. It was an amazing season for 13Mal, winning its first ever Division I Power, winning a Division II Power, and completing the season with two second place finishes in Division I. It also marked their second qualifying bid in the last three seasons, despite the fact that Junior Nationals were not held in 2020. Congratulations, Colorado Juniors 13Mal!!! 13Mal showed up in Las Vegas at the GJNC with no players having national level experience. We matched up very well with the competition but were not able to win a match during the 4-day tournament. Despite not winning, the team got tons of experience and got a feel for how national tournaments are run. The girls are anxious and ready to get back into the gym for their next adventure on the courts.

ColoJrs 13Tammy

Colorado Jrs 13Tammy

Colorado Juniors 13Tammy qualified for Nationals in the 13Open division by finishing 2nd at Crossroads. The format for the tournament was one large pool, which meant every point, set and match counted for tiebreaker scenarios. These 11 talented young athletes played some of their absolute best volleyball this tournament. It took tremendous effort from every teammate to win all the right matches to earn the open bid! This team is one of three teams in RMR history that qualified 13Open and its even more special to do it in a year where all twelve Colorado Juniors teams qualified for nationals! Colorado Juniors 13Tammy made the most of their opportunity to compete with the best of the best in 13Open at Nationals. Our tough serving helped us win our first match of the tournament which is the first match won at 13Open Nationals in region history! The team stayed focused on playing their best volleyball against the top teams in the country. Every point was an opportunity to learn and compete at the highest level and we played all our competition well and had some close three set matches! These girls are leaving Vegas with new motivation to work hard in the gym to continue to compete at the Open level!

ColoJrs 14Sarah

Colorado Jrs 14Sarah

Colorado Juniors 14 Sarah qualified at the ZBT by finishing second place. The team received an American bid which was then replaced by a National bid a week later due to a reallocation National bid awarded to the region. A week prior to the ZBT, the team was one place away from receiving a USA bid at Crossroads with a 4th place finish. CJ 14Sarah is excited to keep improving prior to the National tournament in Las Vegas, NV in late June! After earning the American Bid at the ZBT, an additional National bid was awarded to the region. With the understanding that this would be a much tougher division for our team, we trained hard to get ready. When the rankings came out and we were ranked 48/48, the girls wanted to prove a point. We came out in day one playing the number 1 seed and 2 seeds in pool. Although the end results were losses, the girls started off the tournament strong. We won the next match against the third seeded APAC to end the first day of play. On day two, we played the 4th seeded team in pool, Six Pack, and lost in 3 in order to pool out. The final match of day two resulted in a three-set win over Thr33, finishing fourth in pool play. On Day three, we were seeded 1st in our pool with PSVBA and EVA. We went 1-1 taking second in pool, won the crossover against VC United to put us in Flight 4. We lost the first match on day four against Epic United resulting in the final finish being tied for 35th.

ColoJrs 14Elsa

Colorado Jrs 14Elsa

Colorado Juniors 14Elsa qualified in the National Division by winning the RMR junior national qualifying bid tournament (ZBT) on May 23, 2021. The team was resilient through an out of the ordinary type season and had great success. They traveled to Omaha and competed in the President’s Day Classic taking 3rd in the 14Open division. They then competed in the RMR Powers playing up in their age group twice, and won all three of the powers they competed in. May finally arrived where 14Elsa had back-toback-to-back qualifier weekends. They placed 19th at the Northern Lights Qualifier division in a tough 14Open division. They came to play the following weekend at Colorado Crossroads taking 9th overall and battled through some tough competition elevating their game even higher from the weekend prior! They proceeded the next weekend to stop at nothing until they received their National Bid at the ZBT. 14Elsa reallt battled through these tough times to come out on top! Colorado Juniors also qualified all 12 of their teams for the club, making it a first in club history! 14Elsa competed at the Girls Junior National Championships June 26th-29th in the 14National Division. Going in to the tournament seeded second to last, the team battled 5 tough matches right out of the gate Day 1 and 2. They recorded a 4-1 record after Day 2 advancing to the upper half of the division. Day 3 the team faced two hard fought 3 set matches falling just short to each opponent. They were resilient winning their cross over match and advanced to the Bronze division, finishing 19th out of 48 teams!

ColoJrs 15Kirk

Colorado Jrs 15Kirk

Colorado Juniors 15 Kirk earned their USA bid by winning the Colorado Crossroads JNQ. It was a rollercoaster tournament with half our matches going 3 sets, a major injury and enough adversity to possibly derail the quest for a bid. The team fought through the first day by winning the pool against RVC Heat, RVC Grind and NNJ Nate. The second day brought 915 United Josh, Club Arizona Platinum and an RMR rival in The Diff. Winning the first 2 matches in the pool gave us the opportunity to move onto the Gold bracket by winning just one set against the Diff. We didn’t talk about this before the match, as we wanted to win the pool outright and not let it fall to a tiebreaker situation, but we squeaked into the top 16 by winning just one set. Whew, we still had a chance! We opened the final day with a win against a team that already had a bid in Premier Nebraska Black, followed by wins over Juggernaut National, Arizona Rev Elite and Rocky National. The last 2 match finishes were nail biters with scores in each third set 15-10 and 15-12, but with everything that had happened, this team persevered and got the job done! We are proud to be one of the 5 teams that won a gold ball along with the other 7 teams that all secured bids to the Junior National Championship! Every team in the club is going to Las Vegas! Go Colorado Juniors! Colorado Juniors 15 Kirk headed to JNVC’s in Las Vegas as the champions of the USA divison at the Crossroads National Qualifier. The first day showed jitters that usually come from a group that only had a few players that have ever been to this tournament. Each match the team got a little more comfortable and went to 3, but could not win the race to 15 points. The next couple of days was also a struggle to sustain any momentum and to string points together, went 3 again but just couldn’t put a match away for a win. The final day started with promise but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. I’d like to thank assistant coach Kristen Lee and players Carson Cormaney, Jada Wright, Alysse Marcoso, Delaney Gish, Eva LaRochelle, Gabby Liles, Peyton Belcher, London Muhle Jayla Higgs, Aliah Snider and Erica Tong for a great season! Getting a gold ball at Crossroads was a great accomplishment for any team, especially in this crazy COVID season. Everyone will learn from their experience in Las Vegas and will become better because of it.

ColoJrs 15Sherri

Colorado Jrs 15Sherri

This year, Colorado Juniors 15Sherri travelled to Omaha to compete in the 15 OPEN division of the 2021 Northern Lights National Qualifier, where there were already 8 teams qualified in the open division. On day 1, we faced a previously qualified team, along with 2 other good teams and finished 3rd in our pool. Because of the format for this tournament, we still had a chance to advance to the qualifying rounds, however in our 2nd challenge set, we faced an extremely athletic, high-flying team and lost. The following week, we travelled north to Denver to play in the 15OPEN division of Crossroads, with 2 previously qualified teams. We dropped only 1 set the entire weekend, which happened to be the first set of the tournament for us. The tournament happened to be over Mother’s Day weekend… going into the weekend, I told the team that they could get their mothers and me an OPEN bid to Vegas for Mother’s Day. After pooling out on day 3, Judy Peer, one of our directors told us we should now “just go out and win the whole thing!” We did just that, again, without dropping a set through the semi-finals and finals, earning us that coveted GOLD BALL! CJ 18Sherri then travel to Las Vegas for the GJNC!! We started off day 1, beating kc power, a team that we had yet to beat all season, beating Circle City, and losing to Metro in 3. We had high hopes for the rest of the tournament. Day 2, we went 0-2 to finish pool in a 3-way tie for 2 spots. We came out on top, finishing 3rd, setting us up for a tough Day 3 pool of TAV and Premier Nebraska. We lost a tough 3 set match to TAV, having match point, but got the first "double " of the match called against us. We had to face Premier right away and lost in 2 close sets. We lost the cross match as well, putting us in the Flight 1 bracket for day 4. We won the first match against Seal Beach, but lost the last match in 3 to Viper, leaving us finishing in 22nd place, which is how we were seeded at the start. We felt like we were in every single match, as we never were shut out. KCP ended up tied for 5th and TAV finished 3rd. We feel good about next year and hope to be back in it!

ColoJrs 16Bailee

Colorado Jrs 16Bailee

Colorado Juniors 16Bailee qualified in the American division by placing second at the RMR junior national qualifying bid tournament (ZBT) on May 23, 2021. 16Bailee battled throughout the season, dealing with a loss of three players to their roster but still persevered and qualified! Dealing with covid, high school season, and multiple injuries, this team could have given up, but instead rallied together and qualified for the first time in their volleyball careers (9/10 players have never been to Nationals)! The team has more work to do at Nationals and we are excited for the journey! It was another great season for the Colorado Juniors program with ALL 12 teams qualifying for the GJNC! Colorado Juniors 16Bailee finished 40th going 3-6 in the American division at the GJNC. Every match they played was a was a hard fought battle, never losing a set by more than 5 points. 16Bailee fought for every point, with a lot of energy and heart. Through a season of injury’s, COVID, and many ups and downs, this team is proud of the way they competed in every match.

ColoJrs 16Shannon

Colorado Jrs 16Shannon

Colorado Juniors 16Shannon qualified by finishing 3rd at the Colorado Crossroads Junior National Qualifier. The team battled through a crossover match after finishing 3rd in their day one pool to stay alive. They ended up seeing the number 1 team in the tournament the next day, losing to them, but winning their second match in that pool putting them into a gold pool. On day 3 they won both their matches in the gold pool, and anxiously awaited to see how the other two pools finished as there were 3 teams with bids there, needing just one of them to win their pool. Fortunately, one of them did win their pool giving us the automatic bid to qualify. The team ended up loosing in the semi-final match, leaving us tied for 3rd. We have trained hard, gotten in shape and feel prepared to go compete in Las Vegas in two weeks. Colorado Juniors 16Shannon competed in the 16 Open Division of GJNC. The girls came out on fire beating OTVA in 2. From there the strong teams just kept coming, and 16Shannon put up a fight in every match, losing a couple in extra points. However, they came out of pool play 1-4. The 3rd day proved to be just as tough, and 16Shannon yet again competed losing a couple of 3 set matches, and then winning the last one to finish 3rd in their second day pool. The last day, we lost a heart breaker match in 3, ultimately ending up 33rd out of 36th. The girls fought hard all weekend long, and 16Open is a tough category to compete in, but we are super proud of how hard we pushed even though it didn't turn out the way we wanted.

ColoJrs 17Andy

Colorado Jrs 17Andy

After a long and broken up season, Colorado Juniors 17Andy qualified in the USA division by winning the Colorado Crossroads USA championship against Aspire 17s. With a perfect 10-0 record for the weekend, this team was finally able to have a tournament where everyone was healthy and contributing at a high level. The girls only had few practices after returning from their high school season, so had to get in rhythm with each other quickly, and it built each round at Crossroads. While winning the division and earning the bid was a great accomplishment, it is not the ultimate goal. The team continues to work hard and get better each day to compete at their highest level at Junior Olympics. We’re looking forward to a hard-fought week in Vegas. Coming off a championship run at Crossroads and a high-level scrimmage tournament just 2 weeks ago in Kansas, this team had put in the work and was ready to go out and compete at their highest level. We started off with a very clean and efficient 3-0 day one, winning every match in 2 and everybody contributing to the team's success. Day two was plagued with some inconsistent play against tough opponents who needed some wins, leading to 2 close losses on the day. We ending up winning our 6-team pool, setting us up as a 1st place seed heading into day 3. The first match was against a scrappy Mavericks team that pulled out the win in 3. Mavericks then lost to TJVBC, setting up our 1v2 match against TJVBC to determine if we got into the crossover match to head to Gold bracket. After losing set one 21-25, the girls knew they needed to play their 2 best sets so far to pull out the match. We ended up winning in 3 to take 2nd in pool. Our crossover match was against a high-level AZ Sky team, who had just beaten the eventual tournament champions. A back and forth match all the way, we ended up getting some crucial kills and blocks to win set 3, 15-13. Gold medal bracket would require us to be at our best each and every point. We started out the morning by knocking off A5 Mizuno. Our semi-final match vs Gainesville was a true battle until the very end. We had opportunities to win the 1st and 3rd set but just couldn't get that final kill or stop when needed. After four long days, the ladies had earned themselves a hard fought 3rd place finish.

ColoJrs 17Jayne

Colorado Jrs 17Jayne

Colorado Juniors 17Jayne qualified in the USA Division by winning the Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane, WA. Along the way CJ 17Jayne needed to beat an incredibly talented Austin Jrs. team twice, playing some of the best volleyball of the season. 17Jayne had one loss going into the finals at the PNQ and it was to a strong team from Northern California, Vision 17’s. Facing them again in the finals, the CJ team prevailed 15-13 in the third, securing the 5th Gold Ball for the Colorado Juniors club. Other strong finishes this season include a 3rd place, Silver Division, at the Northern Lights National Qualifier in Omaha, Nebraska, and a 9th place finish at Crossroads. 17Jayne has had a goal of taking advantage of every practice repetition in order to keep improving. I think our continued upward movement at National Qualifiers shows that the team is achieving that goal. Colorado Juniors 17 Jayne participated in the 17 USA division as a result of winning the Gold Ball at the Pacific Northwest Qualifier. Day one was a bit rough for the group with an 0-3 start. On day 2 we lost our first match to Gainesville Juniors, (eventual 17 USA Runner Up), 11-15 in the third set. From there, we never looked back. 17 Jayne proceeded to win 6 straight matches to finish the 2021 Junior National Tournament with a record of 6-4, winning the Flight 2 Bracket. Thank you to all the families that made this year so memorable. CJ 17Jayne is proud to be a part of another great season for the Colorado Juniors program with ALL 12 teams qualifying for the GJNC!

ColoJrs 18Doug

Colorado Jrs 18Doug

Colorado Juniors 18Doug qualified for the USA division by receiving a reallocation bid from the region. The season was filled with a lot of obstacles throughout the course of the year. From the start of the season the team was focused on training hard to prepare for the upcoming RMR matches and National Qualifiers. During the month of November, the team was hit with several cases of Covid-19 and essentially halted all practices for 18Doug. The first test for the team was competing at a scrimmage located in Omaha, NE. This scrimmage allowed the team to discover what challenges they would face throughout the season. Taking the lessons learned from the scrimmage, 18Doug competed in the Northern Lights Qualifier and finished 9th overall. The team played well and beat several teams that went on and qualified at other National Qualifiers. The final National Qualifier for 18Doug was Colorado Crossroads Qualifier. Having been knocked out day one was a gut check for the team. Starting the tournament with a 1-2 record, the team finished the last 2 days with a record of 6-0 and an overall record of 7-2. The team then traveled to Columbus, OH for the 18s GJNC. The team competed extremely hard during the three day tournament finishing with a 2-5 record and 29th place finish overall. Going to Nationals was a rewarding finish to a long and difficult season filled with many obstacles on and off the volleyball court.

ColoJrs 18Kevin

Colorado Jrs 18Kevin

Colorado Juniors 18Kevin qualified in the National division by winning the RMR junior national qualifying bid tournament (ZBT) on March 14, 2021. CJ 18Kevin has not lost a match in the RMR in the past 3 seasons!! The team then went on to upgrade their National bid to an Open bid by winning the Colorado Crossroads championship just 1 week later! This was the first 18 Open bid to be earned in the RMR region in the past 6 years! The team traveled to Columbus, OH; the site of the 2021 GJNC, with a number 5 overall seed and a number 4 national ranking! Unfortunately, after the Crossroads championship, injuries to the team and little practice time because of Covid derailed the team’s goal of finishing as one of the Top 3 teams in the tournament. CJ 18Kevin battled each and every match! It was a season which will never be forgotten!! All 9 seniors on the team have received college scholarships and will continue their volleyball careers at the next level! It was another great season for the Colorado Juniors program with ALL 12 teams qualifying for the GJNC!

Colorado Impact 12's

Colorado Impact 12

Wow! What an amazing opportunity to experience the 2021 Girls Junior National Championships with our 12 year old team!  Our little Colorado Impact Volleyball team is new to the club scene and frankly pretty new to the volleyball scene.  Most girls had never played volleyball until the 2021 season and most had never been to more than just a few college volleyball matches.  The girls worked hard and battled all year in RMR to learn the game and climb the ranks.  We were honored and proud to have finished ranked 2nd in 12U and then to have finished 2nd in the ZBT to earn a bid to Nationals.    

Witnessing high-level volleyball at GJNC was eye opening for the girls! They had the privilege to watch and compete with the best of the best.  The first two days they were overwhelmed and intimidated by the level of competition and lacked confidence. However, they were able to battle back and show up for the last two days and ended the week feeling good about their performance.  Although we didn't do quite as well as we were hoping for- the experience was life changing! They walked away with their heads held high and a stronger determination to work even harder for the upcoming club season to take Colorado Impact to the next level.  

FRVC 181

FRVC 181 team competed at the 2021 Girls Junior Nationals Championships in April in Columbus, Ohio.  A year of challenges was capped off by losing both of our setters (Lexi Wilmoth & Emma Ziegler) to injury by the time we were headed to Girls Nationals.  Two setters (Freshman setter Alli Panter & Sophomore setter Claudia Rossi from our FRVC 161 team) agreed to join our team so that our seniors could compete at the 18s JNCs.  Our record was not great in the American Division but having players willing to join our team so our seniors could have a year ending event and how hard our team played was inspiring.


I thank every member of Front Range 181 and 161 for helping us pull this off.  The experienced gained and the challenges overcome will affect these players for years to come.  It has been a season of challenges, disappointments, hope and sacrifice.  Thanks to the following young women for their hard work and never say die attitude:



Riley Anderson

Mya James

Kennedy Meyers

Ashley Rants

Bella Simkus

Isabella Tschuor

Kelsey Wiley

Lexi Wilmoth

Emma Ziegler


Assistant Coach: Scott Boyk

FRVC 17 Red

What an exciting time for our 17 Red team.  After having such an amazing win in Reno, we were so excited to come to Vegas and play with the best of the best! More than half our team decided to come early and just relax before the big event.  When our entire team had arrived by Wednesday night, we were definitely super pumped to begin our play.  As we came together on Thursday morning, entering the gym with hundreds of other teams, felling the adrenaline, and taking in the whole feel of Nationals at that moment was something like no other.  The look on the faces of the girls was priceless.  


We had a rough start on Thursday, just couldn’t get into the grove of play.  We seemed nervous, over excited, and a just couldn’t relax enough to play our game.  However, as the weekend went on, we were able to see some great play by our girls.  Our team is one to never give up and can rally through tough circumstances. They are super fun to watch and coach because the girls bring out the best in each other and work so well together.  They are the definition of Team.  It was an incredible way to end a great season!  Stacie & Jay Holmgren, coaches 

FRVC 141

The 2021 Girls Juniors National Tournament in Las Vegas was a great time from both the coaching perspective and the perspective of someone experiencing Las Vegas for the first time.  The layout of the courts and the website were easy to navigate, but if I ever did have any questions the staff at the tournament was always helpful.  Getting to and from the convention center from the MGM Grand resort was easy using the light rail.  There were tons of dining options in the vicinity as well as a few grocery stores to choose from.  I think this was a great tournament to improve the skill of the player and to also improve my skill as a coach.  It was great to be able to play in a convention center again after a long pause due to the pandemic.  Our 14-1 team gained priceless experience and made memories playing together for the final time during the 2021 season.  We really enjoyed our time on and off the court at the 2021 GJNC.

FRVC 171

Front Range 17-1 Black finished 5th in 17 Open over Fourth of July weekend. After winning Reno and finishing 2nd at Crossroads, the team was ready to compete at a high level going into Nationals. After going 3-2 in the first two days of pool play, led by Jordan Schwartz blocking, Gabi Maas passing and defense and Katie Dalton, the team was in good shape to continue to fight for the gold going into day 3. Day 3 proved to be the toughest as they went 1-1 in pool play and had to play a tough Challenge match against a very good Adversity team to advance to the Gold bracket. After dropping the first set by a wide margin, the team showed their resiliency and fought back to win the match in-order-to continue their fight for the gold. 

Finishing nationals tied for 5th in the nation, especially in open, is no easy feat, but this team continued to work hard and get better as individual players and team players. Every member of the team played a significant role throughout the season, helping contribute in a positive way to help the team succeed and continue to take strides at being the best they could be. They proved that they belonged in open throughout the year. Having their ups and downs, they always found a way to battle back and push other teams to their limits. Ashley West, Quincey Coyle and Katie Dalton stepped up and led the way for the team by continuing to work hard and push their teammates to continue to work hard and grow as well. They are going to be a force next year in 18 Open.

James Beasley

Katie Ireland 

FRVC 161

What an incredible week in Las Vegas for FRVC 161.  The competition level at 16 National was strong.  We went we .500 during the 4 days, played 24 sets total and were pleased with our level of play. Because of the lack of tournaments due to Covid and the absence of College Coaches our team was excited to compete on this Big Stage at the 2021 Girls JNC’s. 

FRVBC was led all weekend by the consistent play of Erin McNair, Claudia Rossi, Alli Panter and Isabella Kiefer.  The four young athletes were on court 95% of the time all tournament for this 16s team.  They played amazing.  Our back court play was led by Libero Ania Swartzendruber and Defensive Specialist Sarah Bath they were spectacular.  Both combining for 38 positive serving points for our team for the entire tournament. Our Middle Crew was solid all tournament, led by Sloane Wehrman, Nikaia Lydia and OH/M combo Erika Hewitt.  One of the highlights of our tournament was that Sanaa Grant was able to contribute for the 1st time in competition since her knee surgery in November of 2020. 

All things considered the strangest year of Club Volleyball ever, FRVC 16 Black worked hard to get to Nationals.  They competed their very best every step of the way we are proud for them to have represented our Program. 


Momentum 15 Rachel

Momentum 15 Rachel had a blast in fabulous Las Vegas! Though it was extremely hot this trip, the team still managed to have a lot of fun off the court. We stayed in the New York New York hotel where the girls enjoyed riding the rollercoaster, sitting at the pool, exploring Chocolate World, and everything else the hotel had to offer. The team also had a fun night of live music and good food at Margaritaville and then ended the day watching the fountain show at the Bellagio.

We are so proud of this team and everything they’ve accomplished during this difficult year. It was a joy to have a chance to play at GJNC and represent our region. We’re excited to see all the success these ladies have in the future!

Momentum 17 Tara

Taylor Cary:

This year was our last nationals before 18s, and in most ways it felt like the first too. It felt like a celebration of a season that we didn’t even know was going to happen. It also happened to be the first nationals where we as a team have performed together at this level of competition. This year was the highest place we had ever ended in any nationals ever. I am so grateful that I was able to be with this team through this season, and that this will be the same team that I will be finishing my club career with. My love for this team, this family, is unconditional, and I am honored to be able to call myself one of them.

Jenna Sisneros:

I have been to nationals in past years, but this year my team and I went further and worked harder than in the past. We worked through adversity and also persevered when times were tough. We were able to spend time together off the court to further grow our bond and help our connection on the court. (and to also have some fun!) Overall I had a great time at nationals and I can’t wait to see what this team can accomplish next season.

Team performance:

17 Tara had a great 4 days competing in the National division. They battled top teams in the country, their bond as a team grew even more and they finished 19th overall. They spent time together at their hotel, New York New York and had fun riding the monorail to the convention center, getting quite a warm-up with the walk to and from the monorail!  The team made a deal with their Club Director that if they got a bid they would get new jerseys that they designed and those new jerseys have become part of the club's uniform package!

NORCO 13 Black

Our 13 Black team had n amazing 2020-21 season!  The team started showcasing their talent at the Omaha Classic where they competed hard and ended up 5th place overall.  Next up was the RMR Showdown where the team competed in the 14s division and won 2nd place after a close three set match.  The, the Power season began with playing in the first pool in the 14's division!  It was a great opportunity to play some of the best 14's teams and motivated the girls to continue to fight.  To end the season, the team played in 13's Open in Crossroads and won a National bid at the ZBT.  Nationals was a blast, and the team ended the weekend playing one of their best matches to date.  Thank you to the players, parents, and families for such a great season!

NORCO 18 Black

Qualifying for Nationals is always a huge honor for any club. Our athletes dedicated so much this season through grit and hard work, and it was rewarding to watch them battle to earn a bid at our new facility. We added Alexis Stucky (17 Black) and Madeline Stucky (15 Black) to our roster to fill some key roles on our team. The weekend started slow for us on day one, but Taylor Gallimore got 9 kills, 4 blocks, and 2 aces. Pryor MacEachran made big plays in the third match at crucial moments to help get the team into a third set. By the end of day two we improved our serve receive passing and became more terminal offensively. Emilia Carmosino finished the day with 25 kills and a .357 hitting percentage. Yeonwoo Suh rounded out the day with 9 kills, 6 blocks, and 4 aces. On day three we focused on controlling more matches by outworking our opponent. Serve receive and aggressive serving led to a large amount of success, ending our season with two wins. Hannah Kauffman led the team with a .428 hitting percentage. Alexis Stucky made a huge impact by running an effective offense as well as attacking aggressively hitting .360. Lacy Hunt ended day three with 18 kills, 4 aces, and 2 blocks. Abigail McCrimmon led the team with a 2.5 passing rating and 2 aces. Emma Stenner had a great defensive day with 24 digs. Madeline Stucky stepped up and competed above her age group with a .250 hitting percentage. It was great to see the girls battle through the exhaustion and adversity to finish their club careers on a high note. For the 2020-2021 season all of our teams had to overcome adversity and 18 Black was not any different. These girls have overcome so many challenges from COVID-19 to juggling two seasons at the same time with grace and composure far above their age level. Congratulations to all our seniors this season who are graduating and moving onto the next level. Emma Stenner will be attending Creighton University. Allie Schumacher and Lacy Hunt will get to continue their time as teammates at Northeastern Junior College. Abbie McCrimmon will attend Metro State University. Emilia Carmosino will be attending CSU Pueblo. Hannah Kauffman will be attending Occidental University. Delaney Ochsner and Hailee Martinez will also continue on as teammates at Western State University. Taylor Gallimore will be attending Colorado State University. Yeonwoo Suh will be attending Chapman University. Sydney Leffler will be attending Colorado Mesa University. Pryor MacEachran will be a senior at Rocky High School. We are so proud to have been able to coach these young ladies and whether it’s in their careers or on the court, we can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the future

Rocky 18 Black

Rocky Elite 18 Black earned their bid at the ZBT qualifier.  They had competed in the region and three out of state Qualifiers getting ready for Junior Nationals in Columbus.  Daryl Garcia the head coach & Michael Robles the assistant had been a part of the coaching staff with this team 3 of the 7 years and assistant Michel Coe just joining the roster.  

The team enjoyed the competition of Junior Nationals competing in the National division.  For some players it was their first trip with the others going 7 years in a row.  Watching the excitement in these players eyes as they entered the convention center reminded me of their first time to Nationals in New Orleans.  So many memories are made with a team as every player on this team gets ready to head to college.  We remember the players who joined the team over the years as the fun we had at nerf battles & BBQs.  I only hope we prepared them for life, not just volleyball as they take their next step in life.

Rocky 15 National

Rocky Elite 15 National had a great trip to Junior Nationals in Las Vegas. The team finished 11th at Junior Nationals with only one days rest after competing in AAUS and finishing 9th the week before. This team fought all season playing in over 58 sets in the RMR and winning a USA bid to Junior Nationals. This team had as much fun competing on the court as they did off the court with trips to the Haunted corn maze, paddle boarding, roller coasters in Vegas, and Water World. This team made some spectacular memories and friendships that will never be forgotten. Our favorite take away from the season is getting to to spend time together as a team & fighting for each other when the rest of the world was unsure of what was going to happen. 

Rocky 15 Black

Rocky Elite 15 Black fought a season and earned trip to Junior nationals at the local ZBT.  For every single player and coach it was their first trip to Junior nationals and they enjoyed every second of the competition!  This team was ranked in the top 5 RMR all season and gained confidence & experience by playing against the top teams in the RMR.  This team fought for each other all season even with the struggles of canceled events and a high school season in the Spring.  The club  ran group lessons, practices on the weekends, and was creative in the way this team competed so this team could have a successful season.  The coaches and players made sacrifices so they could meet their goals of competing at Junior Nationals.  We are all proud of their effort and sacrifice!


The Diff 17 Arete

What a year for club volleyball! It was a marathon season that taught us so much about endurance, determination and resilience. We learned to embrace gratitude for every moment and every opportunity play. Nationals was no different. Our experience qualifying at the RMR JNQ was an incredible inflection point of a season's worth of challenges - an early start to the season, pausing RMR powers, FOUR team quarantines, high school season overlap and player injuries all made the list. In fact with all the things that took us away from each other, JNQ marked the first time our team could be all together in three months. To say we were grateful is an understatement - and winning a bid to JNC.


Our biggest take away from our trip to nationals in Las Vegas and the season as a whole is that we can do hard things. We saw players and coaches rise to the occasion in the face of adversity, even through a challenging trip to nationals without our starting libero who was sidelined due to injury. We feel more confident than ever that we are prepared for everything life throws our way, and that we will come out even stronger on the other side. We are so thankful for the opportunity to play this sport and will not soon take it for granted. Go Diff!

Elevation 12 Peak

It was an exciting June and early July for Elevation 12 Peak as our team qualified for Nationals as the number one seed from Colorado and traveled to Las Vegas for the GJNC. 10 young ladies played their hearts out with tremendous support from their parent and coaches.  We played some of our best volleyball of the year! A team dinner on the first night was a fun bonding time. The girls swam and went out for meals and shopping as well! staying at the MGM Grand. Thank you to Elevation, our players, parents and coaches for a wonderful season!

Elevation 14 Peak

We qualified for GJNC 2021 in the American Division and competed in Las Vegas, NV June 26 th - June 29th 2021. Overall, our nationals experience was a very positive one. The Las Vegas Convention Center was immaculate. There was plenty of room between the courts, it was clean and the tournament was very organized. 14 Peak had a great time continuing to grow as volleyball players and as a team throughout the tournament and the competition was both rewarding and challenging. Despite being seeded last, 14 Peak finished in the top half of the American division which was a goal that was set before going to nationals and earned by the team! We were so grateful for this opportunity and hope to see more Elevation teams attend nationals in the future!

Elevation 15 Peak

Elevation Volleyball’s 15 Peak girls team had a very positive and rewarding experience at the 2021Girls Junior National Championship in Las Vegas.  The experience and competition were inspiring and a great challenge overall!  One of the most memorable moments came on the final day when 15 Peak faced a 16-24 deficit in the first set of the final match and came back not only to win the set, but the match as well.  At the end of very long and trying covid season, it was a testament to the value of trusting teammates and training, and believing in that of which you are capable even when your opponents have a physical advantage. 

2021 Girls Junior National Finishes

Colorado Impact 12                                                          53rd in American

CoJrs 13 Mal                                                                         63rd in American

CoJrs 13 Tammy                                                                  23rd in Open

CoJrs 14 Sarah                                                                     35th in National

CoJrs 14 Elsa                                                                        19th in National

CoJrs 15 Kirk                                                                        35th in USA

CoJrs 15 Sherri                                                                    22nd in Open

CoJrs 16 Bailee                                                                    39th in American

CoJrs 16 Shannon                                                              33rd in Open

CoJrs 17 Andy                                                                     3rd in USA

CoJrs 17 Jayne                                                                    25th in USA

CoJrs 18 Doug                                                                     29th in USA

CoJrs 18 Kevin                                                                    43rd in Open

Elevation 11 Peak                                                              46th in National

Elevation 12 Peak                                                              39th in National

Elevation 13 Peak                                                              31st in National

Elevation 15 Peak                                                              37th in National

Front Range 16 Black                                                      26th in National

Front Range 17 Black                                                      5th in Open

Front Range 17 Red                                                         45th in American

Front Range 18 Black                                                      53rd in American

Momentum 15 Rachel                                                    27th in USA

Momentum 17 Tara                                                          19th in National

NORCO 13 Black                                                              33rd in National

NORCO 18 Black                                                              41st in USA

Rocky Elite 15 Black                                                        43rd in American

Rocky Elite 15 National                                                 11th in USA

Rocky Elite 18 Black                                                        29th in National

The Diff 17 Arete                                                             59th in American



Junior Program Information

RMR is the place to play if you are a junior player age 11 years old to 18 years old and enjoy the sport.  Currently the RMR has over 100 clubs to choose from, they located as far west to Grand Junction, east to Brush, north to Casper, WY and south to Alamosa.   Volleyball clubs range in size from one team up to thirty teams.   The RMR Power structure is designed to allow teams to play against other teams in their age division and at their competitive level. 

During the 2014 season the RMR had over 500 teams participating in the RMR Power Structure.  The following is a breakdown of the number of teams in each age division based on the 2014 season 18’s (48 teams), 17’s (75 teams), 16’s (90 teams), 15’s (109 teams), 14’s (98 teams), 13’s (58 teams) and 12 & Under (46 teams). 

Need to find a club check out the Club Director’s list to find out information about where they are located, contact information, general practice area and many have their own websites.  Clubs are still hosting tryouts and some have posted specifically what age and position they need.  Look at the section “Clubs Looking For Player’s or the Club Tryout List”. 

Interested in starting your own club/team, not a problem we are here to assist you.  Contact Wendy at (303) 584-0376 Ext 1 or 

RMR The Right Choice

The Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) is a member organization of USA Volleyball (USAV).  USAV is the only volleyball organization within the United States recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

RMR-USAV members have the opportunity to play in high-quality, competitive and safe RMR sanctioned events.  Every adult over the age of 18 working with RMR-USAV junior players must be cleared through a comprehensive background check.  The RMR advocates the Safe Sport Programming that is mandated by the United States Olympic Committee and USA Volleyball. 

Currently, over 90% of the Collegiate Division I and II volleyball athletes in the state of Colorado and Wyoming have participated with a member organization of USAV, like the RMR.  Beach Volleyball will soon be a recognized sport of the NCAA.  This year the RMR will offer Beach Clinics and Tournaments during the winter months, at indoor sand facilities.

Volleyball never ends.  The RMR has events for the grassroots/development level as well as the elite level.  The RMR caters to all age groups from youth (11 – 18 years) to senior/masters (19 – 80 years) adults.  If you are not interested in playing, then maybe you would like to coach or officiate volleyball, RMR offers these opportunities as well.

For more details on your interest, click on the above division pages (Junior, Adults, Officials, Beach, etc.)

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