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Club Director Information

Host an Officiating Clinic at your site!

Enter the dates at which you'd like to offer an in-house officiating clinic!

Sign up to attend a free RMR CPR-AED course!

CPR students take a 3 hour online course and exam, then attend an in-person practical test at an RMR event. Please enter the dates at which you'd like to attend our CPR course.


—> Club or Site Directors who would like to host RMR events may submit their host-site-availability HERE


If you need to cancel or change a tournament registration, please use this portal.

USAV Club Administrator Guide

A 17-page guidebook for Club Directors, including creating a SE HQ, navigating your SE HQ, sending club invitation links to your members, and more.

Directors' Pre-Season CHECKLIST for 23-24


1) As a new Director your first step is to create your own personal membership at RMR. Use this LINK to secure your own, generic unaffiliated membership.

Please don't give this link to other members of your club! They need a specific link that affiliates them with your club directly.

The Director membership costs $60 plus $14 background screening fee.  With this generic membership, you become "Member 0" for your new club!

2) Initiate your personal background screen, immediately. (We've posted "How to Navigate to your Background screen" insturctions on this page)

3) While your B/G  is "in process" go ahead and take your SafeSport course! The course requires about 3 hours to complete, the first time., but in subsequent years you are eligible for a 30 minute refresher!

4) Submit an ANNUAL FORM for your Club.  (again, see instructions elsewhere on this page)

5) With those tasks taken care of, you're eligible to become "Member #1" of your club. We will contact USAV on your behalf, and they will activate your Club HQ (online management login)

6) From within your SportsEngine HQ,  create membership invitation links to send to your coaches and players. If you don't know how, please contact .

7) Don't forget to send yourself the invitation link, so that your personal membership can be updated from "generic" to "club affiliated!"

8) Request Certificates of Insurance (COIs) for any new facility that you will use. (COIs from last year are automatically renewed for you).  NEW: You can also log in to EPIC to request fresh copies of any of your existing/renewing certificates, self serve!

9) ROSTER and VALIDATE your teams at no later than  Dec 11, 2023, for SOS pre-season seeding. (Teams that form-up after Dec 11 may still join RMR, they simply won't enjoy pre-season seeding, and may have to "work up through the ranks" a bit.)

10) PRE-REGISTER for tournaments, also at TM2sign. 

11) Request a Scoring and Referee Clinic at your site  HERE

12) Host an RMR Power Series Tournament at your gym if you'd like, by submitting your availability HERE 

13) Still looking for a few players?  Post those opportunities  HERE 

--> Contact Kirsten at with any questions you may have!

How To Access the USAV Learning academy

This article demonstrates how to navigate with your private Sportsengine account, to reach the USAV Academy. There students can learn about officiant, coaching and more. The Academy offers "ENROLLMENTS" which are mandatory courses for credit, as associated with your specific role (coach, referee, student athlete, etc) Also offered is the "Course Catalog." There you can study almost any topic you'd like, just for fun and education!

Navigating around Your SportsEngine Profile to initiate Background Screen and to take your SafeSport Course

This article from USAV displays how members can navigate through their SportsEngine Profile to find the SafeSport Course and (for Coaches) IMPACT training. Note that Background Screening (for athletes 17+ and all adult participants) is found just below the Safesport link. Also note that the dark blue ACADEMY button is visible, top-right. Thats' where athletes find their scorekeeping and referee modules, and coaches can find those, PLUS all types of coach-training. Enjoy!

YouTube guides to help (everyone) with Sportsengine

USAV has developed a video playlist for Club Administrators


This document is intended to walk club directors through the basics of getting started in the Member Management System and completing important tasks in the system. While the playbook was curated for club admins, this is a tool Region staff may find helpful as well. The document contains active links, so is not intended for use in print. This playbook includes: Links to instructional videos on each topic Directions for major club director processes in SportsEngine Directions to share with coaches and parents for commonly asked SportsEngine questions

Instructions for COI Online-Request Tool


--> (not necessary if you had a COI for this site last year)

Use the form (to the right here) to request a certificate of insurance for approved/insured activities. A list of organizations/names will appear when you start typing the name, city, or state code.

TIPS   (numbers here refer to the lines in the form)

2) Enter your club name (no abbreviations, please)

3) Choose your certificate type: “Evidence of Coverage” or "Additional Insured." (The "additional" is preferred: see "Description of COIs" PDF , below)

4) For general RMR purposes, use “RMR-sanctioned club practices and RMR competitions” as the Event Name

5) Start date can be no earlier than the application date

6) End date can be no later than Aug 31st

Lines 7-12)  “Holder” refers to the facility ownership… the people requiring you to provide insurance

Lines 13-15)  “Contact" means YOU the requesting Club Director


You may now submit a request for a Certificate of Insurance for a NEW FACILITY yourself, by following THIS LINK.

After a short process time, you should receive a direct email which will include a link to your new PDF certificate, suitable for framing, or for handing off to your facility owner!

Use this to request a COI for NEW facilities. You do not need to request a new certificate for facilities that you used last year, since each COI is automatically refreshed each season. (see below)

Certificates of Insurance for EXISTING FACILITIES (Request a copy)

Another new tool for Club Directors:

If what you need is simply a copy of a COI for a facility you've used previously, follow THIS LINK.

There, you can see a list of all your current COIs (on the white lines). If your previous COIs have expired, they are highlighted in pink.

If the white lines show facilities that you no longer use, please write to to let us know, and we will have EPIC Insurance delete these COIs.

Your user name is your Club Director email address.  Contact the office a the address above, if you've forgotten your password. 

Fo more information about COIs and our new tools, please , see Kickoff Letter #6 above.


     Online Uniform Approval portal

Time to order uniforms for your teams?  Your jersey manufacturer should be able to provide you with mock-ups so that you can check out not only how the jersey looks, but also if it complies with  USAV rules  regarding number size, placement, and contrasting colors. 


If you'd like to make double-sure that your uniform is "good to go"  you can submit your artwork to the USAV Rules Interpreter for all-year, all-event approval   HERE.


             Play it safe, and enjoy "peace of mind" by using this simple tool!


SOS Girls Rankings

SOS rankings for the RMR Girls division for the 22-23 season are now public. To find your team, please click on this rankings link and see where your team stands!

Best of luck to all teams as we continue our season!

RMR Schedules and Results

Click HERE to see all RMR events, schedules and results, at our Event Management application TM2



Track your team and your opponents, as each tries to climb the rankings!




Membership Types

Athletes who have signed with a club for the 23-24 season are reminded to wait for an invitation link from their club, that will help them affiliate with that club as a regular member. Beyond the regular club membership the RMR does offer several specific special use"membership types:



The upgradable 23-24 Tryout Membership is still available and does includes the option to upgrade to a full 23-24 membership after you affiliate with a club. Get the "tryout membership" and you'll be good-to go for any club tryout... and eligible to upgrade to a full membership when you've chosen your club! 

Young athletes who are joining low-cost beginner leagues do so through their league administrator, or may contact the RMR at 

Athletes who will join beach clubs either separately, or in addition to their regular indoor full-season membership may contact the office as well. (Yes, you can join one club as an indoor member, but play beach for another club!)



Club Parents are not required to be USAV members. Many often do join however, in order to serve as team chaperones, as site directors, or as scorekeepers or referees.

Adults intending to become professional Officials; please see our "For Officials" page. 

Adult players please go to our ADULTS page.


For use during the season
Note: This automatically converts to the new season on July 1st of each year.

 Select the Month, Day & Year, then click on the button to see the youngest age group of that birth date.

Concussion Preparedness

This page from CDC should help you identify possible concussions. Coaches and officials should be aware and vigilant in identifying possible concussions. They should refer possible cases immediately to qualified medical personnel.

All Adults are Safesport Mandatory Reporters

Directors and Coaches 

Although this website page is otherwise dedicated to your "adult professional" interests, we do need to remind you that all adults in the RMR are SAFESPORT MANDATORY REPORTERS.

You will have learned what that means, during your annual Safesport training, but the article below gives you some reminders, and puts some basic materials at your fingertips!


Safesport and MAAPP (Minor Abuse Prevention)

USA Volleyball is required on an annual basis to communicate with all adult members the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) and How to Report misconduct mechanisms.   The Center created a shortened version of the MAAPP called MAAPP at a Glance which captures the key components of the MAAPP.  If you wish to read the full MAAPP, please click on the second link below.

MAAPP at a Glance


All adult participants of USA Volleyball are mandatory reporters of abuse.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport has exclusive jurisdiction over allegations of Sexual Misconduct.  To report sexual misconduct, please click the following link to report directly to the U.S. Center for SafeSport

Report a Concern | U.S. Center for SafeSport (


To report any other form of Misconduct including Physical and Emotional misconduct (such as bullying, hazing harassment), retaliation, violations of the MAAPP, or any other violations of the SafeSport Code, you may file a concern with USA Volleyball at the following link:

USAV Incident Reporting Form (

In addition, the U.S. center for SafeSport offers SafeSport training for parents and minor athletes free of charge.  These courses can be taken at the link below:

U.S. Center for SafeSport (