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Club Director Information

Steps to Take, v 2023

1) Secure your personal membership with USAV, as Director ($70 less $10 pro credit, but add $14 Screening fee = $74)

2) Affiliate with your own Club

3) Initiate your Background Screen and take the Safesport Course

4) Submit an Annual Form for your Club

5) Request certificates of Insurance (COIs) if you didn't receive an email in early September regarding their automatic rollover 

6) Invite coaches and players to affiliate with your club

7) ROSTER your teams (boys now, girls starting Oct 1) $50/team. (Instructions appear below)

8) PRE-REGISTER teams for events (boys now, Girls after Oct 1) (no fee required)

9) Pay event fees  no later than 9am Monday-before -event

   --> Remember that "Named" events fill early and have specific deadlines for paid registration.


Rostering through TM2sign at our new "Rostering" event


The "Default Season Roster" process is designed to allow you to create a roster for your team for the entire season. This Season roster must be validated, but will then be provided for you to print and carry to all RMR events. (no more weekly team rostering and validation!)

Payment Options:
The RMR Team Roster Fee is $50 per team per year. It is due (now) as you roster the team. You may pay this "Annual $50 Team Rostering Fee" at TM2sign by credit card (fee approximately $1.80) or the RMR will simply add the $50 team roster fee to this month's RMR monthly invoice.

As a reminder, the new "monthly invoice process" will come to you by email as an Intuit/Quickbooks invoice. These invoices will include items that you leave unpaid at TM2sign, and also whatever small charges or overdue payments you have with us (clinic fees, for instance). Your monthly invoices from RMR may be paid by ACH or by paper check... That's why we offer these... to help you avoid costly credit card fees! If you need to, you can even pay your monthly Quickbooks invoice by credit card... but that does  invoke the approximately 3% pass-through banking fee again.

We encourage you to go ahead and PRE-REGISTER your teams for all the RMR events that you expect to play in. These pre-registrations at TM2sign do not have to be paid now (although you may.) 

Event registrations will be invoiced to you through Intuit/Quickbooks the month before the event will play. You will be able to pay the invoices by ACH or check to RMR.  You could also pay them directly at TM2 if that's easier for you (credit cards and 3% apply)

The deadline for paying for a POWER event is the Monday 9am prior to play. Named events (Showdown, TopFlight, etc) have more specific deadlines that will be published.  It's always safer to pay early, and know that you got in, than to risk missing a deadline! (Event payments are refundable as long as you withdraw by the specific event deadline)

     Pre-registration  is defined as registering (here at TM2sign) without paying the Registration Fee.
     Pre-registration (in October) of your team's intent to play (for the entire season) is strongly encouraged, so that we can plan events!
     Registration is defined as paying the event fee. This confirms your registration, and ensures your team a place in the competition.

Cancellations made before the registration deadline (always 9am Monday, six days prior to competition, are fully refundable. No refund requests will be accepted for teams that cancel after the deadline, or no-show. In those cases, the entire registration fee is forfeit

NAMED EVENTS (TopFlights, Showdown, Classic, Regionals, ZBTs) have specific Deadlines for Registration. They are size-limited, so "first paid, first confirmed." They have different cancellation deadlines and regulations. See the notes associated with those events.

NO SHOWs are particularly difficult and expensive for all involved. For this reason, the RMR reserves the right to assign fines, revoke registrations, and/or to suspend teams who No-Show  (exception: force majeure)




Annual Club "Sanction" Form

All clubs should compete this form annually, in late August. If you haven't completed the ANNUAL FORM yet, please do so now.

The data you enter now feeds SportsEngine directly, and establishes your club for annual renewal. Additionally, the RMR uses the information you provide here to update Club contact lists and other public-facing information streams. 

NEW --> SELF-SERVICE Certificate of Insurance Request Process !!!


Epic has created a new tool that should help increase the efficiency with which we manage Certificate of Insurance requests. You may now submit the request form yourself, at this LINK. We've included some "tips" on filling out the form, below.

After a short process time, you should receive a direct email which will include a link to your new PDF certificate, suitable for framing, or for handing off to your facility owner!

Let us know what you think of the new tool!

NOTE:  If you prefer  you can still use the old  FORM. Just fill it out and send it to us at ""


Instructions and Tips for using the COI Online-Request Tool


Use the form to request a certificate of insurance for approved/insured activities. A list of organizations/names will appear when you start typing the name, city, or state code.

TIPS   (by line item in the form)

2) enter your club name (no abbreviations, please)

3) Unless you specifically only need an “Evidence of Coverage” letter, please choose item two, “Additional Insured” 

4) For general RMR purposes, use the title “RMR-Sanctioned club practices and RMR competitions”

5) Start date can be no earlier than the application date

6) End date can be no later than Aug 31, next year

Lines 7-12)  “Holder” refers to the facility ownership… the people requiring you to provide insurance

Lines 13-15)  “Contact" means YOU the requesting Club Director

21-23 USAV Jersey Approval Site


Submit your uniforms here for "pre-approval" by the National Indoor Rules Interpreter, Bill Stanley.



Membership Types

Athletes who have signed with a club for the 22-23 season are reminded to wait for an invitation link, that will help them affiliate with that club as a regular member. 

The RMR does offer some specific "special use" membership types:

The upgradable 22-23 Tryout Membership is still available and does includes the option to upgrade to a full 22-23 membership after you affiliate with a club. Get the "tryout membership" and you'll be good-to go for any club tryout... and eligible to upgrade to a full membership when you've chosen your club! 

Young athletes who are joining low-cost beginner leagues do so through their league administrator, or may contact the RMR at 

Athletes who will join beach clubs either separately, or in addition to their regular indoor full-season membership may contact the office as well. (Yes, you can join one club as an indoor member, but play beach for another club!)


Age Definitions Updated for 2023

USAV Clubs and Parents;

The Membership Department would like to make you aware of two important items for the upcoming season: 

Tryout Membership 

Due to the current trend of Regions allowing tryouts for the upcoming season during the summer, USAV will offer a “22-23 USAV Tryout – July -December” membership option for the coming season.  

This membership will be valid from July 1 – December 31 of 2022 and will be upgradable to a full 2022-23 membership. We will make this option available to Regions once the insurance rates for the 2022-23 season have been approved.  

Age Definitions  (see PDF posted above)

The USAV age definition document for the 2022-23 season is posted just above.  

The following language was added to the 18 and Under Division to add clarity to the definition:  

"Players who were born on or after July 1, 2004 (including high school graduates eligible based on the above paragraph)."

Please see the full document to view this language addition in context. If you have any questions, please email us at  


Inclement Weather Policy

The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel in any inclement weather or other conditions. Club/Team travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense . In the event of road closures (verifiable by State Patrol) due to inclement weather on the date of the tournament, it is the responsibility of the Club/Team Representative to notify the Tournament Director that the team will not be participating in the tournament. Only notify the RMR Office if the Tournament Director can not be reached. The team will forfeit all matches which will result in receiving last place in that division. If deemed appropriate, the Junior Committee of the RMR Board of Directors may reimburse tournament entry fee (s) based on the above noted criteria.


USA Volleyball Safe Sport 


The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball has ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.

This includes not only on-court safety, but also off-court safety in any part of USA Volleyball’s programs. USA Volleyball is committed to creating safe and fun environments for youth. This includes, but not limited to, providing training, educational materials and resources for our regions, clubs, coaches, parents and athletes.



SafeSport Helpline Access

Have questions about Safesport and the types of concerns that are addressed by the Safesport program?  The HelpLine link above, or the phone number below, give you access to safeSport resources. These tools can guide you if you have a concern that may merit being reported.

 Phone: 866-200-0796 (open 24 hours)



This page offes guidance regarding SafeSport issues and how to report. It also offers a "REPORT A CONCERN" link, as well as a REPORT phone number.