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Registration Information

LAte September News from the RMR!

Fall days... beautiful outdoors!

Meanwhile, the RMR and all the member Clubs are busy  getting everything ready for the upcoming season!

Our "RMR Aggregate Calendar" PDF  is posted just below.  It includes the Mountain Series events now, as well as a new boys event in February. Our RSS-feed calendar is also "live" with all the upcoming RMR events, HERE.

The membership process is well under way now. Here are some helpful tips and reminders: 

   * Directors will send each athlete a specific "INVITATION LINK" 

   * Athlete families should WAIT for the link, before trying to register at USAV through SportsEngine (SE)

   * If you were a USAV member last year, be sure to use THAT email address again this year!

   * During the registration process, remember that SE assumes that the PARENT is answering the questions. 

   * Once the family membership is established, SE will ask the parent to create a sub-profile for athletes(s) within the family.

   * PRETEND YOU'RE APPLYING FOR A PASSPORT as you work through the registration. Use EXACT FULL NAMES. If you use a nickname at all, you (and your coaches) will have to use that exact nickname ALL the time, ALL year!

We've posted more useful information for you on the Parent and the Club Director pages.

Take a look around, and we'll see you on the courts soon!


New to RMR and USAV?

Most athletes are returning to the RMR, and can use their 21-22 SportsEngine profile for the new 22-23 season. But if you're new to USA-Volleyball and the RMR, you'll be setting up a brand new family account at SportsEngine.

We'll be publishing some articles to help you get off to a great start, but here are two "pro tips" to point you in the right direction:

   1) Your family only needs one account. As a parent, you set up that family account in YOUR name first! THEN you add your student athletes to the family. This helps avoid duplicate accounts and trouble down the road.

2) Be careful to only use "passport quality" names. The SportsEngine computer is a real stickler for correct spelling. Nicknames, or anything else other than "passport names" leads to confusion when your coach is trying to assign her players  to the team roster!

And don't forget that we have our own "membership expert" available to help you! Send any questions that you may have to Kirsten will get right back to you with helpful notes and online articles... all the stuff that "new members" need to hear!

See you soon!


Parent Resources

Below you can find a step-by-step video on how to create a SportsEngine account for your child.

Parent Account Creation Video

For use during the season
Note: This automatically converts to the new season on July 1st of each year.

 Select the Month, Day & Year, then click on the button to see the youngest age group of that birth date.