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SOS Girls Rankings

SOS rankings for the RMR Girls division for the 22-23 season are now public. To find your team, please click on this rankings link and see where your team stands!

Best of luck to all teams as we continue our season!

RMR Schedules and Results

Click HERE to see all RMR events, schedules and results, at our Event Management application TM2



Track your team and your opponents, as each tries to climb the rankings!




Award Pins

What is new about pins this year? 

This year pins aren't marked as a specific power. Instead, we offer 5 or 6 different types of pins that you will have a chance to earn throughout the season. We want to give everyone the opportunity to collect as many pin designs as you can!

How do I get my pin?   

Pins will be located at all venues throughout the season. After you have won your division, please find the tournament director. They will let your team choose from among the available designs!

What if I won, but forgot to grab my pin?

In the event that you cannot find the site director and do not receive pins for the team, please contact for assistance. 

Now it is your turn to compete for a chance to earn all the pins!

Cool Article about the Growth of Volleyball in the US

This article form Sportico magazine discusses the amazing growth of our sport, with USAV CEO Jamie Davis. Enjoy the  read!

RMR boys kick off the 23-24 season with a record 50 teams under one roof!

Sat Oct 14, 2023

The RMR Boys Division set new records for number of teams and for size of event this weekend, with a 50-team Power-1 (HS group) field at the Future Legends Dome in Windsor CO. 

Front Range 18-1 and five other "division champions" took home RMR pins in celebration of their victories. Congratulations to everyone... and WAY TO GO GUYS!

The growth of your sport is amazing!

Resources for Athletes


Below you will find several resources for your athletes if they want to know more about volleyball, why play for USA Volleyball or the 



A List of Recruiters with free RMR access from Baller-TV can be found in the link provided.

RECRUITERS you'd like to invite to watch you play

ATHLETES: The RMR is excited to announce that its partnership with BallerTV will now include FREE access for Collegiate Coaches to watch you play in the RMR! Please review the roster of coaches above. If the school you would like to have see you isn't on the list, just CLICK THE ARROW to add your coach!

NCAA Eligibilty Center-College Bound Athletes

**this is one of the most important websites for all players/parents who want to play in college to know inside and out

Bids to USAV Girls Junior Nationals

As we near the end of the season, our traveling teams inevitably look towards the annual Girls USAV National Championships (GJNC). At that event, eight different age divisions (18s, 17s, 16s, 15s, 14s, 13s, 12s and 11s) are hosted.

As many as seven different  skill divisions are offered across the age divisions. In order, those are:  OPEN, NATIONAL, USA, LIBERTY, AMERICAN, FREEDOM and PATRIOT.  The chart attached to the right describes which Skill Levels are offered in each of the Age Divisions. 

There are three paths to get to the GJNC: 1) Qualify at one of the  Junior National Qualifiers (JNQs) that take place across the country. 2) Qualify at regional Bid-Qualifying tournaments (RQs), or 3) Pay-to-Play in the Patriot Division. Most of you are familiar with items 1 and 3 above, so let's turn to item 2, the Regional Qualifiers.

USAV grants each region a certain number of bids in each of three skill levels: National, American and Freedom.  The RMR is a "mid-sized" Region, so we get ONE bid in each of those three divisions. But remember that not all age-divisions play in all skill divisions. (The 11s, for example, only play in the "National" category) 

We take great pride in hosting our Regional Qualifiers. We host several:  

The 18s Zelinkoff Bid Tournament (ZBT-18) in early March

The RMR National Bid Tournament (NBT, for 14s-17s) in mid-March

The Zelinkoff Bid Tournaments  (ZBT 11-13s) and  (ZBT 14-17s) in late April and early May

Of course, teams might participate in several JNQs and/or IQs during their season. As they get better, and win at ever-higher levels, the bids they win are "passed down" through a process we call "bid progression." It can be challenging to track all the progression moves through the spring, and so we publish "Bid Standings" for our RMR teams HERE    (use the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to navigate between age-divisions)

Talk to your Coach or Club Director for more information about this important process, or send your question to:

Where our Bids Stand

Click HERE to see our presentation of the current bid status of all RMR teams

Which Divisions play at Girls Junior Nationals?

Player Opportunities (Girls teams)

Still need a team? These clubs still have spots available that you might try out for.