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Inclement Weather Policy

The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel during inclement weather or under any other unsafe condition. Club/Team/Personal travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense. Safety first!


That said, we rarely cancel events. In the event that interstate highways are closed, or if gyms are closed by their school districts or owners, we publish these closures both at the RMR Home Page, and directly to all involved TEAM COACHES, via the TM2 email system.


In the event that a team is running late or cannot attend, it is the responsibility of the Team Coach or Representative to notify the RMR as early as possible. We can be reached by text at our office cell phone 303-584-0376. 


Weather-related cancellations may be eligible for refund if highway closure is corroborated by State Highway Patrol. Cancellations for any other reason substantially affect all attending teams, and are therefore not eligible for refund, and may be subject to fines or other club sanction.



Concussion Preparedness

This page from CDC should help you identify possible concussions. Coaches and officials should be aware and vigilant in identifying possible concussions. They should refer possible cases immediately to qualified medical personnel.




                   Click HERE to watch the zoom-clinic!


  After you watch the zoom, if you also watch the modules and take the quizzes that have been placed into your Sports Engine Profile ACADEMY ENROLLMENTS then you're certified as a "Team Official" for 23-24!




Want to referee (for pay) in the RMR?

Please use the drag-down menus above to access our PAID REFEREE pages and information.

Contact Officials Chair, Landry Homsher, via email to let him know you are interested in officiating:

24-25 Officiating Season Information

Officials (referees and scorers) are central to our sport.           You are appreciated!


Our members contribute to the overall officiating scene, in various roles:

Juniors: both as players keeping score or whistling, but also as paid "Junior Officials"

Coaches; the backbone of our daily operations,  coaches take the stand or assist their teams at the score-tables at most events

Professional Adult Officials: our ladies and lads in blue carry the heavy  load, whistling at our largest events, in our top divisions, and most often, at the end of each day!



Juniors and Coaches will join through their clubs, by receiving specific invitation links with which they enter the registration process. They will certify or re-certify as team-officials, through online or in-person "training clinics."

Paid Junior Officials join the RMR through their clubs, then attend classes with the professional-refs...

Professional Officials  are required to attend in-person classes where they receive direct instruction regarding both the rules of the game and also regarding the ins and outs of whistling for pay here in the RMR. Our professional adult officials enter the member-registration process through a special invitation link that will be provided directly from the RMR office in early September.

Everyone ends up with a member profile at SportsEngine. There, they can manage their profile (contact information, etc)

Adult officials can also use their profile to access "safety requirements" such as Background Screening (B/G) and the online SafeSport (SS) Course.



The LEARNING ACADEMY is hosted by USAV and is used for several training purposes. All types of  officials use the Academy to access their required course work, but it's also a great resource for general learning!"

Access the Academies through your SportsEngine account (see "How To" below)


ASSIGNMENTS:          NEW IN 2023-24:

The RMR will manage referee assignments  through the TM2 assigning platform. 

There, officials "register for events" just as a team would. Log in online at TM2, then navigate to the "Officials' Dashboard to "Register For Events." Being "accepted" into the event is your confirmation, and TM2 will display your work schedule at the event.

Many thanks to Gary Houghton for building the RMR referee assigning program years ago, before TM2, SportsEngine, or even Arbiter even existed. And many thanks to him for maintaining that platform for us for (decades)! THANKS GARY!

How to Access the USAV Learning Academy

Accessing the USAV Academy is much simpler beginning in Spring 2024!  Just sign in to your Sports Engine Account, and you'll find a box at the top middle that has the USA Volleyball Academy name and logo and a blue "Launch" button at the far right.  Hit the "Launch" button, and you should be good to go.

Navigating around Your SportsEngine Profile to initiate Background Screen and to take your SafeSport Course

This article from USAV displays how members can navigate through their SportsEngine Profile to find the SafeSport Course and (for Coaches) IMPACT training. Note that Background Screening (for athletes 17+ and all adult participants) is found just below the Safesport link. Also note that the dark blue ACADEMY button is visible, top-right. Thats' where athletes find their scorekeeping and referee modules, and coaches can find those, PLUS all types of coach-training. Enjoy!

     Online Uniform Approval portal

Time to order uniforms for your teams?  Your jersey manufacturer should be able to provide you with mock-ups so that you can check out not only how the jersey looks, but also if it complies with  USAV rules  regarding number size, placement, and contrasting colors. 


If you'd like to make double-sure that your uniform is "good to go"  you can submit your artwork to the USAV Rules Interpreter for all-year, all-event approval   HERE.


             Play it safe, and enjoy "peace of mind" by using this simple tool!


A Reminder from USAV (21 March 2024)


USA Volleyball is required on an annual basis to communicate with all participants the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) and How to Report misconduct.   The Center created a shortened version of the MAAPP called MAAPP at a Glance which captures the key components of the MAAPP.  If you wish to read the full MAAPP, please click on the second link below.

MAAPP at a Glance


All adult participants of USA Volleyball are mandatory reporters of abuse.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport has exclusive jurisdiction over allegations of Sexual Misconduct.  To report sexual misconduct, please click the following link to report directly to the U.S. Center for SafeSport

Report a Concern | U.S. Center for SafeSport (

To report any other form of Misconduct including Physical and Emotional misconduct (such as bullying, hazing harassment), retaliation, violations of the MAAPP, or any other violations of the SafeSport Code, you may file a concern with USA Volleyball at the following link:

USAV Incident Reporting Form (

All Adults are Safesport Mandatory Reporters


Although this website page is otherwise dedicated to your "professional referee" interests, we do need to remind you that all adults in the RMR are SAFESPORT MANDATORY REPORTERS.

You will have learned what that means, during your annual Safesport training, but the article below gives you some reminders, and puts some basic materials at your fingertips!