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Princess of the Beach

Princess of the Beach 12/22/18

Princess of the Beach, Saturday, December 22, 2018. Sign up now!

Princess of the Beach 1/21/19

Princess of the Beach, Monday, January 21, 2019. Sign up now!

Prince of the Beach 1/21/19

Prince of the Beach, Monday, January 21, 2019. Sign up now!

Volleyball Of The Rockies (VOTR) and RMR (Rocky Mountain Region of USA Volleyball) are proud to present the 2016/17 Beach Princess Tournament series!!

Winter 2016 – ‘17 Princess of the Beach Series

Volleyball of the Rockies (VOTR) and Rocky Mountain Region of USA Volleyball (RMR) are proud to present the Winter Beach Princess Tournament series!!  The tournaments are modeled off our Queen of the Beach Winter Series but are only open to female Junior players.  Players sign up as individuals and play 9 games of beach volleyball with up to 9 different partners.  Current results and standings can be found at


Each Princess of the Beach tournament begins with a 1 hour clinic.  Players are then assigned 4 per net where they play a round robin format (1 game with each player on the net, 3 games per round).  After each round, players are re-seeded based on their results and placed in their appropriate divisions.  After 3 rounds (9 games) we crown a Champion in each division. 

Winter Beach Princess Tournaments are a great way for Junior Beach players of all levels and ages to improve their game.  If you want to test your skills against other Colorado Beach Juniors the Princess Tournament is for you.  Come get your feet in the sand this Winter!!

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