FRVBC 14 Amber

FRVBC 14-1 Amber competed at the 2019 GJNC’s in the 14 Patriot Division. They finished 50th out of 68 total teams. This team had some talented athletes on their roster, and we are proud of their resilience this season. The 14 Patriot division included some very tough teams as well, so it was a perfect opportunity for these young players to gain more competitive and national experience.

Colorado Juniors 14 Elsa

Colorado Juniors 14Elsa qualified in the Open division taking 3rd place at the Far Western National Qualifier on April 15, 2019 after defeating a scrappy and talented Absolute team out of California after losing to them twice previously at Crossroads and the day before in Reno. The team went to Indianapolis with the intent to compete at the highest level they could, and they did not disappoint! 14Elsa won their first match of the day on day 1 in a three set thriller to Houston Juniors. The team completed pool play on the second day defeating a big COAST 14-1 team, securing their 4th place finish in pool to move up to the top 24 spots in the tournament. Day 3 the team entered into a tough 3 team pool with DYNASTY 14 Black and Aspire 14 Rox to determine who would move in to the gold bracket. After a tough loss to a well-oiled DYNASTY team, 14Elsa battled in yet another 3 set thriller against a big and very talented Aspire team (13-25, 25-18, 6-15), unfortunately coming out on the losing end. Day 4 ended with a tough loss to Houston Skyline 14 Royal. The team finished 23rd out of 36 teams in the Open division, exceeding their expectations and goals that were set at the beginning of our season. It was a great end to a successful season for 14Elsa!

Momentum 14 Cathryn

Momentum 14 Cathryn finished their regular season on a record breaking, high note. They were Momentum’s first 2s team to ever win a bid to nationals. They won their pool and secured a 2nd place, behind Momentum 14 Leanna, at the 2019 Zelinkoff Bid Tournament in Denver. 

The team had had a rollercoaster of a season. They would continually win division 3, only to be challenged in division 2 and drop back down into division 3. Their very last regular season tournament was no exception. They had won Power 5 after a good hard fight and went into Power 6 ready to end the season on a high note. Again, they were challenged by the higher level teams. After a hard fought pool play they ended up with a last place finish in Division 2 for the season. 

In the coming weeks, Momentum 14 Cathryn prepared for their local JNQ. The girls and the coaches had let the pressure of the regular season lift from their shoulders and they focused on just playing for the same reason they had started in the first place, for the love of the game. 

They made it to the JNQ tournament and they were the very first match of the first day of the tournament. No bi’s, no time off, true underdogs from the very bottom of the barrel. They would have to win every single match just to make it to the bid tournament the following day. 

The match began and the coaches could feel that something was different, on fire almost. It was just one of those days when the calls went your way, the ball fell in your favor and the girls played with heart and passion. They won their first match, and their second. They then faced a team they had never beat in regular season but they didn’t let that stop them. They never let up and won the match. 

They made it to the final match of the day, against another team they hadn’t beat, yet. There was nothing stopping them now, and they played like they had nothing to lose, because in truth they didn’t. It was a fun game and their energy was contagious. It’s hard to stop those who are having fun and paying with passion, and because of that they won! They had extended their season, even if it was just for another 24 hours. It was 24 more hours of playing the game they love. 

They carried the same energy into the following day. Fortunately, their season long rival, Ballistic, was in the other pool, as was Momentum 14 Leanna. Momentum 14 Cathryn managed to get 2nd place in their pool, defying the odds of the underdog, in order to make it to the crossover. Momentum 14 Leanna had also taken 2nd place in pool, to Ballistic, which meant the whole season came down to one epic match to finally settle the score between Momentum 14 Cathryn and their rival. 

Momentum won the first set handily, but their rival was not one to fold. Ballistic came back to claim the second set. It came down to a game of 15 points, and both teams wanted it so bad they could taste it. Momentum 14 Cathryn was down 8-11 when they called a timeout. Their coach told them “win or lose here today, I don’t care. I am so so incredibly proud you!....... BUT, you have earned this more than anyone - now go take what’s yours!!” They went on to win 15-13, and for the first time in the history of Momentum they secured a bid to nationals as a 2’s team. It was a very happy, very proud moment, not to mention the fact that 14 Leanna had also secured a bid and Momentum had swept the 14-JNQ. Not only had they extended their season 24 hours, but now they had extended it by 8 more weeks!

The girls were so incredibly happy to make it to nationals, most of them had never been before. Although we were not as successful there as we were at the JNQ - the girls still had a amazing time. They rode scooters around the city, the went swimming, and they had a blast staying at the Conrad. Most importantly they got to see what volleyball looks like at the next level, which made them even hungrier for more. 

Momentum 14 Leanna

Momentum 14 Leanna

ZBT was an awesome weekend for our 14 Leanna team. We not only won a bid to USAV Nationals, but we got to cheer on our 14 Cathryn team to a bid also. Both teams had fun playing each other for the National or American title. In the end, both teams got National bids!  Playing in National at Indy was a challenge and was very rewarding. The team worked together for every point that was earned.

On day 1, we started strong winning our first match 25-11, 25-12. Second match was tough going up against the very strong MAVS team. We took them to 3, but came up just short in the 3rd set losing 13-15.  14 Leanna ended day 1 with a tough loss to New Wave.

On day 2, we came back strong and went 1-1 to stay in the hunt for the Gold bracket, taking out OK Charge.

On day 3, we went 2-0 but ended the day with a tough crossover loss to Epic United to put our 14 Leanna team into Flight 1A.

On our final day, we stayed the strong team that we have been, winning the Flight!

Our team enjoyed the city of Indianapolis and the experience we had at Nationals!  Ending the day with the win was bittersweet, as the team had to say good-bye to Leanna, we are so proud of her for getting the Assistant Coach position at Portland State!

Ballistic 14 Black

Getting a bid to Nationals this past season was very expected for the Ballistic 14 Black team.
This hard working group of girls started in Division 3 and had several inexperienced players on
their roster. This made the trip to Nationals even sweeter as they were just honored to have
made it there after a magical performance in the ZBT tournament locally. This was an example
of hard work and team unity at its finest!
This was also the first bid in club history which also added to the excitement. The National
Tournament in Indianapolis did not disappoint! From the many signs congratulating the teams
to the special swag given to the players, USA volleyball did a great job at making the players
feel special. The talent was amazing and so was the learning! The takeaway for this team was
that it you work hard, and believe in each other amazing things will happen! Dream Big!