FRVBC 15 White

FRVBC 15-1 White competed at the 2019 GJNC’s in the 15 Patriot Division. They finished 47th out of 68 total teams. We are proud of the growth of the team this year, and their willingness to continue to train through the summer and compete at Nationals. The 15 Patriot division was a strong one, and it was a great learning experience for these young athletes.

Colorado Juniors 15 Kirk

Colorado Juniors 15 Kirk qualified in the American division at the 2019 Junior National Championships by playing some crazy, competitive matches. That trend continued in Indianapolis. Our division plays 8 team pools and we started with the 2nd seed in the whole tournament of 64 teams, Northern Kentucky and Red Rock from California. The team played some great volleyball, but not quite enough to put either one away. We finished the 1st day with a win over NIVA. Day 2 we continued in pool play with solid wins over Shockwave and NC Elite and a heartbreaking loss to Iowa Rockets. On the 3rd day we finished pool play with another crazy match with Arete and the crossover with Tx Eclipse with unfortunate results, but still doing some really great things as a group. We finished out the last day of bracket play with a win over Instinct and closed with hard fought match with Sky High. This was a fun group and I’m sure they will remember some of the volleyball along with the scooter rides, escape rooms and good times with good friends.

Colorado Juniors 15 Sherri

Colorado juniors 15 Sherri went 1-4 in pool play and ended up on the short side of a 3 way tie for 4th.  They ended up winning 2 matches overall, one of which was to their nemesis, Absolute who we had lost to 3 times previously.   They finished in 34th place overall.  

Momentum 15 Elsa

Momentum 15 Elsa had a great experience at the USAV Junior National championship for the 2018-2019 season. We started the tournament by taking down the number 3 seed overall, Iowa Rockets, in an exciting 3 set match in pool play. The team showed great competitive courage and came out swinging setting the tone for the tournament. We ended up finishing third in pool which allowed us to advance to the top half in order to continue competing for the gold bracket. Moving into day 3, we lost a heartbreaking 3 set match to the future runner up’s, Forza as well as a loss to the future 5th place finishing team, Sunshine. Unfortunately, those matches took some wind from our sails as we were no longer in contention for the gold bracket. On the final day we finished losing our final match in another nail biting 3 set match to finish 29th place overall. Although it was not the finish we had envisioned, it was great to see this team show character and the ability to play through adversity of high points and low points, while still coming together as a unit at the end of the tournament.

Aside from competition, we enjoyed spending time together in a new city and connecting with each other off the court. We enjoyed nitrogen ice cream at Sub Zero where we celebrated a parent’s birthday. We also sparked our competitive edge at an outdoor park located near our hotel. This park had ping pong, swings, and other outdoor games. One of my personal favorite parts of the trip was scootering throughout the city. With the heat, humidity, and location of our hotel, scootering was an efficient and fun way to get around. All in all, we enjoyed our trip and look forward to next year.