FRVBC 16 Blue

FRVBC 16-1 Blue qualified in the National Division for the 2019 GJNC in Indianapolis by earning a regional bid at the Zelinkoff Bid Tournament in May. Blue had to play three tough matches at the Zelinkoff in order to earn the National bid, even beating the same team twice. At Nationals 16-1 Blue finished 19th out of 48 total teams in their field, with a 6-4 record. The team fell short of accomplishing their goal of finishing in the gold bracket, but they played hard and got better every day. We are very excited to see how these players will develop in the next few months, and know they will be an extremely competitive team in the 17 & under division next season.

Colorado Juniors 16 Ashley

Colorado Juniors 16 Ashley qualified in the National Division after competing in the JNQ in the Rocky Mountain region. The majority of the team had never been to Nationals before, so this was a huge experience for many of the girls. The first day we played two challenging teams and unfortunately got quite unlucky in our first set against Ka Ulukoa Black 16-1. While we battled back and forth throughout the whole set, our run was stopped by not one, but two trickling serves over the net. Our momentum was strong the first day, so we were excited to see what day two was going to bring. The second day was by far the most challenging as we competed against two teams who ended up finishing in the top 3. SA Magic 16 ended up finishing 2nd at Nationals and our second match against them was indeed a competitive one. We also played KC Power 16-1 a team that finished third place overall, so it was a great opportunity for the girls to be pushed and see how hard they could play. Our last match of the day consisted of playing Sudden Impact in which resulted in a three set thriller as 16 Ashley came out with the win. I was very impressed with the level of play we brought to the table, and was excited to see what would come next. The third day consisted of two three set matches that barely slipped away from us, but most importantly the girls really stepped up their level of play. 16 Ashley finished Nationals on the fourth day with two wins against EU 16 Black, and faced MDJRS again ultimately taking them to three and coming out on top. Overall 16 Ashley had a great experience and it was amazing to see how much they had improved from day one of the season to the conclusion of Nationals!

Colorado Juniors 16 Shannon

Colorado Juniors 16Shannon qualified for the Open Division by winning the Colorado Crossroads Qualifier on March 17, 2019.  They also double qualified by finishing 2nd at the Northern Lights Qualifier on April 28, 2019.  They went to Indianapolis with hopes of medaling, and with only 2 losses in the tournament had the record to do just that.  The finished the first 2 days of pool play undefeated, only losing one set to Mavs.  Day 3 found them in an extremely tough pool with 2 teams that they had lost to in the regular season.  They defeated Academy Cleveland and lost to Arizona Strom.  The pool ended in a tie breaker with everyone being 1-1 and we squeaked by due to going extra points with Arizona Storm and ended up winning the pool by .00003 points.  We found ourselves in a challenge match that evening with the #1 seed overall, due to them having an earlier loss that day.  We came up short in the challenge match, sending us into the silver bracket.  On day 4 of the tournament we swept both teams in 2 sets, finishing 9th.  It was an incredible journey for a team that wanted to come in playing their best volleyball and did just that going 8-2 overall, and making a statement that this team is tough to beat!