Colorado Juniors 18 Malia

Colorado Juniors 18 Malia qualified at Colorado Crossroads National Qualifier by finishing 3rd in the USA division on 17 March 2019. 18 Malia headed to Dallas on the 25 of April with the hope of finishing in the top half of the USA division. Day 1 started off with a tough match against Blue Steel VBC who ended up winning the pool. Our 2nd match was against OP2 who we had competed against and fell short too at Colorado Crossroads. This time the story was different. The team came to play and was victorious after 3 sets. Day 2 was a struggle and brought about the end of pool play. 18 Malia ended in a 3 way tie for 2nd place in our pool according to matches. To break the tie it went down to sets. 18 Malia ended up 4th in pool and came ready to play the challenge match against Prime. In a 3 set match, 18 Malia overcame Prime advanced to Flight 1B. The final day was full of hope and ended in a final match against a Rocky Mountain Regional opponent, 303. Unfortunately, 18 Malia fell short and was unable to prevail past their final opponent. 18 Malia finished 27th overall in the USA division.

Colorado Juniors 18 Kevin

Colorado Juniors 18Kevin qualified in the American division of the Junior National tournament in Dallas, TX by finishing 2nd at the RMR regional bid tournament in April.  The team traveled to Dallas with a confidence and a belief that they could compete for a national championship!  Day 1 started out with a bang.  Colorado Juniors 18Kevin played at an extremely high level.  The high level of play put the team in first place after the day one pool with a record of 3-0.  Day two started out the same as day one.  The team was continuing to improve with each match played.  Day two ended the same as day one with a first place finish in the day two pool and on overall record of 6-0. The crossover match that evening would prove to be more difficult, however Colorado Juniors 18Kevin won a three game thriller to put themselves in contention for a national title.  Day three would prove to be too much for the team as they faced the eventual runner-up Houston Juniors in the quarter-finals.  The team played extremely well but in the end they lost the match (18-25, 25-17, 10-15).  The team finished with a 7-1 record and an overall 5th place finish!

NORCO 18 Black

NORCO 18 Black

NORCO 18 Black places 5th at Junior Nationals in Dallas!

NORCO 18 Black starts off Junior Nationals with a Sweep!  After a slow 8 a.m. start, NORCO 18 Black storms back from being down 15-8 to sweep the Frisco Flyers 25-16  25-18. The viscous serving run by Riley Zuhn sparked the comeback for NORCO who led for the rest of the match. NORCO dominated offensively with solid attacking by Riley Zuhn, Lorrin Poulter, and Makenzie Harris.  In their ten o’clock game, Norco again takes a win against Club Springfield from Indiana. After losing to the team in Nashville, the girls were fired up to go up against the solid competition. In the first set, Norco lost 24-26, but redeemed themselves in the next two with scores of 25-12 and 15-5. Riley Zuhn lead the team in aces and kills, setting off a chain reaction throughout the rest of the team. Defensively, Myles Hilbert had a major impact in the back row and led the team to victory. Energy, heart, and positive vibes ultimately led them to victory.  In the third match on the first day NORCO 18 black played Alamo, a team from Texas. They started strong won the first set 25-15. The second set didn’t go NORCO’s way and they lost 21-25. The team came together and pulled out a win. The score of the third set was 15-10. Kalea and Mackenzie played with passion and racked up lots of points for the team. Ali Travis helped her team tremendously on defense.

After all their games were done on the first day the team went back to the hotel. Some girls went swimming while others decided to go with family or rest. Later, they went out and ate dinner at press box. After their yummy dinner the girls went and saw the eye sculpture that is also in Dallas. On their way back to the hotel the 18’s went and played on the light-up and singing seesaws. Everyone had tons fun and laughs while feeling like little kids again. Finally, the girls went back to the hotel for the night to get rested for their games the next day.

After going 3-0 on the first day of nationals, Norco went into the second day feeling confident. In their first match they came out strong with a 2-0 win against Volley Fx. The scores were 25-14 in the first set and 25-9 in the second. Annika Wetterstrom led the team with serving 14 in a row with multiple aces.  In the second match on the second day NORCO came through with another win and against TopSelect. The score of the first set was 25-18. The girls game back the win the second set 25-14. Middle Mataya Megson had a fantastic game and lots of kills. Setter and hitter Lorrin Poulter also played great and helped the team to victory.  The last game on the second day of the tournament we played Idaho Crush. This game was Important because it determined which team would go on to be in the gold bracket. The score of the first set was 26-24. The second set was 25-15. Through the game Ali Travis played great defense and Zoe Gonzales was phenomenal when hitting.   After the last game it was really late so the team went out to dinner. They did a fun family and kids dinner at Wild Salsa. After that the girls went back to the hotel and went to bed before their final games as a team the next morning.

The first game of the last day was a tough match against Premier. Although tough, the girls played hard and fought until the very end. The first set ended at 25-18, and, starting the second set in a new rotation, ended at 25-16 with a devastating loss. Lorrin Poulter has an amazing game, dominating the other team with kills. Kenzie Harris stepped up to play middle and had some key blocks. This match put Norco tied for 5th place in the gold bracket of the National division.

After a sad loss the girls had to decide how to spend the rest of their day. Some split up to go with family or try to fly home early. Everyone hugged and said their goodbyes. Six girls went to the Dallas zoo with their extra time. These athletes fed Giraffes, pet Okapi, and saw the rest of the animals at the zoo.

The 18 black team had a super fun experience in Dallas. They enjoyed all the time they got to spend with each other on and off the court. Everyone was sad in the end as it was their last tournament together but, happy because they learned so much from each other throughout the season.

NORCO 18 Black Team:

Ali Travis

Florida Southern College

Myles Hilbert

Western Colorado College

Annika Wetterstrom

UNC - Charlotte

Makenzie Harris

University of Northern Colorado

Charlie Durbin

Rollins College

Mataya Megson

Lafayette College

Kalea Fobert

University of Denver

Zoe Gonzales

Wake Forest

AnnaMarie Dodson


Lorrin Poulter

University of Denver

Riley Zuhn

University of Nebraska