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Junior Boys

Gage Basey-USA Beach U-19 National Team Member

Gage Basey and partner Caleb Kwekel (Florida) earned a second place finish at the U-19 FIVB World Championship Trials in Huntington Beach, CA at the end of June.  This finish placed them on the USA Beach U-19 National team with four other players.  The pair are hoping that their second place finish will earn them a spot at the World Championships in Roi Et Thailand in December (the competition was recently postponed due to Covid).  They recently attended a training session in Fort Lauderdale, FL to help them prepare.  


In the photo- Gage is on the left, Caleb right.

2021 BJNC Results

Team                                                                                                           Finish

Elevation 13 Peak Boys                                                                    18th Club

Elevation 14 Peak Boys                                                                     5th USA

303 15 Mizuno                                                                                       39th Club

FRVBC 15 Boys                                                                                    10th Open

Team Colorado 16 Black                                                                13th Club

303 16 Mizuno Red                                                                            44th Club

303 16 Mizuno Blue                                                                           32nd Open

Team Colorado 18 Black                                                                 25th Club

303 18 Mizuno Blue                                                                          32nd Club

303 18 Mizuno Red                                                                           53rd Club

Juggernaut 18-N1                                                                              53rd Club

FRVBC 18 Boys                                                                                     5th USA



FRVC 15 Boys

Attending the boys junior nationals in Kansas City, MO was the highlight of our year.  As most years begin, we weren't sure earning an open bid was possible, but it was always the goal.  This year, we did it and performed at our best during the most of the tournament, finishing in 10th place in the bout 15U Open division.

The boys started the tournament by finishing 4th place in a pool of 6 teams, breaking into the upper bracket of the tournament.  They found some much needed enthusiasm on the third and fourth day to make it into the silver bracket, only to be beat in the finals by MB Surf, who had only lost one set the entire tournament.  They were a tough team that could've easily finished in the top 5 and they played very well against us, leaving us in 2nd place of the silver division and 10 place overall..  This achievement has marked a turning point for the future of our team.

FRVC 171 Boys

The Front Range Boys 171 team received a at-large open bid to 2021 USAV JNC.

The competition in the open level is always tough and this year was no exception.  Our Front Range 171 team competed hard and well during the event.  

Ending the tournament with a record of 3 wins and 8 loses, and an unlimited amount of lessons learned about the amount of mental and physical work it takes to compete successfully at this level.  Our team stayed motivated, upbeat, and positive, which manifested itself in 2 wins on Day 4 of the tourney.  

We are excited by the progress made by this group of young men, and we look forward to moving forward with them.  We believe this dedicated group will close the gap they experienced at JNC and have a chance to improving on this performance next season.


FRVC 18 Boys

The FRVC Boys 18 played Open in all the qualifiers and had some good wins throughout the year and the team received an At-Large Bid to JNC's for the USA division.  The team stumbled on day 1 to a good team from Chicago, but after that found their form and finished 2nd in pool with a record of 4-1.  Day 3 saw the boys in a pool of 2 in which they went 2-0 including winning one match in 2.  Later that afternoon in a challenge match to get into the gold bracket, the 18's team lost set 1 after being up 16-12.  Sets 2 & 3 while the team from Milwaukee played well the 18's were always in control and won the match in 3.  Day 4 was the quarterfinal gold bracket match and the boys lost to another good team from Chicago in 2 sets.  They finished the tournament in 5th place. which is a great accomplishment for this group of boys from Colorado!

Elevation 14 Peak Boys

This was 14 Peak's first trip to Boys Nationals. They earned an at-large bid in the USA Division due to their season performance and results at other National Qualifiers.
At Nationals they were placed in a 6 team pool, Pool #1, and seeded 4th. The first two days of competition entailed round robin play for a total of 5 matches, best out of 3. The first day of competition the boys went 3-0, defeating Balboa Bay (Southern California), MVVC (Northern California) and MVC (Milwaukee, WI). All three matches were won 2 sets to 1.

On the second day of competition the team went 2-0, defeating PaceBootlegers (Rochester, NY) and C2 Smack (Alabama). The Team played well, and the boys were having fun! By going 5-0 in Pool play the team earned a spot in the upper bracket for the 2nd round, this meant that they were among the top 12 teams in the country.

On the third day of competition the boys experienced their first loss by losing to Pulse (Southern California), however the Team defeated Louisville Fury (Kentucky). This win earned them a spot in the Gold Bracket for the final day of competition and also placed them among the top 8 teams in the country.

On the final day of competition the boys lost their first match and therefore completed their participation in Nationals.

Their tournament performance earned them a 5th place finish in the Nation. This accomplishment is something the boys, coaches, parents and Elevation are extremely proud of.

Their success and experience is something that they will never forget from the 2021 Boys Junior Nationals!

Coaches: Scott Boyk, AJ Nally Players: Jordan Cardenas, Kieran Chase, Tristan Christofferson, Jonathon Ellis, Carson Kneisel, Gunnar Kukkonen, Clayton Mullens, Josh Norman, Kyle Paris, Tyler Stewart, Caden Zippwald

FRVC 15 Boys

RMR-303 VBC 16 Boys who earned a USA bid at the Can Am games.

Elevation Boys

RMR Spring 2021 "Important Dates For Boys Teams"

BOYS 14 AND YOUNGER as well as boys of any age who not affiliated with a Club, may be contacted at any time. 

BOYS 15 AND OLDER and who  are members of specific Clubs may only be contacted as follows:                                                                                           (note that the Boys Division does not employ a "retention" period)

Monday July 13th (10am): RECRUIT CONTACT ALLOWED       Clubs may COMMUNICATE with any male athlete. 

Monday July 19th (10am):  BOYS TRYOUTS MAY BEGIN

Monday July 26 (10am):    CONTRACTS MAY BE SIGNED


 Also Note:
Tuesday June 8th, (630pm): RMR ANNUAL BOARD MEETING BOD members may attend in person or via Zoom. Public may view this meeting  via Zoom coverage but may not attend in person this year, due to COVID.


2019 Boys Junior National Results

Congratulations to all teams who represented the Rocky Mountain Region at the 2019 Boys' Junior National Championships in Dallas, TX!

Team Place Division
303VBA 14 Mizuno 3rd 14 Club
FRVBC 17 Boys 11th 17 USA
Team Colorado 18 Black 21st 18 Club
Elevation 14 Peak Boys 25th 14 Club
303VBA 18 Mizuno 25th 18 USA
Elevation 16 Peak Boys 41st 16 Club
303VBA 17 Mizuno 43rd 17 Club
Elevation 18 Peak Boys 45th 18 Club
303VBA 16 Mizuno 71st 16 Club