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Our U.S. National Teams have been adversely impacted by COVID-19. Your support will help fund our teams as they prepare to compete in Tokyo and beyond. With your donation you will receive limited-edition commemorative gifts to celebrate our teams on their path to the Olympics & Paralympic Games. Donate now to the USA Volleyball Foundation to make an impact at


2021 RMR Beach Events are getting started!

Navigate to the RMR BEACH page for event details!

RMR Spring 2021 "Important Dates"

Please note the following important RMR administrative dates:

Monday May 24th (10am) RECRUITMENT CONTACT ALLOWED Within your own Club, player contracts may be SIGNED ( aka "retention "). You may also begin to COMMUNICATE with  unaffiliated players as well as with players of other clubs. Neither may be signed until July 12, 10am.

Coaches who have completed their 20-21 season may be contacted and/or signed as of May 24 10am. Those who are still engaged with their 20-21 team may not be contacted or signed. 

Open gyms, camps, clinics  and similar events are allowed.  While verbal offers of intent may be made to players, no binding contracts may be presented. "Tryouts" may not begin until July 12th (see below); do not advertise any event as a "tryout" until that date. 

Tuesday June 8th, (630pm): RMR ANNUAL BOARD MEETING BOD members may attend in person or via Zoom. Public may view this meeting  via Zoom coverage but may not attend in person this year, due to COVID.

Monday July 12th (10am) TRYOUTS FOR THE 2021-22 SEASON Formal Tryouts may begin. Player contracts may be presented and/or signed. Coaches who were under obligation through GJNC may be contacted and/or signed.  (NOTE: Although GJNC ends July 5, tryouts and contracts must wait until July 12th. This is designed to allow the players, coaches and staff who were at GJNC some time to travel, rest and mentally prepare before the tryout/signing period begins)

JULY (TBA): Girls Junior Division FORUM     Topic: 2022 Recruitment Calendar and other Seasonal Protocols


The BOYS Recruiting calendar is a bit different!

Boys 14 and younger, as well as boys of any age who not affiliated with a Club, may be contacted at any time. 

Boys 15 or older and who  are members of specific Clubs may only be contacted as follows:                                                                                           (note that the Boys Division does not employ a "retention" period)

Monday July 13th (10am): RECRUIT CONTACT ALLOWED       Clubs may COMMUNICATE with any male athlete. 

Monday July 19th (10am):  BOYS TRYOUTS MAY BEGIN

Monday July 26 (10am):    CONTRACTS MAY BE SIGNED



The RMR event schedule and results program! Where do we go? How did we do? It's all here!


To see which RMR teams have qualified, scroll to the bottom of this HomePage, or navigate to our "Zelinkoff/Bids" page!

Congratulations to RMR teams who have qualified for the 2021 GJNC!!!!

Zelinkoff '21 Results

ZBT 18s               ZBT 17s               ZBT 16s               ZBT 15s               ZBT 14s               ZBT 13s               ZBT 12s    

2021 GJNC Bids Earned by RMR Teams



CoJrs 18-Kevin        FRVBC 17 Black        CoJrs 16 Shannon        CoJrs 15 Sherri      CoJrs 13 Tammy


Rocky Select 18-Black         Momentum 17 Tara      FRVBC 16 Black       Elevation 15 Peak          CoJrs 14 Elsa         CoJrs 14 Sarah          Elevation 13 Peak          NORCO 13 Black          Elevation 12 Peak        Elevation 11 Peak 


CoJrs 18-Doug     NORCO 18-Black     CoJrs 17 Andy        CoJrs 17 Jayne   COJrs 16 Elsa    CoJrs 15 Kirk      COJrs 14 Bailey   Momentum 15-Rachel            Rocky Elite 15 National     


FRVBC 18-1-Black        FRVBC 17 Red       The Diff 17 Arete     CoJrs 16 Bailee        Rocky  15 Black           CoJrs 13 Mal                               Colorado Impact Volleyball 12



Send a photo and caption of your Bid-qualified Team to the RMR and we'll post it here!         Send to:

FRVC 15 Boys

RMR-303 VBC 16 Boys who earned a USA bid at the Can Am games

Colorado Juniors 18 Kevin Coach Kevin Marquis, #9 Anjelina Starck, #14 Amelia Davis, #52 Carter Booth, #7 Kinley Gomez, Coach Alex Rivero #16 Rylie Kadel, #3 Gabi Brown, #2 Peyton Dunn, #12 Courtney Wisneski .

FRVBC 18 Black finished 3rd at RMR ZBT, March 14th 2021 Back Row: Assistant Coach:Scott Boyk Bella Simkus Kelsey Wiley Ella Tschuor Ashley Rants Riley Anderson Front Row: Samantha (Lexi) Wilmoth Kennedy Meyers Mya James

Momentum 15 Rachel took 1st place in 15 USA at the Mideast Qualifier, beating out A5 in the semis and Dynasty in the finals.Sitting: Rya Fingerlin FR: Keona Bui, Megan Baker, Sandy Hollenbaugh, Evelyn "Pnut" Klumker, Mira Griffin, Bren

Rocky 18 Black at ZBT Front row left to right Abbey Telesz Morgan Kelsey Kelli Ell Back row 10 Melanie Smith Tiffany Little Taylor Holter Amaris Smith Sydney Naibaeur Coaches Daryl Garcia Michael Coe Michael Robles

Rocky elite 15 national earns their USA bid at crossroads

Rocky elite 15 Black earns their American bid at the ZBT

Colorado Juniors 18 Doug Cece Johnson, Hannah Eikenberg, Riley Simpson, Peyton Michaelson, Marissa Coney, Caley Harper, Makayla Brown, Paityn Kramer, Natalia Lambos, Sabrina King

Colorado Juniors 17 Andy Coach Andy Levoe, #6 Rylan Pollard, #15 Madison Wilson, #3 Leah Kahns, #11 Breklyn Pulling, #18 Sydney Morland, #16 Karlee Pinell, Coach Bre Perkett, #5 Audrey Dowd, #14 Brooke Hyland, #4 Rachel Greek, #2 Jolie Cranford

Colorado Juniors 17 Jayne Coach Judy Peer, #17 Trista Marx, #1 Savannah Salter, #11 Brooke Copley, #18 Ava Sparks, Coach Jayne McHugh #7 Allie Rice, #6 Aine Doty, #2 Tierney Barlow, #3 Hailey Aigner, #4 Stevie Vigil, #5 Grace Yoder

Colorado Juniors 16 Shannon #12 Jaida Johnson, #14 Gabi Placide, #19 Haley Glunz, #7 Sydney Dunning, #8 Annika Sokol, #10 Dani Cranford Mac Droughns, #9 Chloe Rodocker, #11 Caity Clancy, #13 Anna VanWyk

Colorado Juniors 16 Bailee #15 Chloe Heimlicher, #25 Bailey Nichols, #14 Taylor Bowman, #44 Addy Whipple, #1 Riley Unrau, #11 Millie Leonard #3 Jessie Duytschaever, #18 Raina Rekar, #8 Alina Hajewski, Not Pictured: Ella Howell & Emma Warford

Colorado Juniors 15 Sherri Coach Sherri Hawkins, #9 Izzy Starck, #3 Addie Kanouff, #11 Avah Armour, #4 Paityn Chapman, #13 Marae Reilly, Coach Alex Rivero #2 Regan Kadel, #10 Delaney Russel, #8 Ella Vogel, #1 Grace Woodring, #5 Alex Golob

Colorado Juniors 15 Kirk Coach Kristen Lee, #15 Eva LaRochelle, #19 London Muhle, #18 Peyton Belcher, #16 Gabi Liles, #2 Carsyn Cormaney, Coach Kirk Rowland #20 Jayla Higgs, #12 Delaney Gish, #4 Alysse Marcoso, #22 Erica Tong, #21 Aliah Snider ,Not Pictur

Colorado Juniors 14 Elsa Coach Tarah Harms, #11 Chloe Elarton, #2 Olivia Plentl, #1 Bridget Malone, #15 Erika Sayer, #5 Ashlyn Reilly, #13 Mia Hansen, Coach Elsa Krieg #14 Weynishet Farnworth, #24 Chiara Cristinzio, #9 Amanda Stevens, #16 Sajal Glunz, #8

Colorado Juniors 14 Sarah Coach Sarah Reilly, #9 Taylor Matthews, #5 Shayleigh Brunett, #12 Danielle Wilke, #5 Broghan Briese, #3 Olivia Moffett, #16 Abigail Perry, #19 Raegan Erickson, Coach Emily Broerman, #1 Lillian Edwards, #2 Giana Cook, #18 Lola Hei

Colorado Juniors 13 Tammy Coach Allegra Shippy, #27 Charlotte Nowak, #6 Candela Ruano Fiuza, #3 Tegan Buehler, #18 Sydney Vogel, #23 Alaina Douglass, #22 Katherine Nowak, Coach Tammy Shotkoski, #8 Bergen Waitman, #12 Tatelyn Brandsma, #24 Ava Johnson, #5

Colorado Juniors 13Mal #7 Brynn Ressler, #15 Kaiya Naranjo, #2 Katie Gieske, #10 Kelly Horky, #11 Anayah Rucker, #1 Jasmine Anderson, #4 Piper Shannon, #12 Gabi Weissgarber, #14 Cady Knight, #13 Emmory Casto



The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel in any inclement weather or other conditions. Club/Team travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense . In the event of road closures (verifiable by State Patrol) due to inclement weather on the date of the tournament, it is the responsibility of the Club/Team Representative to notify the Tournament Director that the team will not be participating in the tournament. Only notify the RMR Office if the Tournament Director can not be reached. The team will forfeit all matches which will result in receiving last place in that division. If deemed appropriate, the Junior Committee of the RMR Board of Directors may reimburse tournament entry fee (s) based on the above noted criteria.

The Shinkara Fund was established to assist junior athletes who might need a little help with the expenses related to Club Volleyball. Open the file (at right) for more information regarding the application process.  

The RMR thanks "legendary local volley-philanthropist" Tom Shinkara for all of his support over the years. So many adults and juniors have come to love the sport, and have enjoyed expanded opportunities to play, thanks to Tom and his good works!


2020-21 Membership Count

10,2889 members, as of 5/24/2021

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