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Spectator Access for April 10-11 confirmed

4/8/21:     We are very happy to confirm that the RMR Power Series WILL be able to allow "one spectator per rostered athlete per day" this weekend. Many thanks to the Site Hosts who are working so hard to make this happen!

Please read the PDF (attached above) regarding Spectator Rules and Expectations.


Baller-TV should still be available at most sites. (note that CVA and/or Juggernaut may be off-line this weekend)


RMR "Recruiting and Tryout" Calendar for 2021 Confirmed

Please note the following important RMR administrative dates:

Sunday May 2nd (10am) Girls Junior Division FORUM  SOS/Team Ranking Discussion, details TBA

Monday May 24th (10am) RECRUITMENT CONTACT ALLOWED Within your own Club, contracts may be signed. You may also begin to contact players, parents or coaches of other clubs. Club camps, clinics  and similar events may be organized. Coaches who have completed their previous obligations may be contacted and/or signed.

Tuesday June 8th, (630pm): RMR ANNUAL BOARD MEETING In-person meeting of the BOD members only. Zoom coverage will be offered for those who care to remotely observe this public meeting.

Monday July 12th (10am) TRYOUTS FOR THE 2021-22 SEASON Formal Tryouts may begin. Player contracts may be offered and/or signed. Coaches who were under obligation through GJNC may be contacted and/or signed.


schedules continue to change

Please keep a very close eye on our weekend schedules. There continues to be a high number of COVID-related team-cancellations each week. The large number of drops leads to many pool and site-assignment revisions. Look before you travel!

Check and Recheck

Schedules are changing daily.  Please double check your schedule often.  All teams must check in at the start of the wave, so that the tournament director does not count your team as a no show.


The RMR event schedule and results program! Where do we go? How did we do? It's all here!


The RMR is pleased to offer you a NEW dynamic-feed viewer window of current  team rankings. (Click the arrow below)


The file is updated weekly on Monday afternoons.

"Snapshot" PDFs  will be stored each week, for each age division, on our SOS Rankings webpage. That's found under the "Girls" tab in the menu bar above


Colorado extends vaccine availability to everyone age 16 and above.Β 

(Copied from Tri-Counties COVID-WebPage)

The state is now in Phase 2 of the vaccine distribution plan, which allows vaccination for everyone in the general public age 16 and over. Everyone in the previous phases remain eligible, and vaccine providers may prioritize by age, depending on their supply. The state has launched six community vaccination sites across the state to help with vaccine administration and access. Find a vaccine provider near you.

The best next step is to sign up on a waitlist at a vaccine clinic or provider near you. You can use the Colorado COVID-19 Vaccine Spotter to find vaccine appointment openings at pharmacies, updated every minute. The vaccine is free and no identification is required. The more people who get vaccinated against COVID-19, the sooner we can get back to enjoying time with our loved ones and helping our businesses recover. 

If you or someone you know has questions, please contact our call center at 303-220-9200, email us at email or visit our vaccine webpage. The state’s toll-free COVID-19 vaccine hotline number is also available 24 hours per day every day to answer questions in multiple languages at 1-877-CO VAX CO (1-877-268-2926).

Keepin' It COVID-SAFE....

We seem to be seeing an increase in covid-related quarantines, contact-tracing events and team drops. The RMR would like to encourage all of you to employ whatever mechanisms that YOU, YOUR PLAYERS and YOUR FAMILIES can do, to stay safe, stay engaged in sport, and stay on court.  

What can you do?

GET VACCINATED! For information on who is eligible, and where free vaccinations can be obtained, see the CDPHE VaccinationPage

And of course, athletes and their families should be ever-vigilant for covid symptoms among not only our players, but also their siblings, friends, parents, co-workers. "If you see something, DO something." Individuals who have been exposed should go to quarantine. People who test positive or show symptoms should go to isolation. For more information, review the health information (HERE). 

What else? Club Directors, Site Hosts, Referees and Coaches can and should serve as  our "safety screen" by employing all best practices on a daily basis, and at all venues.  Take temperatures every day. Look for symptoms. Talk to your players. Encourage the self-reporting that will keep us all safe!

In many of our communities FREE COVID TESTING is available, hosted by local government and other vendors. Let's all try to take advantage of this important tool! "Best practice" might be to get your entire team tested each week... maybe on Thursday.

Wouldn't it be great to know that everyone in the gym is covid-free?


Mako Medical offers free COVID testing at a number of sites across our RMR metro area. LOCATIONS

    Larimer County testing SITES    

     Boulder offers free testing: INFORMATION

    Broomfield County FREE-TESTING

    Denver County TESTING

   Jefferson County offers free testing:  JeffCo

    TriCounties lists a large number of sites for testing HERE

    El Paso County sites con be found  HERE

    UC-Health offers fee based Anitbody and Antigen tests (great for thise who have insurance)



The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel in any inclement weather or other conditions. Club/Team travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense . In the event of road closures (verifiable by State Patrol) due to inclement weather on the date of the tournament, it is the responsibility of the Club/Team Representative to notify the Tournament Director that the team will not be participating in the tournament. Only notify the RMR Office if the Tournament Director can not be reached. The team will forfeit all matches which will result in receiving last place in that division. If deemed appropriate, the Junior Committee of the RMR Board of Directors may reimburse tournament entry fee (s) based on the above noted criteria.

The Shinkara Fund was established to assist junior athletes who might need a little help with the expenses related to Club Volleyball. Open the file (at right) for more information regarding the application process.  

The RMR thanks "legendary local volley-philanthropist" Tom Shinkara for all of his support over the years. So many adults and juniors have come to love the sport, and have enjoyed expanded opportunities to play, thanks to Tom and his good works!


Baller TV Coupon now Active

For any customers coming to Baller TV this spring season, please note that RMR has again been extended an open 20% discount. To access the discount enter the code "RMR2021" as you register at

Parents: We understand that this has been a difficult season for you, and especially since the State COVID occupancy limits are preventing us from allowing spectators into the gyms. Hopefully our partnership with BallerTV will help. 

Yes, this does represent an additional expense for you. But on the other hand, live streaming can allow family members to enjoy watching your athlete play from the comfort and safety of home. The "review on demand" feature is another "plus" since it allows you increased flexibility through your busy weekends.

 --> Our goal with Baller-TV is to provide you with access to the games that you can't attend in person. The RMR is not engaging in this effort for financial gain. Any funds earned through the B-TV partnership will be used to support the local (currently volunteer) staff that are manning the cameras!

Please be patient with us through our technical difficulties, as this is a "first time effort" for the RMR and the hard-working site directors who are doing so much to help all of this come together. 

Some good news: BallerTV has extended their "promotional" pricing structure to us for the entire RMR Power-Series. The coupon on this page is valid for both new and existing customers. Final cost to you can be as low as $75/year ( based on your selected add-ons) $36/quarter (1 viewer/3 downloads). Entering the code can be tricky: Type promoCode "RMR2021" into the promo code box on the login page first, THEN log in. Now, when you subscribe, you'll receive the discounted pricing! (Or see the instruction sheet by clicking on the "BallerTV Offer" link above)

One last note: Three of our sites are not able to offer Baller-TV due to previous contractual obligations. We ask your understanding in these cases. Note that you may be allowed to purchase their proprietary streams at low one-time costs.

Eye on the prize: Our athletes are back in play!

See you on court!

RECRUITERS you'd like to invite to watch you play

ATHLETES: The RMR is excited to announce that its partnership with BallerTV will now include FREE access for Collegiate Coaches to watch you play in the RMR Power Series! Please CLICK THE ARROW to indicate which Coaches you'd like to see included!

Seeding and SOS presentation a Great Success !

Many thanks to David Mason, for hosting an excellent presentation this afternoon! Many of us learned a great deal about the new  "Player Strength Rating," "Team Seeding"and "Strength of Schedule" programs.

To watch, click here ( presentation). Enjoy!

Officiating Information Now Available

Information regarding how to get certified as a team or paid official has been posted on the "Officiating" page of this website.

We include a pictorial guide about how to navigate through SportsEngine,  to the USAV Learning Academy.

Take a look!



2019 - 2020 Current Membership Count


As of 8/23/2020

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