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More Great news from USAV...


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (January 23, 2023) – The Rocky Mountains will be alive with the sound of volleyball in 2025 when Denver hosts the USA Volleyball Open National Championship on May 23-28 at the Colorado Convention Center.

The Open National Championship is the longest-running volleyball tournament in the United States and features women’s and men’s teams with players ages 18 to 80.  

The field will include teams comprised of former USA Volleyball national team players and national team development program (NTDP) athletes.

“We are happy to be bringing the 2025 USA Volleyball Open National Championship to the Mile High City of Denver,” said USA Volleyball President and CEO Jamie Davis. “The Open Championship provides adult teams at every level a chance to compete against others from both foreign and domestic.  This tournament epitomizes the essence of USAV and shows that volleyball is truly a sport for life. We thank the Denver Sports Commission for all its support.”

In addition, USA Volleyball will celebrate volleyball leaders and stars at its Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony ahead of the 2025 tournament.

SOS Girls Rankings

SOS rankings for the RMR Girls division for the 22-23 season are now public. To find your team, please click on this rankings link and see where your team stands!

Best of luck to all teams as we continue our season!

A letter to RMR parents

The Blockbuster Season Continues!

This is our fourth event of the 22-23 season, and most of you have attended at least one RMR tournament already. 

Tomorrow we host Power-_Odds,  for the 13s, 15s and 17s. 

With almost 250 teams in play, tomorrow promises to be another BIG day for volleyball!

“Best of luck" to you all!

We do need to do a little house-keeping I’m afraid.

I’ll start the conversation by admitting that the RMR made a mistake last week.

We allowed an ineligible team to participate. An incident, and an injury, followed

Luckily the player involved is ok. 

We are making immediate changes to address situations like this, and to safeguard our players!

Similarly, we need your help to ensure that our events run smoothly


* Respect the rules of each facility. 

    Stop sneaking in prohibited items like mega-coffees and soft-coolers full of food

* The gym is not a day-care: 

    If you bring younger siblings into a venue, they should be by your side at all times!   

If you bring it in, you take it out!

    GARBAGE has become a real issue for site hosts. 

    Last weekend every site completely filled an entire dumpster with disposable food containers… on SATURDAY

    By Sunday, there was no where to put it all, and it was all FOOD WASTE

    Please clean up after yourselves!

    —> You packed it in, you pack it out!


    We received more than a dozen page-long complaints from parents following last weekend’s RMR Classic

    Almost ALL of the complaints were “sportsmanship” related. 

    Not concerns over how the teams were seeded, or what the referees did … it was all about behavior    

    This has to stop...


Don’t be that person:

    Don’t raise your voice. 

    Don’t point. 

    Don’t argue.

    Don’t yell.

    Be a role model for our athletes.


Be the adult in the room:

    If something does go wrong, politely ask your site director for assistance

    Last week… that ineligible team… that was an example of something going wrong at an event. 

    A mistake was made. And a simple phone call fixed it in an instant!

    The anger and frustration that happened are understandable, but also unnecessary

    If you see something, say something 

    THIS (not garbage collection) is what your Site Directors are there for.

    And you can always give us a call!



    Treat everyone in the gym the way you hope that “they" will treat your daughter!



HAVE A GREAT DAY out there!

    And here’s a “Shout-Out”  to all our friends in Grand Junction , who begin The RMR Mountain Series tomorrow.      

Have a great day!


Keith Murlless,

    for the RMR



2023 RMR Classic a big success!

Two hundred and sixty six teams enjoyed two days of fierce competition here in the Front Range, in the RMR Classic. Champions were crowned in seven different age divisions after playing at more than a dozen sites, on more than 70 courts!

Results from the 2023 RMR  Classic  can be viewed HERE.

Congratulations to our age-division winners, and to everyone who participated!  And please join me in offering Special Thanks to the 100+ Site Directors and event staff who make our event series possible! We couldn't do it without you!

The hectic pace continues for RMR clubs, as we return to the court this Saturday January 28th for Power-1-Odd. 

There, some 244 teams will compete in the 13s, 15s and 17s divisions.  Sites and pools will be announced Tuesday evening. 

Good luck everyone!



Congratulations to all of our Division Winners... and to everyone, really... for their efforts and successes at the RMR Power-1-Even Tournament Sunday! With 320 teams and 106 courts in play at more than 25 facilities, Power-1-E was a game changer!

Special thanks to all the teams who were kind enough to play in the PM session. We know that this was a hardship for everyone (including us!). Please allow us to offer our thanks for your all your efforts and understanding. We will certainly work to avoid this scenario in the future!

SOS RANKINGS will not be published this week. This is because until Power-1-Odd plays, these "results" are misleading and cause confusion. The SOS computer IS hard at work, though, tracking everyone's results and standings. 

NEXT UP: The two-day RMR Classic!

The new "6-on-two" Pool Format

This Sunday almost all of our courts will play under our new format, with six teams playing on two courts. This "modified" pool plays each team against only four of their five potential opponents, so that everyone gets four matches under a fixed schedule.  That's the "sweet spot" for length of day, I'm told.. and there's no waiting around for "the other pool to finish" before you can play your crossover. In fact, no teams are "off" at any time. With only three teams per court, you're either reffing or playing all the time. There are fewer teams (fewer people overall)  in the gym too! We do schedule a 30 minute lunch break in after the first three rounds, so that everyone gets a chance to have a bite to eat.



Power 1-Odd (13s, 15s, 17s Jan 22nd) can be found HERE

When will we learn where we play this weekend?

This year we have some of the largest registration numbers ever! The recent Girls Power-1-Even saw more than 320 teams play on more than 100 courts! 

Most RMR events play at 20 or more different sites, and those sites change every week. Depending on site availability, we utilize gyms from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs. Different age divisions and pools will play in different areas each week, depending on the numbers of teams registered and how those best fit into the available gyms. It's a big puzzle, every week!

Since registration closes "Mondays at noon" only 6 days before any given Power, we are not able to publish playing sites until Tuesday evening.  We understand that it is of the utmost importance to get out the schedule in a timely fashion, and we do appreciate your patience throughout the season!



Track your team and your opponents, as each tries to climb the rankings!





Here's some exciting news, just posted by USAV!

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Jan. 13, 2023) 

 The 2023 USA Volleyball Mountain Classic Boys Junior National Qualifier will be hosted in Denver, Colorado, on December 1-3 at the Colorado Convention Center. The 2022 Mountain Classic made its successful debut in Salt Lake City.

“We are excited to bring the 2023 Mountain Classic to Denver,” said USA Volleyball President and CEO Jamie Davis. “Athletes and their families will experience fantastic competition on the court as they pursue a coveted bid to the 2024 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championship. The area is filled with great sports and entertainment attractions for families to enjoy and is a short drive to Colorado Springs – home to USA Volleyball and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Thank you to the Denver Sports Commission for its partnership and support.”

Registration information will be announced soon.

“Denver has always been a hub for high-level volleyball, and we’re looking forward to welcoming all of the young players and their families to The Mile High City for this elite competition,” said Matthew Payne, executive director of the Denver Sports Commission. “As a premier sports destination, we have a longstanding relationship with USA Volleyball, and we are always happy to partner with them in support of these top-tier sporting events.”

The 2023 Mountain Classic will be a qualifier towards the 2024 Boys Junior National Championship on June 26-July 3 in Dallas, Texas.

To view all upcoming boys junior national qualifiers, visit


The RMR event schedule and results program! Where do we go? How did we do? It's all here!

Girls Friendship Tourney a Success! Boys Power 4 concludes with a bang!

Dec 17: Boys Power 4 concluded in grand fashion on Saturday, with some epic contests! See all the results on the Boys Page!

Dec 18: The Girls' season officially got started with 143 teams playing in the RMR Friendship event. Nine sites, forty-one courts and a half dozen playing formats were utilized! Congratulations to everyone for a great day of play! And special kudos to the division winners! 



The RMR event schedule and results program! Where do we go? How did we do? It's all here!

Link to Video Feed For Tournaments

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Our office phone number is 303-584-0376
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