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RMR Celebrates 40 Years on 5/19/18

Junior Beach Club List

Check out the Junior Clubs that will be offering Sand Programs. Joining a Beach Program is a great way to get started in the sand. Information can be found on the Beach Tab.

Registration Form for Beach Events

Registration forms for the RMR Beach Series and RMR Beach Regional Qualifier have been posted. Both Events are open to everyone you do not need to qualify. Beach Series events are similar to indoor Power Events. RMR Beach Regional Qualifier, the top 2 teams from each age group will receive bids to the USAV National Beach Tour in Florida.

Thunder Chickens most dominate RMR AA men's team 1989-1994 with SIX back to back regional AA championships! Nationally at US Open Championships: 1st Bronze (Open) 1991; 2nd Bronze (30) 1992; 3rd (30) 1993; 3rd Gold (30) 1994! US Open All Americans over these years: Dave Blessing, Brian Ferris, Bill MacLachlan, Wally Martin, and Andy Klussman.

March 7, 2018

Fun Fact: What year did the USAV and the RMR move to the "Rally Point System?" Hint...rally scoring for deciding games was introduced in 1988, so it was after that...and it was the same year the Libero position was created.

Congratulations Boys Teams Earn Bids

Congratulations to Momentum 18 Sanchez Boys and 303 VBA 16 Neo Boys on winning the gold at the Dennis Lafata  Boys Bid Event this past weekend.  Each team earned in their respective age group in the USA Division. 

CHSAA approves boys' volleyball

The RMR is excited to learn that CHSAA has approved Boys' Volleyball as a Pilot Program. Great job to all who helped advocate for this program.

RMR Mountain Series #4

Here is the link to the Mountain Series Event happening on Sunday, March, 4th.

Keep up to date with RMR Junior Power Events. All schedules and results can be found at this link

February 20, 2018

As we celebrate our 40 year history we'd love to capture multi-generational volleyball families. Currently we know of only one 3-generation volleyball family - Chris Powers. Any others out there?


Highlights from the RMR's archives as we look back on our 40 years of serving up volleyball in the region! The Evergreen Cougars, coached by Lo Hunter, break a National High School Sports consecutive win record! See the cover of the 1981 RMR Newsletter for more details about their win record.


2018 Current Membership Count


As of 5/17/18

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Mon Jan 8

RMR serving up 40 years of volleyball. Check out these fun articles from the Dec 1977 Newsletter "Christmas Wish List" & "What's in a Name?" Are you one of the players mentioned? Or maybe one of them is your mom or dad? Remember to to stay tuned  for our 40 year anniversary celebration at The Island in May!  (We'll tag the names of folks in the articles on Facebook so they are sent an email that they've been tagged in a photo)

Just saw that there is one female name, so I changed the text to say "Or maybe one of them is your mom or dad?" vs just dad.

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