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RMR Player/Coach Officiating Clinics for the '21-'22 Season now open!

For the 2021-22 Season, each team is asked to provide at least one certified adult referee (usually a coach) and several certified junior scorers (usually athletes).  These team-officials are trained under a hybrid program that includes both classroom and online training.

The RMR and its member Clubs offer In-Person-Scoring and Refereeing Clinics. These Officiating Clinics are conducted across the RMR footprint November through January. Registration is managed through Club Directors only.

          (specific information for each type of class appears on our "Officiating" page)


14 or younger athletes, or anyone new to USAV scoring, should attend one of the in-person Scoring Clinics, and then take the on-line "New Junior Scorer Post-Clinic Course (and test)"  at the USAV Academy. Registration is through Club Directors only. The fee is $10. 

Previously certified team scorers (15&older Players, also Coaches) may skip the in-person class. Instead, they will take the online "Maintaining Scorers" course and test at the Academy. That course is free.

All Coaches are encouraged to take the in-person Referee Clinic this season. (We're all  bit rusty, after COVID) The fee is $10. There is no online requirement after the classroom session for Referees.

Online study materials are available now, at the USAV Learning Academy INSIDE YOUR PERSONAL SPORTSENGINE PROFILE. Instructions on how to reach your personal Academy page are  presented HERE

As you finish your courses, your new certifications will appear on your team roster! (SK, LJ, Jr Ref, etc)

Academy pages are very user-specific. That is, a parent or coach will see very different content from what their athlete might see. So, as a parent or coach, if your athlete "needs help" you'll have to make sure that you look over their shoulder to see the materials presented at their page!

The RMR will resume its Junior Referee and Junior Scorer Monitor programs this season. For more information, see our "RMR Officiating" page, and also contact Junior-Ref-Programming Director Alex Houghton, here.

Adults who would like to officiate professionally in the RMR should visit both the RMR Officiating page above and our RMR Officials  website. They should also contact Referee Chair Jim Henthorn directly, here.


RMR Members Participating at State!

Last Name First Name Name of HS Club Affiliation
Alrashed Aesha University NORCO
Anderson Corrie Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Baessler Isabella Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Baker Megan Arapahoe Momentum VBC
Bartholomew McKenzie Cheraw SEC Elite
Bartle Tyanne Eaton NORCO
Bates Siri Lutheran Colorado Juniors
Beasley Chloe Chaparral FRVBC
Belcher Peyton Grandview Colorado Juniors
Benz Elise Liberty Common NORCO
Blake Resse Mead NORCO
Blamires Anna Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Blamires Ruby Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Bohlinger Julia Windsor NORCO
Bond Delaney Cheraw SEC Elite
Booth Carter Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Borger Bri Mead High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Bowman Taylor Valor Colorado Juniors
Brandon Makenzie Chaparral Colorado Juniors
Brgoch Audry Lutheran Momentum VBC
Briar Rachel Grandview Momentum VBC
Brickle Paige Ralston Valley FRVBC
Brown Arianna RCS NORCO
Brown Johanna Wiley SEC Elite
Brown Peyton Valor Momentum VBC
Buso Macy Chaparral CVA
Cabot Riley Frederick Flatirons
Campbell Zoe Berthoud High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Carr Gloyra Hugo SEC Elite
Cary Taylor Rock Canyon Momentum VBC
Collins Sarah Broomfield High School Five Star VBC
Connors Ciara Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Coursey Dree Mead HS Ballistic VBC
Covak Kendal Chapparel Momentum VBC
Cox Alivia Belleview Christian HS Five Star VBC
Coyle Quincey Mead FRVBC
Cranford Dani Highlands Ranch Colorado Juniors
Cranford Jolie Highlands Ranch Colorado Juniors
Creager Alexis Berthoud High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Daake Gabby Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Dadey Julia Niwot NORCO
Dalton Katie Chaparral FRVBC
Davidson Sophia RCS NORCO
Davis Avery Faith Christian Juggernaut
DeJager Annabelle Eaton NORCO
Domenico Ellie Faith Christian Juggernaut
Dominguez Ava University High School EVA 15 Black
Donaldson Hannah Frederick High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Dondero Kayla Mt. Vista Momentum VBC
Douglas Madison University NORCO
Dunning Sydney Lamar Colorado Juniors
Duytschaever Jessie Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Juniors
Duzenack Jordan Thompson Valley High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Eike Farrah Valor FRVBC
Elarton Chloe Valor Colorado Juniors
Engle Addison Niwot NORCO
Erdossy Ryan Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Erickson Riley Wiggins HS Colorado Thunder
Essenpreis Ella Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Ettel Katie Cherry Creek CVA
Faulkner Elle Windsor NORCO
Fetzer Karsyn Platte Valley NORCO
Field Alyssa Broomfield NORCO
Fingerlin Rya Lutheran Momentum VBC
Forss Madison Holy Family High School Five Star VBC
Foster Makayla Broomfield Juggernaut
Fox Mackenzie Erie High School Five Star VBC
Francis Mackenzie RCS NORCO
Frewerd Catherine Holy Family Ballistic VBC
Gamero Izzy Palmer Ridge Momentum VBC
Gibbs Avery Thompson Valley Colorado Juniors
Gibbs Zoe Niwot NORCO
Gilkey Alex Liberty Common NORCO
Glunz Haley Grandview Colorado Juniors
Gomez Fatima Wiley SEC Elite
Gonzales Megan Holy Family Ballistic VBC
Gracie Fleming Cherry Creek 303 VBA
Greenlee Mackenzie Erie HS Ballistic VBC
Grier Giselle Niwot HS Ballistic VBC
Grogan Alexa Legend Momentum VBC
Hadleigh Richards Rampart 303 VBA
Hajewski Alina Rock Canyon Colorado Juniors
Hall Hailey Mead NORCO
Hanes Hayden Platte Valley High School EVA 15 Black
Hansen Mia Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Hardy Caitlin Windsor NORCO
Harris Kieran Cheraw SEC Elite
Harvey Chloe Chaparral FRVBC
Haskell Carlie Mountain Vista FRVBC
Hebert Gabriella Holy Family NORCO
Heimlicher Chloe Lutheran Colorado Juniors
Hellinger Ashley Legend CVA
Henry Sydney Sterling NORCO
Hewitt Hailee Liberty Common NORCO
Hill Josie Valor Colorado Juniors
Hines Melissa Lamar SEC Elite
Hodges Kendal Discovery Canyon Team Velocity
Holdcroft BreeAna Wiggins High School Five Star VBC
Hollenbaugh Sandy Legend Momentum VBC
Hollis Audrey Rampart FRVBC
Holmes Lilly Legend FRVBC
Holmgren Grace Mountain Vista FRVBC
Hwang Erin Mead High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Isabel Bennett Grandview 303 VBA
Jensen Gentry Thompson Valley NORCO
Johnson Claire Palmer Ridge Momentum VBC
Johnson Jaida Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Jones Jeorgia RCS NORCO
Kadel Regan Legend Colorado Juniors
Kahns Leah Mountain Vista FRVBC
Kaiser Hadlee Liberty Common NORCO
Kanouff Addie Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Katie De La Pena Legend 303 VBA
Kelly Brenna Grandview Momentum VBC
Kemp Kailey RCS NORCO
Kendall Castledine Cherry Creek 303 VBA
Kisting Kyra Palmer Ridge Momentum VBC
Klahn Emily Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Kreider Campbell Cherry Creek Momentum VBC
Kruger Brian Liberty Common NORCO
Kruger Karli Liberty Common NORCO
Kruger Lynette Liberty Common NORCO
Kruger Reina Liberty Common NORCO
Kuffman Kayla Thompson Valley NORCO
Lacy Avery Windsor NORCO
Langer Grace Valor Momentum VBC
LaRochelle Eva Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Livingston Ashley Frederick High School Five Star VBC
Lynch Lillie Highlands Ranch Momentum VBC
Lyric Watermans Grandview 303 VBA
Mahoney Macy Broomfield FRVBC
Malone Bridget Mountain Vista Colorado Juniors
Marsh Kadence Windsor NORCO
Martin Nicole Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Juniors
Martin Rylee Eaton NORCO
Marx Trista Limon Colorado Juniors
Maske Emily Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Mason Kingsley Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Mason Sophia Chaparral FRVBC
Matthews Kelsey Frederick HS Ballistic VBC
McChesney Morgan Ralston Valley Juggernaut
McNair Erin Valor FRVBC
McWhinney Reagan RCS NORCO
Michael Zoe Grandview CVA
Miell Crislyn Cheraw SEC Elite
Mikesh Bethany Thompson Valley High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Mills Sydney Eaton High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Moeding Audrey Erie High School Five Star VBC
Morgan Skyla Valor Momentum VBC
Morland Sydney Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Juniors
Muhle London Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Neill Lillia Broomfield Colorado Juniors
Niles Natalie Mountain Vista FRVBC
Norton Carys Lutheran Momentum VBC
Olson Maggie Erie High School Five Star VBC
Osborn Rylee Flatirons Academy Ballistic VBC
Osbourne Olivia Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Osmann Hannah Erie Flatirons
Palazzo Ellie Mountain Vista FRVBC
Parthen Makena Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Pascal Josie Flatirons Academy Five Star VBC
Paxton Brooke University NORCO
Peck Kyra Rock Canyon CVA
Petera Abbey Legend Momentum VBC
Phelps Paige Thompson Valley High School Loveland Volleyball Club
Pinell Karlee Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Juniors
Placide Gabi Grandview Colorado Juniors
Plentl Livi Discovery Canyon Colorado Juniors
Pollard Rylan Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Pulling Breklyn Mountain Vista Colorado Juniors
Rarden Cadence Erie NORCO
Reeser Aly Resurrection Christian Academy Loveland Volleyball Club
Reeser Lexi resurrection Christian Academy Loveland Volleyball Club
Reider Graci Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Reinke Emerson Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Rekar Raina Discovery Canyon Colorado Juniors
Robidoux Emma Thompson Valley NORCO
Robidoux Gracelyn Thompson Valley NORCO
Robidoux Summer Thompson Valley NORCO
Roettjer Abigail Denver Christian Juggernaut
Roettjer Tailor Denver Christian Juggernaut
Roller Kaley Holy Family High School Five Star VBC
Rollins Emily Thompson Valley High School Loveland Volleyball Club
romero Olivia Fowlerr HS High Desert Elite
Romerro Olivia Fowlerr HS High Desert Elite
Ross Ainslie Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Rudiger Jared University NORCO
Ruhl Caybree University NORCO
Russell Delaney Valor Colorado Juniors
Ryley Anderson Frederick HS Ballistic VBC
Salazar Madelyn RCS NORCO
Sales Sutton Erie HS Ballistic VBC
Salter Briannah Chaparral CVA
Salter Savannah Chaparral CVA
Sayer Erika Discovery Canyon Colorado Juniors
Schumacher Kylie Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Schwartz Jordan Legend FRVBC
Sindelar Katelin Frederick High School Five Star VBC
Smith Kaitlin University NORCO
Snider Aliah Chaparral Colorado Juniors
Sparks Ava Valor Colorado Juniors
Speiser Sarah Cheyenne Mountain High School Colorado Summit Volleyball Club
Starck Izzy Rampart Colorado Juniors
Starr Naomi Discovery Canyon Team Velocity
Steinbar Mackenzie Wiggins HS Colorado Thunder
Swartzendruber Ania Legend FRVBC
Tacha Augden Ralston Valley Ballistic VBC
Tomlinson Gracyn Eaton High School EVA 17 Black
Topliss Taylor Frederick High School Lobos Volleyball
Tullus Lillian Liberty Common NORCO
Uyemura Lauryn Platte Valley High School EVA 15 Black
VanWyk Anna Cherry Creek Colorado Juniors
Vigil Stevie Valor Colorado Juniors
Vogel Ella Chaparral Colorado Juniors
Waddington Camden Thompson Valley HS Premier
Waller Allie Berthoud NORCO
Ward Allie Holy Family Ballistic VBC
Warner Riley Cherry Creek Juggernaut
Watson Delaney Holy Family Ballistic VBC
Webber Samantha Cherry Creek Momentum VBC
Wehrman Sloane Cherry Creek FRVBC
West Kiley Discovery Canyon Team Velocity
Wherry Kaegan Cherry Creek CVA
White Emma Faith Christian Ballistic VBC
White Grace Wiley SEC Elite
Wilke Danielle Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Wilson Maddie Palmer Ridge Colorado Juniors
Winter Emma Broomfield NORCO
Wisner Jordan Ralston Valley Juggernaut
Wollart Demi Wiley SEC Elite
Wollart Wayttyn Wiley SEC Elite
Woodring Grace Legend Colorado Juniors
Wright Amanda Mountain Vista FRVBC
Zuniga Isabelle Mead HS Ballistic VBC

Congratulations to over 230 RMR members who participated at "State"!

Scroll down, to see the list of RMR participants ... or review it HERE

"Upcoming Events!"

Saturday Dec 11 (8AM): Play-In-Tournament for 16s

                                       (230PM): Play-In-Tournament for 17s & 18s

Sunday  Dec  12 (8AM):  Play-In-Tournament for 15s, 14s & 13s

Sunday Jan 9: PIL-I and Power-1   (17s, 15, 13s)

Sat-Sun Jan 15-16: RMR Classic

Sunday Jan 23: PIL-II and Power-1   (18s, 16s, 14s, 12s)

Sunday Jan 30: Power-2   (17s, 15, 13s)

USAV and AVP Enter Strategic Alliance for Beach Volleyball

USAV and AVP Enter Strategic Alliance for Beach Volleyball

The Association of Volleyball Professionals and USA Volleyball Enter into a Strategic Alliance to Focus on Growth and Enhancement of Beach Volleyball in the United States



The RMR event schedule and results program! Where do we go? How did we do? It's all here!


The RMR does not dictate whether teams or participants should or should not travel in any inclement weather or other conditions. Club/Team travel to any RMR event is always at your own risk and expense . In the event of road closures (verifiable by State Patrol) due to inclement weather on the date of the tournament, it is the responsibility of the Club/Team Representative to notify the Tournament Director that the team will not be participating in the tournament. Only notify the RMR Office if the Tournament Director can not be reached. The team will forfeit all matches which will result in receiving last place in that division. If deemed appropriate, the Junior Committee of the RMR Board of Directors may reimburse tournament entry fee (s) based on the above noted criteria.

The Shinkara Fund was established to assist junior athletes who might need a little help with the expenses related to Club Volleyball. Open the file (at right) for more information regarding the application process.  

The RMR thanks "legendary local volley-philanthropist" Tom Shinkara for all of his support over the years. So many adults and juniors have come to love the sport, and have enjoyed expanded opportunities to play, thanks to Tom and his good works!


2020-21 Membership Count

10,2889 members, as of 5/24/2021

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